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Hi I'm Stacy

I grew up in Arizona. I'm a Wife and Stay-at-Home Mom with 2 children. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a Wife and Stay-At-Home-Mom of two beautiful children. I graduated from Brigham Young University. Before becoming a mom, I worked as a Registered Nurse for 14 years. It took me til my mid-30's to find a great guy to marry and a year and a half later I gave up my nursing career to pursue what I think is the most noble profession - MOM. I had my first child at age 37 and my second child at age 40. I love meeting new people, and I love to travel. I have been to Japan, Mexico, Israel, Egypt, Caribbean Islands, Norway, Sweden, and Italy (all before having children...now they are my priority.) I served as a Missionary for one and a half years in Norway, where I came to love the people and country. I love the outdoors and like to bike, hike, swim, camp, rock climb, rappel, canoe, ride horseback, water ski, snow ski and just listen to the wind in the trees and appreciate God's creations. I keep myself busy with volunteer work at the school and serving my family, friends and neighbors. I don't really have any "outstanding" or highly visible "talents" but I feel God has given me a great capacity to love and reach out to others.

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised as a Mormon and baptized at the age of eight. My heritage in the church goes back to the 1850’s. I never doubted the things I was taught as a child, because it always just made sense to me and felt right in my heart. All my friends growing up belonged to other faiths and I had discussions with them about many things. When considering the doctrine of these other faiths, I always felt in my heart that what I had been taught was true and that the doctrine was more complete. Though raised in the church, and not really doubting, as I left home to be on my own, I felt that I wanted my own specific witness as to the truth of what I had been taught as a child. I knew it all hinged on Joseph Smith and whether or not he really saw what he said he did and whether he was in fact called of God to be a prophet and to translate the Book of Mormon from ancient plates. So I decided to study it out and ask God if it were true. I studied and prayed. The answer didn’t come immediately, but it did come. I received an overwhelming witness through the Holy Ghost that in fact, Joseph Smith did see the Father and the Son, exactly as he described, and that he did translate the Book of Mormon from ancient plates through the power of God, and that he was in fact a prophet called of God. The witness I received was so powerful and unmistakable that I will never forget it, and can never deny it. It pierced my soul and forever changed me. I have since received many other witnesses from the Holy Ghost of many other points of doctrine. I know that God is our Father and he loves us. He knows our names, our struggles, our desires, our questions. I know that Jesus Christ is a separate being and is the Son of God who was sent to Earth to suffer for our sins and overcome death and sin for us and that through Christ we can again enter into God’s presence. I know God answers our prayers and leads us to truth.

How I live my faith

I currently am a leader for the 12 and 13yr old girls in the girls' youth program called Young Women. I have the privilege of associating with amazing youth! Today's youth have so many more challenges and temptations than I ever did as a youth. Yet, they also have greater faith, greater knowledge of God's plan, greater understanding of their purpose here on earth, and greater conviction to keeping God's commandments. And they know how to have good clean FUN! Within each age group there is a Class President and council that plans and organizes weekly activities. Sometimes the activities are with all ages of girls combined, and sometimes the girls and boys have activities together. This helps them have wholesome, fun and healthy social interactions with each other and with the opposite gender. Both the girls and boys have a program that helps them work on specific goals and activities that allow them to grow spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, physically, and socially. As I work with the youth, I better understand the challenges they face every day at school, amongst their peers, and out in society. This helps me to understand the things I need to do to prepare my own children for the things they will face. There is a war being waged against the family, as the family is the core of God’s plan, and the core of our society. To strengthen and unite our family we read from the scriptures together each day. We also pray together as a family each morning and night, and we hold hands as we do this. We spend each Monday evening together as a family. This night is reserved just for our family to be together. We eat dinner together. We take walks and talk. Most of my activities are focused on strengthening and supporting my family, and reaching out to others in need. I volunteer at the school and I work on various projects to support other families and children in the community. When I need strength for myself, I turn to the scriptures and prayer, and God is there for me.