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Hi I'm Nathan

I'm a married father of four children, an attorney, a hobby gardener, a drummer, a history buff, a Utah Jazz fan, & I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a married father of 4 children. I am a tax attorney by profession, but aspire to be the next drummer for the rock band Journey ... but seriously. I attended the University of Utah (BS in Political Science and Communications), attended law school in St. Louis, Missouri (Washington University), and received an Master's of Taxation degree from the University of Denver. I am a political junkie - in college I did an internship on Sen. Orrin G. Hatch's staff and met Muhammad Ali. I am a pretty easy going guy, but am a fanatic about the Utah Jazz...I never miss watching a game. I could have been a Jazz assistant! I am a musician (or I hang out with musicians...I am a drummer). I started my own business, and hope to start many more. I grew up in a single parent home. I love science and religion and I believe they are absolutely compatible. I love to study history (all ages). I recently had my first brush with mortality when diagnosed with blood clots (out of the blue...never a health problem my whole life). Being confronted with your own mortality really changes the way you look at things.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born and raised in the Mormon church. As a descendant of Hyrum Smith (the Prophet Joseph Smith's brother who was also martyred in Carthage, IL), and other early church leaders, I have a strong personal connections with the origins of the church and the restoration of the gospel. Notwithstanding my familial ties, I have had personal confirmations of the prophetic calling of Joseph Smith, and the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon. But almost more important is my conviction that there is a God, that he knows each of us, and is intimately familiar with our lives and our struggles. He is the creator of all things and all things bear witness of him. I have found that the doctrines of the gospel restored by Joseph Smith contain the answers that have led me to understand the world around me more fully, and how to find happiness. THAT is why I am a Mormon, the answers are in the doctrine!

How I live my faith

On a personal level, I try to be a better person everyday. I am not perfect...far from it...but I don't necessarily despair because I know that through Christ my failings can be overcome, eventually. Growing up without a father in the home caused me to learn one lesson about the atonement...it is not just for forgiveness; but rather, it is for everything. Everywhere there is a gap in your life, the atonement, through faith in Christ, can fill the void. I get great pleasure in explaining this to people and helping them see that God and Christ are in everything we do and experience. This understanding is my anchor, because I have often felt overwhelmed with all the events and responsibilities in life, but understanding the purpose and transitory nature of this life and how it impacts the eternities is invaluable to helping me cope with "life".

What are some things that tell you there is a God?

If you want to believe there is a God, the answer is simple...look around you. This isn't meant as a platitude as to how wonderful are the creations of the world, the universe, everything you can comprehend, it is rather to say that "All things are created to bear record of [Christ]"...he is a teacher, our instructor, and a masterful one at that. He has set up the classroom all around us. The creation isn't just a process, it is instructive, and everything about it teaches us there is a God and an Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ. Everything given by God to man through the veil that separates us from him will typify him (or be a shadow or example of him)(2 Nephi 11:4). The Book of Mormon satisfies this test as do all the ancient prophets and events in the Old and New Testament. Learn about the how the Book of Mormon was discovered, and you will see dramatic parallels to Christ...the plates from which the Book of Mormon were translated bears record of him before it utters a single word or phrase. Again, all things God has created bear record of God and Christ (Moses 6:63)...All things...no exceptions. We lose the ability to see this the more that man covers up and corrupts his great creation (recall the miracle where Christ makes the blind man see by washing the clay (the "world") from his eyes). Look beyond the mess that mankind has made of the world, search sincerely and deeply, and you will see manifestations and lessons of God's nature in everything you see. Show more Show less