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Hi I'm Bill

I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I live in Chicago and have only been a member of the Church since July of 2008. I grew up on te Northwest side of Chicago and have lived here all my life. I grew up Catholic going to Catholic Grade School, High School, and College. I currently work for the Court System in Chicago as a Court Clerk.

Why I am a Mormon

In July of 2008 I was baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Later day Saints. The decision to take this step was a difficult one for me. I had been baptized as a baby into the Catholic Church and raised Catholic. I attended a Catholic Grade School, High School, and College and even seriously thought about becoming a priest. I was extremely comfortable in my religion but I wasn’t really active in it. I had never considered changing churches or thought about what being baptized meant to me until I met the Elders. When I first met Elder Purdie and Elder Adams I had been thinking about my relationship with God, talking to him in my head, and thinking that I should try and go to church. Now in the past when I have been approached by missionaries and people preaching the Gospel I have been dismissive of them. My relationship with God was good and of a personal nature so I didn’t feel I needed to listen to what they had to say. How wrong I was. This time things were different – I was more willing to listen. It occurred to me that God might actually want me to hear what they had to say. So, I invited them to my home and agreed to hear what they had to say. I was amazed. I had heard of the book of Mormon and had even read the first few pages at one time. I had an understanding of the history, I knew about the plates of Gold and Joseph Smith but I really didn’t believe it. There was no proof. Were where the plates. Miracles in modern times – come on. Yet the thing that struck me was the sincerity of the Missionaries. They really believed what they were talking about. They had faith not just in God but also in their religion. Here were two young men who for the sake of God and their faith had chosen to leave their homes for two years and dedicate themselves to teaching his Gospel. I was awed and ashamed. I was ashamed because I had so easily dismissed the message that other missionaries had brought me. I was ashamed because my faith was not as strong. As I spoke with the Elders and begun to read and learn about the Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints I found myself drawn in. I was amazed because many of the things that the Church teaches are things I have thought about or believed before having them taught to me. My faith in God and his Son Jesus Christ has been strong and steadfast for a very long time. God has acted in my life far too many times for me to doubt his existence or his love. What I did doubt was his plan. I could never really understand it. I could never reconcile the loving, kind, and merciful father I knew with the God I had learned about growing up – a God who would condemn sinners to Hell for all Eternity. Why would a loving father ever abandon his children? He wouldn’t and couldn’t in my mind. Something was missing. Yet who was I to question the mind of God? In my heart I knew God had a plan for Mankind and a Glorious future for us. In secret I have always suspected that when God calls us his children in the bible he is not speaking figuratively. He really means we are his children. I also knew that Children grow up to be like their parents. I have therefore believed for a long time that Mans final destiny is to become like unto God. So when the Elders began teaching me about the Plan of Salvation everything just sort of fell into place. I realize now that the reason I was able to come to these truths on my own was because these things are eternal truths and if you allow God into your life he will reveal them to you himself. The lessons that the Elders taught me altered my life forever. For the first time in my life Gods Plan made sense like it always should have. God after all is a God of law and order. He is a master artist and creator who plans out his creation in meticulous detail therefore his plans should be ordered and logical. He is also a loving father who plans for his children’s future and does everything he can to insure their well being. Yet after all this I was still reluctant to change my religion. What would my family think? What would my friends say? Bill are you Crazy! Mormons are Evil and a Cult! Would I be disowned? . I was comfortable with being a Catholic and changing would be hard and scary. I thought you know I already have the message what need do I have to change. It wasn’t until I started attending services here that I begun to understand what I lacked. My relationship with God had always been a personal one. I would share a few tidbits with friends but I never really felt the need to go public. My relationship with God was between me an him- than I came here. I started to see how God was present here. I saw that the members of this church actually lived in an open relationship with God and Jesus. You actually practiced what you preached. I could see it in the way children were treated in church. How their parents loved them. I could see it in how I was welcomed by strangers who didn’t know me but wanted to. I could see it in how people lingered after service rather than rushing off to their individual lives. Once again I was humbled and shamed. I fought the desire to convert – I didn’t go willingly. I had a lot of pain, a lot of sin, and frankly I didn’t think if you knew me that I would be accepted. I was wrong. Finally one day not so long ago – Elder Adams said to me – You know Bill – Elder Purdie and I were talking and we think you already believe what we have been teaching you. We are having a baptism next week and…. That’s when I could no longer hold back before he finished his sentence I said – I’ll be there. I knew immediately that I had made the right decision and no matter what I needed to do – I would make the necessary sacrifices to be part of this church. I haven’t regretted that decision yet. In general my family and friends have supported my decision to convert though they think me a bit strange for doing it. They love me and only want me to be happy so if becoming a Mormon makes me happy they will support it even if they don’t understand it. I have found my exploration of the LDS Church, the Book of Mormon, the teaching of Joseph Smith, and my recent Baptism to be a constant source of blessings in my life. I realize now that God has been leading me to this church for years. I am not sure what other blessings he has laying in wait for me down the Road but I know he will take care of me. My Brothers and Sisters I know this is where God wants me to be. I know that this Church is his Church. I know that God has a plan for our Salvation. I know that the Book of Mormon is true. I know that Joseph Smith is a Prophet of God. I also know that if you ask in humility and faith for God to reveal his plan for your life to you he will. I say these things in the name of my savior and elder Brother Jesus Christ. Amen.

How I live my faith

Since I have joined the Church I have received many blessings including the Melchizedek Priesthood and my calling as a Assistant Ward Mission leader. I have truely been blessed to be able to excercise my priesthood in the service of others. I have also found my Calling a great gift. Being able to assist the full time missionaries in teaching and bringing the Gospel to others has truely touched me. I know that Heavenly father has led me to the Church becuase he wanted to bless me in ways that I could only find in this Church.