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Hi I'm Marilynn

I grew up in the northeastern United States. I was introduced to the Church when I met my future husband. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

My husband (who is a retired schoolteacher) and I have four children and 13 grandchildren, whom we visit every chance we get. My college major was art & design, but I also do photography and video. (I'm retired from the wedding video business.) In addition to art projects, I love to garden, read, swim, hike and travel. I also enjoy researching family history---something I never would have thought to do were it not for the Church encouraging us to seek out our ancestors. Now I'm hooked!

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised as a Christian, but as a young adult I wasn't sure which religion was true, if any. I was in the habit of reading not only the Bible, but other religious books, including Buddhist and Hindu writings, all of which carry a germ of truth. At the onset, my interest in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was mainly academic. I expected simply to glean some truth and inspiration from the Book of Mormon and then to move on in my spiritual quest. Imagine my surprise when I received a very strong witness that this book contained the whole Truth I was seeking in the fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I was convinced that I should take the first step and be baptized. Two days after my 29th birthday I was baptized in the tabernacle on Temple Square in Salt Lake City, a memory I shall always cherish. Over the years my testimony grew stronger and the questions I had about many aspects of life were answered, sometimes in unexpected ways. Although I struggle daily with my shortcomings, the Church has given me everything I need to improve myself and make the most of my life on earth. I'll never be rich or famous, but I have the bright hope of eternal life with my family.

How I live my faith

I hope to be a good example to others by living the Gospel standards. I enjoy volunteering in church and community. On Sunday, I teach children aged eight to twelve years. This year (2010) we are studying the Old Testament and I am learning so much about the history of Israel and the prophets of old.

Why was a Restoration of the Gospel needed? Haven’t we always had the Bible?

It wasn't long after the last of the original Apostles died before false teachings started to corrupt the pure Gospel of Jesus Christ. Sometimes pagan beliefs and rituals crept into the teachings and too often the simple truths were twisted and obscured for political purposes. Church prelates often were men of pride seeking positions of wealth and power. The Scriptures, which were in Latin and Greek, were kept hidden from the common people and worldly priests preached salvation through the intervention of others besides Christ and charged money for absolution (forgiveness of sins). For centuries people were kept in spiritual darkness. Those who tried to live the way Jesus taught were persecuted and often killed. Men who translated the Bible into English were burned at the stake. Eventually the Bible was allowed to be distributed in the common language, but by then many "plain and precious parts" were removed and there was no prophet on earth to clarify and interpret certain passages. By the time Joseph Smith set out in the early 1800s to find the true church there were many Christian sects at odds with one another over the interpretation of Bible verses, the proper manner of baptism, the requirements for salvation and other issues. In a vision it was revealed to Joseph that that all the churches were false and that he had a work of restoration to do. We are blessed today to have a living prophet to guide us. The Gospel has been restored in its fullness with the Book of Mormon as well as the Bible to witness of the divinity of Jesus Christ and His atoning sacrifice. Show more Show less

What are some of the ways that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints helps those around the world?

Church members have always been encouraged to lend a helping hand to the needy of God's children, regardless of religious affiliation. Once a month we fast for a day and donate to the Church welfare program the amount (or more) that would be spent on food. Often working through local agencies, the needy are given the assistance they need to live fulfilling lives, whether it be a bag of groceries, warm clothing, a wheelchair, or tuition to further their education. The moral support given to those who are going through extreme trials can give them the boost they need to get through each day with hope for the future. Show more Show less