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Hi I'm Devin

I'm a fun loving father, I'm a proud husband,I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up in Idaho working on a cattle ranch along the side of my dad. It's been in our family since the early 1940's. I absolutly love the outdoors and the serenity you feel as you take in the scenery around you. I have been married for 3 years and am the father of 1 boy. I currently work and live in Utah, I still prefer Idaho because of how busy it is down here. I have a Bachelors in Business Finance and am considering tackling a Master's program either in Business or Real Estate. I love the Utah Jazz, motorcylces, animals, reading, and my spending time with my family. I have a goal to complete a road trip on my future Harley Davidson that will take me across the country. (Wife's permission of course)

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up in a Mormon home. My parents are very active in the church and, as most parents will do, encouraged their children to do the same. I grew up learning about Christ, The Plan of Redemption, and the Restoration of the Gospel. These teachings began to sink into my heart. I do not have a one time conversion story. It happened very subtly and unawares to me. During High School, I was able to see how making right choices affects people. I had several friends that got mixed up in drugs, alcohol, etc and saw the consequences that followed. I sensed an unhappiness there that I did not want to experience. Though I made several mistakes and poor choices myself, I used the principles of the gospel as my compass and guide. I had marvelous youth teachers in church that helped me see right from wrong. My parents were a constant support (and at the time, constant naggers as most parents are viewed by their teenage children). I look back now and realize, with deep humilty, how their constant counsel and examples have shaped me into who I am today. Christ's love is real and unchanging. As the scriptures teach, his arms are always open. He speaks to his prophets today, just as he spoke to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and His revelations are ever flowing. He seeks our happiness and has lighten the way before us. We simply need to follow.

How I live my faith

I have had many opportunities to serve. Unfortunately, we have moved 7-8 times since we have been married. So, I have not had a particular responsibility for longer than 6-9 months at one time. I have had the opportunity to teach the youth on several occasions. I enjoyed this thoroughly because the youth are the future of this nation and world. Teaching the gospel is something that I have come to love as I spent 2 years doing this in South Africa. I strive to be a good neighbor and seek opportunities to lift up those around me. Christ was the ultimate example as he lived and I try to keep this in mind each day.

Do Mormons worship Joseph Smith?

We do not worship Joseph Smith. We honor and uphold him as a great prophet. Similar to how those at the time of Christ viewed Moses. Show more Show less

Can husband and wife be together forever? Do you believe that families will live together in heaven?

I've been married for just over 3 years now. I married a gal that is far out of my reach. She has a heart the size of the moon and is filled with an incredible sense to serve. She has the ability to see right through me and can read me like a book. My heart still races when I see her and have found that this feeling has only increased since we have been together. We have a 2 year old boy who is one of the biggest joys I have ever experienced. Everyday is a new learning experience for him. I cannot imagine not being with them forever. In my mind, to be separated at death, as the modern wedding currently states, just doesn't make sense to me. Through the Restoration of the Gospel, it has been revealed that families were meant to carry on past this life. Marriages were meant to last longer than the first argument/disagreement. A strong and lasting marriage takes time, understanding, forgivness, and unconditional love. It also takes complete fidelity and trust. Show more Show less

What do Mormons believe happens to us after we die? What do Mormons believe about life after death?

We beleive that this life is not the end. Our bodies and spirits will be separated. Our bodies will remain here, while our spirits continue on. Eventually, our bodies and spirits will be reunited (ressurected), and our bodies will be perfect and will never experience physicall death again. If we lived according to God's commandments, as we have come to know them, we will have the blessing of eternal life. We beleive that missionary work does continue after this life and those who did not have the opportunity to hear the gospel in it's fullest in this life, will have that opportunity in the life to come. Show more Show less