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Hi I'm Llyly

I'm a wife, a mother , a dental health professional, I was born in the Caribbean, I live in Australia, I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was born in The Dominican Republic of hard working parents. I am a mother of three very demanding children one of them disadvantaged by poor health and disabilities. I am the very fortunate wife of a caring husband who supports me and encourages me to follow my dreams. He is also a Mormon and we are both trying to raise a happy family and contribute to the community.

Why I am a Mormon

At the age of 11 & 12 when I was preparing for confirmation into the Catholic church, I began having questions about the identity of God the Father and Jesus Christ. I couldn't understand the Trinity and found it , curious that Jesus Christ would be making us believe that the person who spoke at His baptism in the river Jordan and introduced him to the world was Himself acting as the Father and later at the end of His ministry would be praying to himself in the Garden of Getsemani asking to himself that He would be spare the pain of His voluntary sacrifice. I am able now to describe my feelings better than at 12, but I was really perplexed at the thought that God would want to fool us. It wasnt too long after I began asking questions that me & my brother moved to Venezuela where my mum was living for a number of years and had already join the mormon church. So it was easy and fast for me to find all the answers to my little mind questions and more. I still hesitated to change religions and go against my grandmother's advice: "before you'd join this church try and get your mum out of it", so with doubdt I declined the invitation to get baptsied by the missionaries teaching me, they in turn replied with a question, if I've prayed about my decision, if I've asked God if this was His church, if Joseph was a true prophet and if the Book of mormon was His book of scripture , just like the Bible was. so I went into my room and said a very quick prayer asking just that . I felt warmth in my chest and assurance that it was ok to be baptised into this church because it was His. Ever since I've studied & questioned my decision every day and everyday I've had the same answer from God, I am in the right place and I am following His son. I've tried to never missed an opportunity to share my testimony of what I have come to know is true. And I live with the assurance that by being obedient to this church teachings I am pleasing God and in turn happines and peace fill my heart.

How I live my faith

I try to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ as found in the scriptures and under the counsel of modern prophets and apostles. My family pray and read the scriptures together, I apply faith to all of my life endeavors and challenges. My husband and I serve in the church and we feel we are better neighbours and citizens because of it. Our family enjoy going to church every Sunday and have set apart that day for worship and rest, also to spend time studying more of the scriptures and to serve others. people around me are not strangers, they are my spirit brothers and sisters, with that knowledge it's easy to smile at everyone around me, easy to offer a hand to someone in need, easy to forgive and love my "enemies" , because of the love I know My Heavenly father has for me, knowing also that he knows me by name , I can feel unconditional love for everyone around me and feel compassion when they are going through struggles. also when I am facing difficult times that would try my faith I have learnt to respond to those problems with the questions: what am I to learn from this experience and how would I use my faith to carry me? Would I let hard times defeat me? or would I trust in the Lord and His mercy to rescue, enlighten and bless me?. The gospel of Jesus Christ have taught me to look around me and to be an instrument in the Lord' hands to bless the lives of His other children, so I look out for others needs and support and strengthen others in their life journey.