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Hi I'm Eva Flake

I'm a 5th generation AZ native. I've been married to another AZ native for 18yrs with five kids. I love the gospel! I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am so blessed to have been able to be raised in the LDS church. I have not always found it easy, but I have had a strong desire from the time I was in primary to make choices that would lead me to a happy life. I came from a heritage that sacrificed much to join the church. They joined back in Nauvoo, Il. I have always had much respect and admiration for their hard journey. I met my husband when I was 18. He has the same pioneer heritage in his family and we instantly connected when we realized how much we had in common with not only our ancestors, but our love for the gospel and creating a family that would continue a heritage with strong examples of living by faith. Living by faith is what I have had to learn to live by for the past 18 year of marriage. With 5 kids & striving to teach them how to stay on the right path along with keeping up with caring for their needs, it can get crazy! I have an 11yr son with spina bifida and is in a wheelchair. It is his strength and endurance that teaches the rest of us how to endure well. I know our challenges, as hard as they can be, are to make us stronger to prepare us for something better. I have a testimony of this as I watch my family adapt to not only his challenges, but their own as well. Marriage and family is tough, but not having them is even tougher! I wouldn't trade them for anything! We struggle just like any other family, but we do realize that the battles are worth it.

Why I am a Mormon

I have been a member my whole life as with most of my ancestors. My husband comes from a similar background. It would seem that growing up with the church all around me would make me have an instant testimony of why I continue to stay a member of this church. This is not true. I actually struggled to have an understanding of what my testimony was until I was a junior in high school. I knew I liked making good choices and going to church even if my family didn't. Even with my family being members of the church, they didn't always make it a priority to go very often. I ended up walking by myself to church more often than I want to admit. This made me stronger and desire to understand why this was important to me. During seminary one morning, our teacher had us read the Joseph Smith account of the first vision from the scriptures quietly. No one was talking, only reading. I remember having a strong warm feeling in my chest and my thoughts as I read were "I know this happened, this isn't made up, it really happened!" "I believe what I am reading!" It was such a strong witness of the truthfulness of this account. The spirit bore such a firm witness, that I couldn't pretend I didn't believe past that moment. It changed me from that point forward. I had a desire to make my choices count for my future. I knew I didn't want to settle and live a life that would not be in harmony with what I believed. I still feel as strong, if not stronger today about my testimony of Joseph Smith and what he saw that day in the sacred grove. I know he saw God, the Eternal Father, and His son, Jesus Christ. I know that Joseph Smith obeyed and lived a life that was worthy to restore Christ's church to the earth once again. I know that with the restored power of the priesthood, we can enjoy the blessings of being a baptized member of His church. All of us have this opportunity to enter the waters and become literal disciples of Jesus Christ.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by striving everyday to make the choices that will help me to be happy and fulfilling the promises I made at baptism. I have been blessed with many opportunities to live my faith in service within the church. I have enjoyed serving the youth in both primary (3-11 yrs) and young womens (12-18 yrs). I think my favorite time was teaching the 3 year olds for 2 years. It took teaching them for the first 6 months to realize it was more than babysitting. It was then that I tried to understand my role to teach and learned to love the scriptures because of this assignment. I figured I needed to know the stories the lessons had me teach, so I started to read more and more and grew to love them so much that the assignment that followed was to teach Gospel Doctrine (sunday school) to the adults. This was scary and intimidating, but I loved the learning I gained from studying the scriptures. I now teach early morning seminary to the youth that are in high school. This takes place at our church building every weekday morning from 5:50am-6:45am. I secretly am learning more from them than they can ever learn from me. I have realized the power of helping them to start their day by putting on the armor of god through the study of scriptures and helping to teach them the power of prayer and applying everything we can learn to the choices they are faced with as they battle everyday life with high school, friends, family, etc. They are also learning just as I did as a teenager in high school, that they have to find their own testimony and experiment for themselves with prayer and study of the scriptures to know if what they are learning is really true. Because I have 2 sons that attend seminary, it has made it an easy transition to discuss the gospel in our home as we read scriptures, pray, and make the choice to be active members in this church. This helps us to know how to apply what we learn to how we live and choices we make to keep us on the right path.