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Hi I'm Lindsey

In Hawaii some friends shared their love for and faith in Christ with my family. It changed our lives. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up in Oregon but my folks split up when I was 14. My mother took my family to live in Hawaii, where she was raised. I was into education and art and did well in school, but I struggled with many of the pressures of life most of us face. In 1977 some Mormon friends invited us to learn what they had to share about families and the Church of Jesus Christ. I was amazed at what clarity they brought to my mind. I was baptized at 18 and left on a Spanish speaking mission at 20. I'm a software engineer and have been a Mormon bishop as well. I love my family and I love the Lord.

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised a protestant growing up, and I learned to respect God and Christ. My teenage years distracted me from truly following the truths as I knew them, until the Latter-day Saints shared the message of how the original church of Jesus Christ was restored to the Earth. I listened with skepticism but chose to consider their teachings and pray. I particularly felt something powerful in their message about where we came from, why we're here, and where we're going after this life. It actually seemed familiar to me, and made sense. I felt something stronger than ever before in my life, and I knew what they taught was true. As I follow the Lord's teachings, He rewards me with even greater understanding and witnesses over the years. I'm grateful for His forgiveness and the freedom to strive for the riches of His character in my own life and with my sweet family, and I know we can continue in this path forever, together, in love.

How I live my faith

I have learned that the life of Jesus Christ was meant to be a model for us to follow, and He atoned for our mistakes so we could overcome the worldliness that envelops us and succeed in becoming like He is. God designed this life as a school for his children, and the opportunities have been amazing for me. After serving a mission I have participated in many other aspects of service to others through the Church, such as teaching Sunday School, leading in adult and Youth organizations, and serving for 5 years as bishop for the congregation where I live. Nothing teaches about Christ better than emulating what He did in serving others.

Mormons believe Jesus Christ is their Savior. Why do we need a Savior?

We were sent to this Earth to progress, with the potential to inherit, as all children can inherit what their parents have, the very nature and character of Heavenly Beings. The true riches of Eternity are not merely where we go but what we become. The challenge is that we learn through free will and choice, which we cannot seem to do without mistakes and sin. Our natural reaction is to hide these mistakes and to deceive ourselves. We become cut off from the influence and Light of Christ, out of shame and guilt. We inherently know we cannot stand in the presence of a just and Holy God in such a fallen state so we convince ourselves He is not there or we become distracted in superficial pursuits, forever shut out of His presence and abode, were it not for Jesus Christ. Jesus did for us what we cannot do for ourselves. By His righteous life and Godly character He was the only one worthy of Heaven, but He paid the price that justice demands for our errors so that, if we follow Him, we might also be like Him. We are free then to choose the lifestyle of Christ, or to choose to remain in darkness. Jesus overcame physical death by his resurrection from the dead, granting all humankind the power of resurrection as well. But in addition, Jesus suffered spiritual death without deserving it, so that He could offer Himself as a ransom for our sins, thus opening the way for those who repent and follow Him to receive the same eternal inheritance He has earned in the Kingdom of Heaven. To know Him is to love Him so we learn of Christ and invite all to come unto Him and be perfected in Him. That is the central message of the gospel, the good news. Show more Show less

Who chooses the Mormon prophet?

The Lord Jesus Christ selects those who will be His mouthpiece on the Earth at any time. He places them in their lives where and when He needs them to be. He holds all life in His hands, and controls the destiny of all humankind by this power. So when a man is called, as was Moses, Peter, Paul, or Joseph Smith, it is according to the purposes of God for His church. He calls men from their vocations to serve as apostles, and from those who are apostles, twelve are chosen as in olden times, with a presiding leadership as well, just as were Peter, James, and John in the time of Christ's mortal ministry. Today Jesus has established that same organization and leadership. Show more Show less