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Hi I'm Marie

I'm a Mormon mom to 8 kids- 6 on earth & 2 who advanced into the eternities. My faith gives me hope in eternal families

About Me

I enjoy reading and learning about a variety of things. I especially find miracles in nature and the beauty of God's creations fascinating. We are very busy raising a growing family, and spend time together doing things like attending concerts, going to different recreational areas in our community, visiting historical sites nearby, and just working in our home together. One priority our family has is to civic duty, and we are often involved in different activities in our community because of this commitment. Because our family has experienced the death of our children, and with current health problems related to the suspected cause of death affecting other family members, I spend a lot of time researching medical information, and taking family members in to a variety of doctors and specialists. We organizied our area's first Energy for Life walk, raising over $16,000, and have passed resolutions through our state legislature to raise awareness. Life is a wonderful gift, miraculous, and we treasure the time we have to spend together in mortality. We believe the relationships we are building here will continue after death, and consider this in our interactions with each other and our neighbors on the earth.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into a Mormon family. Then my dad left our family & his faith. My mom worked hard & was frequently unavailable to go to church. She could not be as consistent at home with activities to strengthen our faith. Each of us children explored whether to commit to the Church, or reject it. It was more work for me to embrace the Church than abandon it. I wondered about God, life, & my purpose here. I never fully left the Church, but there were times I kept my distance. During times I was further from the Church, I saw how what I had been taught there really was what gave me strength. The gospel of Jesus Christ gave me the most fortitude to face the most difficult challenges in life. I still ask questions, but as I sincerely seek truth, my questions lead to more understanding about God, His love, & His plan for each of us. We buried our son, then exactly 6yrs after the crisis event that led to his death, his sister had the exact same crisis event & she died, too. My husband & I really explored our convictions. Was this really His Church? Could we really be reunited as a family after death & see our little ones again? Would a loving God let good people suffer? What purpose is there in having little children die? Had I done something to have earned this heartache? I am a Mormon because the Gospel of Jesus Christ is true. Though life is difficult in many ways, God has a plan & a purpose for us. Death is not the end & we can be reunited as families in the eternities to come.

How I live my faith

We spend time in our home discussing scriptures, principles of our faith, and having some fun time together. We set aside one night each week to really focus on these things. We pray together daily, and share an inspirational thought each night before we go to bed. We often sing songs that help us remember the way we should treat each other and what we beleive the purpose of this life is, and what we know of our history and what is to come. We donate money to our church and other organizations who can help the poor and needy. My husband and I serve on a committee to organize activites for our congregation. This helps the members in our community feel more unified in purpose. Service projects are some of the activities we organize. As an individual, I am inquisitive. I enjoy not just reading scriptures, but studying and pondering their meaning. I look for other articles or insights that have been shared about different messages I find in the scriptures to help me build a greater understanding on what I read in the scriptures. I also feel, as a mom, it is very important to transfer what I am learning on to my children, and am mindful of ways I can help them learn alongside me. I believe a nation is no stronger than the strength of the home, and feel it a great honor and yet real responsibility to help strengthen my family in our day-to-day lives. I also feel a real concern for others and the difficulties they go through. Having had many experiences of my own where life can feel quite overwhelming, including the grief I experience from burying my children, I know that at times it is simply the kindness of others that makes the difference in your trials. Taking in meals, stopping by to visit, sending a note, remembering a special anniversary or birthday, and other gestures like these are not always something I plan for but try to be observant enough to be available for others to offer the help along the way. I believe the Spirit inspires us to be there for others when they really need to feel loved, and the scriptures do help me understand the influence of the Spirit better.

What do Mormons believe happens to us after we die? What do Mormons believe about life after death?

This is a question I have asked many, many times. I very much miss my two little children, and other loved ones I have been able to share time with on earth. I am grateful to know "that sociality which exists among us here will exist among in the world to come, only it will be coupled with eternal glory" D&C 130:2. We existed before our birth, and when mortality comes to a close and we or our loved ones die, we continue to exist. Our bodies are meant to be a temporary dwelling for our Spirits. Our Spirits lived in Heaven before we were born, and joined our body to give us life here in mortality. When we die, our Spirit cannot stay within the body, and we advance to a world for Spirits to wait until a Resurrection. This is called the Spirit World to Mormons. We think of it as a resting place from mortality. It is not Heaven, though. Some of us will enjoy a peaceful Spirit World, where it may seem like Heaven compared to the difficulties of mortality, and we will associate with loved ones and friends. Others will be in a place of unrest for the way that they lived during mortality. It is called Spirit Prison. They may crave certain things they were addicted to but cannot have because they no longer have a body, or feel great pain in recognizing the consequences of the way they lived their life. Mormons believe that those who suffer in the Spirit Prison are still very much loved by Heavenly Father, and He allows for His gospel to be taught there. The scriptures teach us about the Resurrection. Because our Savior, Jesus Christ, overcame mortal death, He set the standard for all of us. All who lived in mortality will be Resurrected.Our bodies will be restored to a state where it is essentially immortal, and our Spirits will once again join with our bodies. But this time they will be joined through eternity. Those who lived a life full of goodness will have the opportunity to live in a Resurrected state with the Savior when He comes back to the Earth. Those whose lives were contrary to good will not have this opportunity. They will be Resurrected, but they will not be exalted. They will not be able to live with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ again, and they will not be able to spend the eternities as a family. There will be a day of Judgment when Heavenly Father will robe those who are His in celestial glory. This means that you are not only in an immortal state, but you are also in an everlasting state of joy and peace and love. You are surrounded by dear loved ones and unified in God's purpose throughout eternity. You will mingle with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ as a glorified being. This is the "eternal glory" I referred to. In this state, we are joined as families. Husband to Wife, and Parents to Children through all eternity. This is the glory that Mormons seek for, and because it is such a wonderful blessing, we also want it for all those on the Earth. It is for this purpose that we wish to teach others about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. To help others to know that they will be with their loved ones again through Heavenly Father's Plan. That though we miss our family and friends when the die, and we may struggle not having them in our lives now, that we can look forward to a day of reunions. Glorious reunions throughout eternity. Show more Show less