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Hi I'm Shaleece

Grew up in Logan ut, and am a member of the Church of Jesus Chrsit of latter day saints.

About Me

Love to dance, and have fun with family and friends. I am in collage, and Have gone through mental a physical problems in life. That some are gone, but a few I live with every day. HIking Climbing, and having anything to do with out doors sports or activites, I love to do. May not be perfect, oh well for that!

Why I am a Mormon

Many people think that because I have grown up in this church that it means why i stick with it. During my years of being a teenager, I always wondered if this church was right. Or if it is just another religion in the world to belive in. It was hard at times to pay attention or even listen to what is being taught. So I began to ask myself: Is there one church that is right, or does God accept all of the churches? I would go to church with a question in mind, write notes down that would in some way answer my question. Plus apply the teachings to my life, listen to what my parents would teach and then ask God. After a two surgeries in life and continuly study after wards, I could see the miricles in my life and the truth. no I didn't get an angel that appeared to me, or some kind of sign. I felt true happiness no matter what happened, felt that everything would trun out right. Felt Love and joy. This is The Holy Spirit or some say Holy Ghost. Romans 15:13 Every day I constintly Study the scriptures to learn and have direction in my life.

How I live my faith

I go to church every Sunday, because that is the day Christ was resurected. (came back to life) On Sundays me and my family spend time with each other, playing games, talking, and studing the words of God. every day I Study a book that is either the scriptures or words from a living prophet of today. Pray when ever I want to thank the Lord, talk, ask questions, or in need of help. Live the by the Ten commandments, dress in clothing that I don't need to worry about what goes on in men's or women's mnds. I know that I am never better or perfect than any one, everyday i set a goal on what needs to be fixed about me. What I can do to help others in their life.

Who wrote the Book of Mormon?

'The book was writtenby many ancient Prophets bythe spirit of prophecy and revelation.' Just like the Bible except the Book of Mormon has been translated once. Unlike the Bible. 'We belive in the Bible as far as it is translated correctly.' So Bile and book of Mormon are Gods words, are writen down by men called of God, not called by men. I know that is true because I have asked God myself, and have recived an answer. Show more Show less

Mormons believe Jesus Christ is their Savior. Why do we need a Savior?

I like to ask: Do you belive if there is some kind of creator, Ghost, or man that some how made this planet and everything on it? If so, he must have perfect knowlegde and power to do all of this. When you know that some one is perfect and you are not, it is hard to be around that person. You feel inaticutie, unjust, feel inferior. So would I. That is what Jesus Chrsit is for. He was chosen by that creator to come down on this earth and go through everything we all have gone through. When we feel upset, or hurt, or guilty, etc. Jesus Christ has felt it. He felt all of that in the Garden of Gethsamane. On the Cross he felt that empty feeling we all feel at times, when no one will help up are are there for us. after Christ died, he returned to the creator. Three days after his death, came back to life. The only diffrence is that he could no loger die, his body was and is perfect. Chirst did all of this so we can be forgiven of what we have done wrong, and not feel so horrible to be in the presence of the creator. Christ's life on earth was and is important for all of us to know, it is an example for us to try and live by. Plus learning that the first half of the bible's prophesys are fullfiled. This is just a simple summary of why I belive in Christ and what he has done. To understand more, talk to a missionary who is a represenative of this church. They are the ones with tags that have Elder or sister on it. Show more Show less