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Hi I'm Cale

24/Male/UT. I've been a practicing Mormon for about 5 years now. I like to play Golf and trade stock.

About Me

My parents were Mormon but when I was about 15 I decided to do my own thing. After a few years of pain, addiction, and confusion, I decided that I couldn't live any longer until I figured out the truth about God. I spent many hours studying and begging God to tell me the truth. Over time I received many strong spiritual answers that led me to a belief that the LDS Church wasn't just another group of people trying to figure out what God wants, but a church actually led by a Prophet who receives instructions and revelations from God as to how He wants His church to operate. Through my journey I met many wonderful people and learned many wonderful things in other churches. But God's Church is only complete with a prophet who has authority from God to act in his name, and revelation from God to know how to do that; this is what separates the LDS Church from all others.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a Mormon because I believe it's the only Church that's complete. Many Churches are true and wonderful, they bring people closer to God, help them to grow and develop, and improve life on earth. However, in order for a Church to be complete , it needs to be run by God and have authority from God to be His Church - man can't decide that they are God's Church, only God can decide that. I beleive that God has restored His Church on earth through Prophets - men whose primary role is to be a spokesman for God, through revelation, on behalf of His Church. The first Prophet in God's restoration of His Church in modern times was Joseph Smith, and a Prophet has succeeded him from that point until now in an unbroken line of revelation and authority from God. I beleive God runs the LDS Church, not men. I came to this belief through persistant investigation and faith. Sometimes it's difficult to live the way I believe God has commanded me to live, and sometimes I wish I could intellectualize myself out of it, but I can't just dismiss what I know to be true.

How I live my faith

Primarly, I do my best to learn and live the commandments of God. This is done through church attendence, scripture study, and prayer. Sometimes I don't always understand or agree with the commandments, but I know they are from God and I do my best to obey. Sometimes it's extremely difficult for me to obey, and for some commandments it's a daily challenge. But I know that it's all part of the plan and I will continue to do my best to obey. I also do my best to honor my calling in the church. We don't get paid of course, and sometimes it can be quite demanding, but it's also very fulfilling and joyful to have the privilege of helping others in the church. My primary calling has been to teach the younger children.  

Why do some call Mormonism a cult?

We practice ordinances or rituals - sacred ceremonies whereby we make covenants with God. These rituals often use symbology, like bread and water. Some of these ordinances take place in our Temples, which you can only enter with an authorized reccommend from Church leaders. Some have interpreted this as an effort to keep things secret and hidden. The truth is that we would like everyone to enter the Temple and take part in the ordinances. In order to do that, one simply has to progress through certain steps in their conversion and meet with Church leaders. In addition, we have open houses before each Temple is dedicated whereby anyone can take a tour of the Temple and receive an explanation of what happens inside. Show more Show less

Do Mormons worship Joseph Smith?

Nope. Joseph Smith was a prophet - a man chosen by God to be His spokesperson for a season. Just like Noah, Moses, and other prophets, Joseph Smith received revelation from God in behalf of God's Church. We reverence Joseph just as we do all the other prophets, but we worship God only. Show more Show less