What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Cathy

I'm a member of The church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints But some people just call us Mormons. .

About Me

I'm a daughter,wife,Mom,grandma and I love my family.I love to read,make baby quilts and play with my little "baby"dog. She keeps me company while my husband works and now that all the kids have grown up and moved away.I like to do crafts and things that keep my hands busy.Lastly,I love to sing.....I sing in the car and in the shower .I sing outside and inside,when I'm happy or when i'm sad and when I'm afraid I sing all the Primary songs I learned when I was growing up .

Why I am a Mormon

My ancestry is of the Utah Pioneers.I have great uncles and great grandparents that traveled across the plains with the pioneers and one was even fortunate enough to be in the same wagon train as Brigham Young.I feel very Blessed and Honored to have such great ancestry.I have done research trying to find out stories of what happened on those travels.My mother was a convert and loved the church so much that she taught me everything I draw upon now when I need to search for strength.Love the Lord,He is always there for you.Love your Family.Read your scriptures,there is all your answers,pray often....He listens and He answers.Why I am a Mormon......because I am a child of God,a daughter of god who was sent here to live with my earthly parents for a time and to prove myself worthy to go back and live with my Heavenly Father again.And at that same time I will be able to live with and see my parents and grandparents and all the family members that i have been sealed to in our Temples. I love my family,but most importantly I love the Lord and He is my Light!!!

How I live my faith

I have calling cards made up with my name and address and phone number a picture of the Salt Lake City,Ut.Temple and The words "Charity never Faileth" on them....when I go visiting teaching or even if I meet someone new and we discuss the gospel I try to remember to give them one of my cards and tell them to call me if they ever need someone to talk to or someone to pray with or if they just need a hug.Sometimes I've even been known to put a card in a get well basket for someone or a goodie treat for a friend and write on the back of it " Someone always Loves you-Guess Who?"

Are Mormons Christians?

Yes we are Christians...we believe in Christ . Show more Show less

Do Mormons only help Mormons?

Mormons help everybody in need. Not only do they have a very well planned and working welfare system in the church,that helps members of the different branches and wards and stakes,they also have a Humanitarian system set up that help community organizations that may have a need. The LDS helping hands group were some of the first people to lend a hand when Hurricane Katrina hit La. They have sent help to earthquake victums,sunami victums,floods etc. When there is a need,the mormon church responds and usually unannounced and with no fanfare. They are there to do the lords work and help not to get words of praise for doing something. Show more Show less

What is being a Mormon like?

Being a member of the mormon church is like knowing that you are the one who figured out the answers to the first test at school before everybody else did. Once you get that feeling in side of you that you know...that you really know what you're being taught is the truth,there is no stopping.You have to get more knowledge about the truth and you have to do everything you can to please Heavenly Father.He gave us so much and he asks so little in return.How could we not love him,How could we not choose the right and how could we not want to do as he asks us to do.  Show more Show less