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Hi I'm Roger Morgenthaler

As a child I lived on a farm in central Illinois. After moving to Phoenix, Arizona, I became acquainted with the LDS church.

About Me

As a teenager in Phoenix, I met a few Mormon boys and girls in my high school. They inviterd me to participate in various church activities like basketball, softball, short musical plays in a roadshow setting. Through these activities, I became acquainted with several more Mormons, both youths and adults. After a time, my friends asked me if I would be interested in meeting with two young men (missionaries) who would teach me how the church came about and why it ws so important in their lives. I met the two missionaries who explained about latter-day prophets and introduced me to the Book of Mormon. While reading the book and praying to know if it was from God, I came to know it was true and that the prophet who translated it, Joseph Smith were divinely inspired. After a few weeks, I asked to be baptised and thus, became a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints at the age of 17.

Why I am a Mormon

Not only have I received answers to my prayers about the latter-day scripture, The Book of Mormon, I have seen the value of living gospel principles in my life, in the livesof my family members and in others whom I have watched join the Church and live by its beliefs. Specifically, of greatest value to me is the hope these beliefs give me about a life after mortality. Answers to the questions: Where was I before this life, What is my purpose in being here, and what lies ahead for me when I die. Knowing that I am a literal spirit son of God and lived with Him before my mortal birth gives me a basis for wanting to learn more about Him and what He wants for me. Knowing why I am here and what I must do to return to Him gives me a life's purpose. And, knowing tht I can be be united with by current family, all my progeniters and my descendants after this earth-life gives me hope. This knowledge gives a deep meaning to my family relationships. It helps me, my wife and our children and grandchildren be united in a common bond that will endure into the eternities.

How I live my faith

It is important to me to be a good neighbor and a responsible citizen. Since we are all brothers and sisters and children of the same God, it isimportant to me to treat others as Jesus Christ has taught us to. It is also important to me to serve in my local ward and stake (local congregation and group of cngregtions) as I am requested to do. I have served in various capasities over the years. I have taught youth and adults, served in the Boy Scout organization sponsered by the Church. I have served in administrative positions and as a leader of adult groups. Since I joined the Church, I have also served as a Home Teacher. This involves visiting and being available to three to five ward families. Visits are made on a regular basis to let the families know I and my assigned companion--a male teenager or an adult male--are redy to assist the family with any needs we might be able to help with. If the needs are beyond our ability to meet, we call upon the ward members to assist. We also deliver a brief spiritual message from Church leaders durng our visits.