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Hi I'm Kitchener McKay Larsen

I'm glad to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

About Me

Howdy, my name is Kitch. I was born in November, 1983 to Michael and Jennifer Larsen. My parents named me after my grandfather Kitchener Edward Head. I am the second of seven children. I have one older brother, four younger sisters, and a baby brother who was adopted from Ecuador over three years ago at this writing July, 2010. I grew up in Idaho-mostly in Boise, Idaho. I served an LDS mission in the Mexico, Mexico City South Mission-now the Mexico, Mexico City South and Mexico, Cuernavaca missions. I went into the MTC in Provo on January 29th, 2003 and arrived home in Boise on March 16th, 2005. I loved the Mexican people and teaching the gospel in Spanish. It was the happiest I have ever been to this point in my life. Now I am 26 1/2 and soon will be graduating from BYU-Idaho in Business Management with an emphasis in Finance. I have been working in sales ever since I returned from my mission. I enjoy the outdoors when I can get away from work. I love camping, hiking, and rafting. I also love sports-especially soccer and football.

Why I am a Mormon

While so many others spend years or even lifetimes searching for God's truth, I was blessed to come into a family where the truth was found several generations before I was born. My ancestors journeyed from Denmark and Sweden to join the Mormon settlers that would cross the plains to the Salt Lake Valley in pioneer times. I do not know where I would be if I had not been born into the church. The thought alone unsettling-if I were not a Mormon, would I even be looking for more truth? Would I know where to look for it? Would I be able to find it? I am grateful for parents who showed me at an early age how to pray to God. I had been taught all my life that the Mormon church was the only true and living church, but it is because of prayer that I now possess that knowledge myself. It is true because it is complete in its doctrine it is living because our leaders are God's chosen prophets and apostles. There is a lot I can write about why I am a Mormon-too much for me to write here. The short answer is because of the testimony I have that this is not just a church where you learn about God-it is God's own church. You will need to learn more to see why that is exactly-but you need only pray in faith to know that it is.

How I live my faith

I don't really think of my daily and weekly habits as a way of practicing my religion. I view the things I do as ways I am working on my relationship with my Heavenly Father. I have concluded that my friendship with God is in direct correlation with how much I can make myself like His son Jesus Christ, and though He is a true friend to me, you could say that I have a ways to go before I am the same kind of friend to Him. I read from the scriptures particularly from The Book of Mormon almost every day. It is a way for me to learn and re-learn important gospel lessons. Also, in the scriptures I find answers to questions that I have about things that are happening in my own life. Perhaps most importantly, it is a way that I can feel closer to God. I pray because I know that God listens. I know that God is mindful of each one of us. I know that God is intensely interested in what is happening to His children. He wants us to speak to Him and He speaks to us-but He needs for us to pay attention, or else we miss what He says most of the time. Life is a testing ground for us and so we need to do many things on our own, but He still is as involved as we allow. It feels good to pray. It feels good to share our thoughts and feelings with God, to counsel with him, to ask for help, or just to tell Him about our day. To know that prayer really works, one only needs to begin praying. To pray with more faith, one needs to pray more often. Church members are called on to volunteer for church service because we have no paid clergy members. I volunteered as a missionary for two years when I was younger, but at this writing July, 2010 I do not have a specific calling or responsibility other than that of a home teacher home teachers work in companionships to visit and look after certain members of the church spiritually and physically. But we are all expected to live the commandments faithfully, serve one another, and share the gospel with others. I also enjoy my church meetings each Sunday. I work more than 40 hours most weeks, so Sunday is truly a day of rest for me. I enjoy time away from worldly affairs. I enjoy meeting with fellow saints and improving friendships with them. I enjoy hearing gospel insights from other members of the church in our general meetings and in Sunday school. I particularly enjoy meeting with the other brethren in my local church organization-for me, I feel a special bond with the other men of the church. Most of all though, I enjoy going to church because it feels more like going home. To me it feels more like heaven. I feel the same only in a stronger way when I visit the temple-which I do on a regular basis. In the Bible we read of meeting houses that were for the general public where people learned of God, and we read of more sacred places of worship that were only for faithful members of the church. It is the same today-we have church houses for everybody and we have temples for faithful members of the church. All good feelings that one experiences at church are intensified in the temple. You will need to learn more to better understand the significance temple worship.