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Hi I'm Bill

I was born in Michigan, I am a Father, a Husband and a small business entrepreneur and I am a Mormon!

About Me

I am a divorced Father of 2; remarried to a wonderful loving woman from the Philippines (a US citizen) with 2 children. I enjoy hiking, climbing, biking and just about anything outdoors; I also enjoy remote control toys especially airplanes. I was a bit of a troubled child, a product of my parents bitter divorce and so I attended Boarding School for High School and by the time I entered college I was so burned out that I still haven't finished today. As a retail manager specializing in team building, franchise systems and customer relations I have used my talents to create a small successful entrepreneurial group of 4 small businesses with my wife as my primary business partner. Although I have endured many struggles in my life, I have seen many victories as well, I owe my life to Heavenly Father and his plan of happiness!

Why I am a Mormon

This is funny...I thought LDS was a big Cult, I did! My church leaders before (mostly Baptist and Non-denominational leaders) would teach us how Mormons were a cult, that they believed in all kinds of crazy, non-Biblical things. Like 3 heavens, like baptizing DEAD people. Yup they (the LDS) were nuts alright...how could a dead person be baptized?! Right !?! (Read on) Upon meeting my New wife I though for sure I would introduce her to the Jesus I knew; A personal ,loving, powerful savior. I never dreamed I would become a Mormon, not just a convert, but a TRUE believer! One day during one of our conversations (struggles) of whose faith was correct, my loving wife handed me the "Articles of Faith", the LDS church Doctrinal statement. As I read it, I did not expect my reaction; although I could not give testimony to some of the issues in this Doctrinal Statement, upon reading it,... I wept. It was MOST Christian, MOST Biblical, and MOST loving. It radiated love and peace and TRUTH. I can not explain it; I have read many Church Doctrinal Statements...We believe this...because of this...and this is what we teach...and if you join with us you agree to the following...so on and so on. None of them did I ever feel this way about! Oh... I also need to mention as a side note my previous marriage (very abusive 15 year trial) and how I was left feeling a severe lack of love and acceptance; As had much of my life and childhood been-that with this new relationship in my life I had gained a new kind of love...I literally felt as though Heavely Father was wrapping his arms around me and loving me through Tia's love, literally! By the way her name, Teodora 9tia for short) means "Gift of God" and so she is! To the Baptism of the Dead...this I thought Mormons (LDS) were crazy for !!!!! While visiting the Church History Museum on the grounds of the Temple Square area of Salt Lake City, written above a model of a Temple Baptismal Font -there read a scripture reference....I Corinthians 15:29....I thought ...what !?! That is not in the Bible ! So upon my first opportunity I looked up the verse....as I read the verse I felt something like a shock, greater than that, an Earthquake go through my soul....for you see...if there was anything I had learned in my life....through denying the Gospel of Jesus Christ and then by learning to trust in him....I had learned to believe in His Word or Scripture, no one could or can tell me that MY Bible (heavily marked and searched) was not TRUE !!! And yet, there it was, the doctrine of "Baptism of the Dead", right in front of my own eyes, in my OWN bible ! This was the beginning of the End as some Protestants would say (and for many of my Friends and Family they have)....for me it was the Beginning of the Beginning!...so far a wonderful, eye opening, inspiring and life changing journey. I AM LDS, I could never say I was a Baptist, I always claimed to be Non-denominational Christian as I knew the truth but could not find it in any church, but now...I can say...with certainty, that I am a disciple of Jesus Christ and I am LDS! I do believe, and so will you;... If your heart is seeking truth. James 1:5 "If any of you lack wisdom, he should ask of God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given him". I hope this story inspires you to seek the truth; that truth that I never expected to find in what I now deeply know is NOT a Cult! Be prepared...when truly following Christ you will find trials, I have lost some best friends, but I have gained better ones, I have lost the support of family members but have gained a new Family as well! God will make all things right! He will heal the pain, help the suffering and his TRUTH will come forth! I pray that you will read your scriptures, listen to Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit, search for truth and you shall find it! I pray blessings upon you and your family, even if you choose not to believe...Thank you for taking time to read my story! I leave this with you in the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen. A short list of my other conversion scriptures from my NIV Bible are as follows: James 5:13, I Peter 4:6 and 3:18-19, II Corinthians 12:2, John 10:16, Matthew 16:19, Acts 19:13. Thank you!

How I live my faith

Wow! How do I live my faith !?! I press forward daily, try and try again! I am new to the church by almost 2 years. I thought I lived my faith (Christian, Protestant,Southern Baptist) really well prior to becoming an LDS (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints). But after being introduced to the Biblical Truths of the Mormon culture and realizing how far off I was and how incorrect the teachings I had received, I have to say I definitely am living the Gospel (my faith) stronger than ever before. I thought the Gospel was real before, now it is a daily experience. A way of life if you will. I relate to Paul, not just his teachings, but his daily life. This is a wonderous, REAL, and superb experience in my Christian walk. Our Family prays daily, we struggle with our Ex-spouses and their lack of Gospel committment in their lives, we have all the regular personal issues, we strive to gain ground daily in our walk, we do however lose ground on some days, but with the loving Grace of our Creator, we are able to hold on to the Atonement and move forward again. My faith is not just a faith but a Lifestyle, a belief, a hope, a walk, a direction, a decision making tool, a thought filter, a life changer-I never truly understood being a new man in Christ (I thought I did) until I was baptized into the LDS church and I received the Gift of The Holy Spirit throught the laying on of hands by someone with authority to do so...now I know so much more, and I look forward to learning even more, I can Truly say, I am a NEW man in Christ! 2011 update: I have been experiencing the refiners fire lately and it is a struggle, a glorious struggle to be purified by Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit. I never understood these concepts before, not really, maybe a bit (and I thought I had it down), but now they are in full color and I am proud to be Mormon and to be counted with Jesus Christ! I am also a Ward Missionary which means I am a "regular" member who assists in local missionary efforts. I enjoy my work in Christ. I live my faith one day at a time, moment by moment, decision by decision, in agreement with my Partner-My Wife, and with our Children. Righting our wrongs and hanging tightly to our rights. we love the Gospel, its hope and inspiration and all that it brings to our lives. Struggles become blessings and blessings become eternal inheritance. I told my wife yesterday-Jan 7, 2011, that with all that I have lost in my life, which has been a great many things, if I had to do it all over again in order to get where I am today, I would do it twice! Where I am today is worth the loss of everything as I have gained everything in return. I pray Heavenly Father does not test this faith of mine, he he, but that he will allow me to rest in my peace. I know we have much more work to do and if faithful we will endure until the end! I leave this with you in the name of Jesus Christ in hopes that you too will find inspiration in my story and in the Gospel, Amen!

Why do some call Mormonism a cult?

It is Very simple in my mind...as I also once believed LDS to be a non-Christian Cult. The answer in my mind and heart...we listen too much to our church leaders and not enough to the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ and we do not search our scriptures enough. In the words of Martin Luther King..."If ever the Elders of our Church should tell us ANYTHING contrary to the WORD of GOD we should humbly respect them as our Elders, but we should IGNORE what they say" And of course the deep reason answer is simply Apostasy...this would take much more time to explain, but is is very Biblical, something MOST church leaders of Protestant church's ignore due to lack of understanding, ignorance, selfishness or just simply , they cannot explain it or are in denial of the truth, or they may know the truth but they don't want you to know it or they will lose their power. I am in the most loving church I have ever been in in my 40 years of life! Never has the best Southern Baptist Church even come close to the level of love I have experienced through the Gospel in the LDS church. Not that my faith experiences were invalid in my previous church's; but my last Baptist Church I attended in Montrose, CO. kicked me out, and fired me from my job because I was getting a divorce and not doing things their way (sounds like a cult doesn't it?) yet the church who was labeled as a cult by them is the one who supported me in Christian truth and the love of Jesus Christ. Sure, sin is sin, but love is also love! So who was the cult, the leaders who wanted to stone the woman to death for her sins, or Jesus Christ for loving her and forgiving her. I would choose to put on his yoke and be his slave any day! Does that mean Jesus Christ is my cult leader!? No, it means I choose to abide in his grace and love! So as I have chosen the love of Christ over the judgement of the world. I stand to be crucified with Christ daily. I leave this with you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen! Show more Show less

Why do Mormons perform proxy baptisms in their temples?

It is the only way for those who die without a baptism to have a chance to gain their inheritance into the kingdom of heaven. This is taught in I Corinthians 15:29 and certainly is backed up by I Peter 3:18-19 and I Peter 4:6. I used to think LDS were crazy for this, until I READ my Bible! Show more Show less