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Hi I'm Keri

Happy, stubborn, adventurous and assertive. Married to my other half. Ups and downs but love the journey. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up on a farm but now I live in the city. I love both lifestyles! I am going to college and will graduate with a communications (print journalism) degree. I love sports, especially volleyball, and I'm on a co-ed softball team right now. I love being outdoors-- camping, swimming, hiking, (watching my husband) fish, BBQ's, frisbee, scooter rides etc! Being busy is in my blood, and being extremely organized and efficient too, so I work hard all day and then come home and play. I enjoy watching movies, eating, shopping, technology, animals, traveling, music, family and friends. I just married my best friend and we love being newlyweds!

Why I am a Mormon

I was baptized a member of the church when I was 8 years old. I knew even then the church was true, and I felt safe and loved. A series of experiences in my life - from day to day things, sicknesses, losses, happiness, growing up, moving to college, getting married etc- I became more dependent on the Lord and my relationship with Him. I learned that going to church, reading the scriptures, praying, paying tithing, listening to the Prophet, obeying the commandments and living my life the way I was taught was the best way. I realized the more time I gave Him, the more of myself I gave Him, the better I handled life's ups and downs. The happier I was. The more joy and satisfaction I felt in life. I began to appreciate things and mature and grow. My life didn't automatically become blissful without trials or pains, but I was able to handle them with a new perspective. I am a Mormon because this is Christ's church. He established the teachings that will best help me, help us, to return to Him. I am a Mormon because I can't make it on my own, I need Him.

How I live my faith

I wake up in the morning and say my prayers, thanking Heavenly Father for the new day and other things! I take a shower, eat breakfast and again give thanks this time for my meal. I go to work and I notice things. I have a different perspective when I think what Jesus Christ has done for me and what He has given me. It makes the bad weather, the busy traffic, the annoying co-workers, all of it bearable. It makes me appreciate nature and seasons, technology that gives us cars! and people, all of the many personalities and quirks that provide a variety of people. At night before bed I read the scriptures-- verses from the Bible or the Book of Mormon. Both testify of Christ and His teachings. I feel His spirit when I read! I want to be better. I want to help others and let them help me. On Sundays I go to church. There I participate in lessons about Christ's life and His teachings. I connect with women my age, and some younger and older too, with our emotions, thoughts and experiences. I see other couples and families worship and grow and pray and teach. I hold my husband's hand as we sing songs of praise to the Lord. While at church I feel good as I remember Christ's plan and I think about what changes I can make to become more like Him. And then I start a fresh new week!

How are modesty and chastity related? How can parents teach their children to be modest in dress, language and behavior?

To me, being modest means having self-respect as well as respect for others. Dressing immodestly attracts the wrong attention for the wrong reasons. I don't ever want to be "walking pornography." When I dress modestly, don't show too much leg, and do cover my chest, back, shoulders and stomach I feel better about myself. When people talk to me it's because of my personality, not my body! Dressing modestly shows confidence. I don't have children of my own, but my parents taught me modesty at a young age. I am so glad I learned early on the importance of self-respect, especially before I got to high school and college. Having a habit of dressing and behaving modestly helped me avoid making choices that I would regret later on. Something that helped me was that my parents had a "no exceptions" rule. I didn't dress immodestly because it was prom or some other "special occasion". Now I have carried that motto on in other aspects of my life and it has really helped me to have self-discipline! Show more Show less