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Hi I'm Aaron

I'm a mormon, a member of "The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-Day Saints."

About Me

I love the savior Jesus Christ and consider myself a follower of his teachings. He is the center of my religious beliefs and convictions. Hence, I consider myself a "Christian". Among the most important things to me in this life are my family and the covenants (a two-way promise in that we promise something and god promises something in return) I make with God. Because I deeply love my wife and children I want to be with them in a family relationship forever. I know of no other religion that offers that belief but rather when married in other religions they utter the words "till death do you part". As a mormon I believe that the priesthood of God that existed in ancient times was taken from the earth after the death of Jesus and his apostles and has been restored in these Latter-Days. This priesthood is authority to act in the name of God which permits certain acts to be bound on earth as in heaven. I don't have words to describe how wonderful this is as it permits anyone who becomes a member to go to one of our temples to be sealed by the authority of God as a family unit. I am sealed to my wife and children. Because God loves all his children he has made it possible for each individual to know these things of themselves rather than just relying on these words only. How fantastic a notion it is that we all can study and ponder these teachings for ourselves and then go to God in prayer in the name of jesus to have these things manifest to us by the power of the Holy Ghost. I was born to a family who affiliate themselves with the Mormon church but we are encouraged as we get older to know these things for ourselves rather than rely on the testimony of our parents. My inexpressible joy is that by living these teachings, attending the meetings, reading and pondering the messages of the modern prophets and Book of Mormon I have come to know by the manifestations of the Holy Spirit (another name for Holy Ghost) that these things are true. It comes not only peacefully to me but with a burning inside of my heart and enlightenment to my mind. I have come to know by this repeated process the truth of these things and invite anyone looking for peace in their lives and lasting happiness for themselves and families to try out these things. Come and partake.

Why I am a Mormon

I mentioned initially that I was raised in a Mormon family. My mother was a convert to the Mormon faith. She explained that when she was a teenager she was invited to go to a Mormon church meeting. In that meeting she felt peace and joy. She saw the families sitting together and felt feelings she later realized were feelings produced by the Holy Ghost. I can relate with this. Growing up when we went to church on Sunday I felt the warm feelings in my heart in the meetings. I would feel a sustained warmth as the teachings of the church were presented in lessons and talks. At home, if I acted up and made incorrect choices (hit and teased my brothers and sister) I remember those good feelings would go away. When I repented in prayer and tried to do better the feelings returned. When I was eight years old I was baptized. In our faith we believe that Jesus taught that baptism is for those who are accountable. For this reason we do not baptize babies or anyone under the age of eight. When I was baptized I had my father (who held the priesthood) lay his hands on my head and by authority of the priesthood grant me the privilege to have the gift of the Holy ghost. The gift of the Holy Ghost is given to those who become members of Christs Church. The promise is that by living Christs teachings we may always have his Spirit to be with us. Through our righteous actions and choices we may qualify to have the Holy Ghost guide and direct us constantly or as often as we repent. For those who do not have the gift of the Holy Ghost they may feel it's manifestations when it tries to testify of truth. My mother felt these manifestations when she came to the Mormon church meeting with her friend. But the Spirit did leave and was not a more constant companion until she was baptized and confirmed. So in my youth until I was a teenager I had felt on many occasions the manifestations of the Holy Ghost. And moreso as a member of the Church. When I was a teenager I decided I wanted to have it revealed to me that this Church was indeed what everyone purported it to be. I didn't know that what I had already experienced many times previously was a testimony or witness to me that these things are of God. So as I prayed and asked for God to make these things known to me I felt the same feelings I had come to know. I felt a strong flow of warmth enter the top of my head and flow down upon me and engulf me in what I consider a fire. It was like a fire because of the warmth. I felt peace and joy and knew in my mind and heart that I had just witnessed an answer to my prayer. As I have continued to live these teachings and strive to be like Christ I have repeatedly had the Spiritual manifestations in varying degree depending on how I was living those teachings. This is why I am a Mormon. This is why I affiliate myself to these things. I have come to know by the manifestations of the Holy Ghost that Jesus is the very Christ spoken of in the Bible and that only through him and in him can we be saved. I have also come to know that Gods priesthood authority has been restored through Joseph Smith whom He raised up as a prophet to bring his church to the earth again never to be taken until the end of this earth. That Church is "The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-Day Saints."

How I live my faith

While growing up I was like any other kid with the exception that I was hyperactive and impulsive, which made me a little more difficult for my parents. I did good things but also bad. As I have grown I have read the Bible and recall the Savior teaching all to come unto him. Those who did were called desciples. I also wished to be a desciple of Jesus because I believe so strongly in his teachings. One important thing that Jesus has taught is repentance and forgiveness. I have tried to use this in my life as I continue to make errors. I teach my children that saying sorry (repentance) means to try and never do it again. Repentance is a process in life to help us try and mature in a manner that we will try and live the teachings of Christ better and better in our family relationships and with our neighbors. I live my faith by trying to always remember the teachings of Jesus. The only real way to do this is to constantly (daily) read from the scriptures and from modern prophets who lay the scriptures open in a way to clarify how we can properly interpret the scriptures and then integrate them into our daily lives. I also try and attend the temple as regularly as possible. In the temple we are reminded of our covenants we make with God and it allows us a quiet place to feel the manifestations of the Holy Ghost and be taught by Him. We also can receive answers to prayers in the temple. In short, the temple helpse me feel closer to God. May I end this section by saying that the application of Christs Teachings are demonstrated mainly in our interactions with others. I live my faith by loving my wife, my children and serving them and others. Others means all I come in contact with such as those at work or the person in the vehicle I pass on the roads each day. How do I treat them? I try to remember to do what Jesus does. I'm not perfect but I try.

What is the Church’s position on abortion?

The Churches teaches the sancity of life. We believe what Moses said then still stands today. God said "Thou shalt not kill or do anything like unto it." We do however believe that in cases of incest and rape that abortion can be appropriate. What a sensitive topic today because so many feel that they have the right to terminate an unwanted pregnancy due to their choices. The Church believes in the agency of man. God gave man the right to act for themselves. I think the one thing this world has forgotten or does not realize is that they are not free to choose the consequence of their actions. I encourage anyone facing this difficult decision to consider alternative methods such as giving up a child for adoption. Show more Show less