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Hi I'm Russell

I love writing, boating, family, friends, and being a MORMON.

About Me

I am the youngest of 7 children, I have 4 sisters and 2 brothers. My family and I are very close and we enjoy getting together a lot. I am very social and love talking to people and having a good time. People are very interesting to me and I am always willing to hear a good story or experince some one has had. I love writing and hope to be able to make that a career for myself in the future. I have a very happy and normal life! 

Why I am a Mormon

Well I grew up in a Mormon home. My parents have been Mormons their whole lives, so for me it just seemed natural to follow after the example of my parents. For a lot of my life I just coasted off the testimony of my parents that our church was true. I looked up to my parents and I thought everything they thought was the right way to live life. It wasn't until I got more into my teen years that I seemed to question things a lot more. I needed something more and I knew I was missing out on the bigger picture. I would look at people that had rock-hard faith that the church was true and just wonder, "how can you know that and I don't?". I wanted that too. I grew up in the church, I had been taught it my whole life but I didn't know it was true. So I decided that I was going to find out for myself and not let anyone elses knowledge sway mine one way or another. I prayed. I prayed to know if this church was true and if all the things I had been taught my whole life were worth taking into my own life. I prayed to know that IF the church was true, what I should do about it. The experience I had during that prayer is one that I will never forget. There was a rush of peace, happiness, comfort and every other joyful feeling anyone could ever experience. It was as if God was wrapping me in his arms and saying, "Yes, finally you're home." The church teaches principles that anyone could look at and realize, "Wow, they belive in a greater happiness." This church makes me happy and gives me a stronger meaning and purpose for life. I don't want to be 80 years old looking back at my life and say, "Hmm I wish I would have had a greater purpose for all that." I know my purpose for being here on the earth and it's a very comforting feeling. This church is true!

How I live my faith

Right now I am serving my mission in Raleigh North Carolina, Spanish speaking. I thought, how better to show my appreciation for all God has given me in my life, by serving a mission to help others have the same blessings. This is something I will do for a complete two years, full-time. I am able to teach people the special message we share and help others gain a knowledge of peace and truth. Our purpose as missionaries is to invite people to come unto Christ through His gospel and help them develop a strong relationship with Him. For my mission I have been called to speak Spanish. I had never learned hardly any Spanish before leaving on my mission and let me tell you, it has had it's ups and downs. I would get frustrated at times at the beginning but I know that I have the Lord on my side helping me with every little thing along the way. He's blessed me to be able to speak with such amazing, inspiring people and I feel so lucky to be able to unlock that language barrier and get to know such humble individuals. I have seen miracles happen that I didn't think were possible. I know I wouldn't be able to do this with out the power of prayer. The ability to be able to talk and ask God for help and comfort is such an amazing blessing that I wouldn't know how to live without. I know God hears and answers my prayers. I know that if I live my life to serve God and follow his commandments the best that I can, that He will do the rest.