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Hi I'm Vaughn

I'm original (and maybe a workaholic). I invent games and compose music. I love people and fun. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Here are a few random bits about me: I'm half Canadian and grew up in Arizona in a really fun family. I started playing the piano when I was 5, and I really wanted to write film scores when I grew up. Instead I ended up creating corporate videos, and now I'm working toward some of my other dreams. I'm analytical and work hard, yet I'm also very social. Right now my favorite thing to do is invite people over for a game night where we all end up laughing our heads off. I also enjoy going to a good improv comedy show now and then. I have this creative restlessness that sort of goes out in every direction, so in my spare time, I arrange choir music or think up new ideas for party games, social TV shows, movies, art exhibits, Facebook apps, and on and on. I'm figuring out how to produce some of these ideas. I also love learning about history, art, current events, comparative religion, science... I'm constantly fascinated by people's expertise in so many different areas.

Why I am a Mormon

I've had some very sweet, personal experiences that are probably too personal to share right here that I consider to be miracles in my life. I know death is not the end. I've learned for myself that Jesus Christ is real and has power over death, and we will all live again. I know God has an overarching plan to help us reach our full potential, and this life is just a small part of it. I'm also open to learning truth from any source. This church actually encourages people to make their own decisions, think for themselves, ask questions, and search for their own answers. The "Mormon" religion teaches true principles and then invites a person to test it out for himself and to build his own relationship with God. So even though I grew up Mormon, I've done my own research and soul-searching. I've found great truths in Buddhism and other Christian faiths and writings, and I love how all this truth comes together. The biggest miracle to me is how my heart has changed as I've found and tried to apply the truths that I learn, and I've seen other people's lives literally turn around, and this deep happiness sets in. Yes, I still have doubts, problems, and worries, just like everyone does, but there's such a difference here. The Mormon way of life seems to attract good good people. Being a single guy in today's world can be really difficult sometimes, and I feel lucky to have so many amazing, exemplary friends. They are decent, hard-working, respectful guys and such a variety of accomplished, beautiful, and quality women. They really inspire me. AND they have a great sense of humor! And finally (this may be a little more intellectual, for any deep thinkers out there), I'll paraphrase from one of my philosophy professor's lectures... There's a delicate balance between 'righteousness bordering on self-righteousness' and 'mercy bordering on permissiveness'. I believe Mormonism is perfectly balanced in that respect.

How I live my faith

Right now I'm the choir director in my local congregation, and we perform about once a month in church. Also, I voluntarily organize monthly activities and weekly choir practices for single adult professionals age 26 to 40 who live or work in the area. Its a lot of fun.

What do Mormons believe concerning the doctrine of grace?

Mormons believe grace is our Father in Heaven's love, assistance, mercy, & influence in our lives. He bestows grace in many ways. The Holy Bible teaches that God loved the world so much He gave His only begotten son, Jesus Christ. What a gift! I love how the hymn "Silent Night" describes Jesus' birth as "the dawn of redeeming grace." As God's son, Jesus has complete power over sin & death. He lived a sinless life & then took the sins, weaknesses, sickness, & pains of all mankind upon himself & suffered through them on our behalf in Gethsemane. This Atonement has power to save us from our sins if we turn away from them & try to follow Jesus' perfect example & teachings. Thus we CAN be forgiven, perfected, & return back to Heavenly Father. Jesus willingly gave His life on the cross to save us from death. When He was resurrected, He broke death's hold on mankind. Thus we know all will be resurrected with perfect physical bodies that cannot die. Together, the Resurrection & Atonement are the greatest gift of grace to the world. When we face difficulties & temptations, trusting & relying on Jesus’ divine power over sin & death can comfort, motivate, change, & lift us, & help us face our challenges & make good choices. These are forms of divine grace. Grace also comes as an answers to prayers, peace of mind, strength to avoid/overcome temptations, Christ-like friends, or mental insights. Or even as a sweet feeling conveyed by a simple song like “Silent Night”. Show more Show less