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Hi I'm jared

I am from Utah in the United States and I am a Mormon and I have been for a long time.

About Me

I am a young man who was born in a smaller city a little ways away for Salt Lake City. I was raised in a home with good parents and a wonderful family. My parents are Mormons and I was raised in that religion. I am a really active person. I love all sports and I love to rock climb, hike, camp, fish, snowboard, ride four-wheelers and dirt bikes, and just about anything else that you can do outside or get a rush out of. I also love music and dancing and I play a few instruments guitar being my favorite. I love movies and acting and spend much of my free time doing both. I love parties and socializing and getting to know people. I have traveled a lot also and have lived in South America also. I have been married to eternal sweetheart for almost 2 years now and I am the happiest man on earth. We also have a young puppy that we love. We hope to start a family soon as well. I am attending college and I am going into business management and plan also to be a physical therapist. I love to read, especially the scriptures. They bring peace and understanding to my life. They are a light to me from my Savior when I am lost in the darkness of the world. I consider myself ordinary in most ways but also very blessed and unique for the things that God has given me.

Why I am a Mormon

The answer to this question is simple for me. As you have been able to read above I was born into a family who were members of this church and I admit that in my youth until my late adolescent years that was the principal reason for my affiliation with the Mormon Church. When I reached high school however this changed for me. One of my older siblings left the church and this was very hard for me. With his desertion of the church I decided that I needed to know for myself if what I had been taught my whole life was true. There were things that I felt and knew were true such as that there was a God and that He did hear us. It says so many times in the bible that we need just ask it of God and it will be given to us. I especially love the scripture in James in chapter one verse 5 and 6 where is says that if we lack wisdom that we should ask it of God who will happily give the wisdom to us if we but ask in faith. However faith without works is dead. It is not just as simple as asking and then receiving some visitation or dream or seeing heavenly beings. We must first look for ourselves and do what we can to find out the truth. Then after we have done all that we can do we then take it to our Heavenly Father and he will give us the answers and wisdom that we cannot obtain for ourselves. I began by implementing the teaching of this church and of the Holy Scriptures to my life. I lived the principles to the best of my ability with faith and was able to see for myself that they were indeed God given and true principles. The biggest part of knowing if a church of prophet or teaching is of God is to judge it by its fruits as we are taught in Matthew. The fruits of this church are many. The biggest has to do with the Book of Mormon and with a man named Joseph Smith. Joseph Smith was a young man who in the early nineteenth century lived in New York and he was confused by the numerous churches. He attended many of there meetings and tried to find out which was the true church. As he could not find the answer among men he went to God in prayer. He was a young man but he had great faith. He went into a small forest of trees near his home and prayed to his Father in Heaven. As he did this a miracle happened. He saw a pillar of light from the heavens. He said that it was brighter than the sun and the light fell upon him. In the light he saw two people standing in front of him in the air. One of them spoke to him and said pointing to the other "This is my beloved son, hear Him." God the father and His son Jesus Christ appeared to this young man to answer his question which was which church was the true one and the ones that he should join. He was told that he was to join none of them and that through him God would restore His church again on the earth with apostles and prophets as it was when Christ walked this earth. He was also given a fruit by which men might know that Christ is the Savior and that Joseph Smith was His prophet on the earth today. This fruit was the Book of Mormon. It is ancient scripture that testifies of Christ as the Bible does and Joseph Smith translated it by the power of God for the ancient text that he was given by an angel. That book testifies and preaches of Christ and shows that he does love us and that is why that he has called prophets today. Joseph smith died long ago but God has continued to call prophets and apostles today. We have living prophets today and apostles and a church that is overseen by the Great Redeemer Himself. This story is awesome and amazing and seems too impossible. It seems that these things happened in the past but not today. Even so, with all the fervor of my soul I know without a doubt that it is true. I have studied, worked, and prayed to know this for myself and I know of its veracity. I am a Mormon simply because I know it is the church of Christ. It is not a church governed by men or by their interpretation of God's will for us His children but it is in fact governed by The Resurrected Lord Jesus of Nazareth. I know that Jesus Christ is my Savior and that he loves me and died for me. I know that He called a prophet in these days because of that love so that I may know the path by which I may return home to him. I know that he has restored His correct church with all of His truth and His power and authority again on the earth. I know that because of that I know where I come from, why and I am here, where I am going after this life. I know that because of the power of God that is again on the earth today that I will be with my family for not only this life but for all eternity if I but love my God and my neighbor and keep the commandments. I know these things for myself that these truths are weaved into the very fabric of my soul. The Spirit of God has whispered them to me and has taught me that they are true and I will not deny what I know to be true. It is not by a single moment that I have come to know this. I know that I must still learn, study, and pray to strengthen my testimony each day. As I try to follow in the Master's footsteps each day and as I repent often for the mistakes I make which are many I am drawn closer to Him and I am fortified and at peace. I know that these things are true and I know that all who has a desire to know of these things for themselves need only act in faith with a determination to receive an answer from God and with the intention of following whatever answer we receive. I invite all of you to ask and I know with all my heart that God will answer you because we are His children and He loves us. This is why I am a member of Christ's Church today on the earth.

How I live my faith

I work in the church with the youth. We are studying the Old Testament this year in the class I am teaching. It is so fun to help these young people be aware of God and his teachings at a young age. I also visit members in my area to help them. I believe in living my faith mostly by example and trying to live as Christ did. I do love to share the gospel with all those around me so if you sit on an airplane next to me get ready to hear about my church if you want to talk. I left for two years to live in South America to teach the gospel as a missionary for Christ and His Church. It was the greatest experience of my single life. My knowledge of the truth and of Christ’s church has given me great desires to share it with all of God's children. I do not believe in forcing my religion on others however. Even though I was born into the church I had to receive my own testimony as does everyone else and that cannot be forced upon people. I live my faith one day at a time with my focus fixed on my goal of returning with honor to my Father in Heaven. I stumble as all people do but i know that if I look to God then He will pick me up when I need it. I love my church and those around me. There are a lot of activities and I love to join in on them as well. I mostly try to live my faith in my home so that the Spirit of the Lord can abide there and so that my home can be a heaven on earth.

Why do Mormons believe in “eternal life?”

Because through the scriptures and modern teachings by the prophets today we know of God's plan for us here on earth and where we go after. It is the greatest blessing that we can receive from God. To live with Him and our loved ones forever after this life Show more Show less