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Hi I'm Kevin.

I'm from Missouri and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I love to watch movies and quote them. It's definitely one of my favorite pastimes. I'm a big fan of music, mainly modern rock. I love to watch professional baseball and college football. I was married in 2009 and I'm very much in love with my beautiful wife. We have two awesome cats that we laugh at daily. I graduated college with a degree in Spanish and I now work with an insurance company helping people who get injured on the job.

Why I am a Mormon

I am Mormon because I believe in Jesus Christ. Because I believe in Jesus Christ, I believe in the doctrines and principals he taught. I believe in divine revelation. I believe in baptism. I believe in the Holy Ghost. I believe in forgiveness. I believe in prayer. I believe in fellowship. I believe in missionary work. I believe in charity. I believe in kindness. I believe in hope. I am Mormon because I believe in these things and so much more. Within the Mormon Church I find all the teachings that Christ taught. Nothing is missing, and nothing is skewed. To every question I have ever wondered, I have found a reasonable answer. I am Mormon because it makes sense. But most importantly, I am Mormon because I have prayed about it. I feel it is true. I am Mormon because I know Christ wants me to be.

How I live my faith

I go to Church every Sunday. I look forward to it throughout the week. While I'm there I listen to others speak of Jesus Christ and his love for us. I do the same. I teach others the importance of families, forgiveness, and loving one another. Throughout the week, I do my best to live as Christ lives. I try to be an example for others, and I do my best to express my faith to all those who would listen.

What is Mormonism? OR What do Mormons believe?

Ever since I was a small child I’ve had a firm belief in my Savior Jesus Christ. I have never had any reason to doubt. It is as a sure knowledge that radiates from within and engulfs my very mind and soul. With Christ, that is how I’ve always felt. The question now is that why is it if I am Christian I profess to be a Mormon? Are they not two distinct philosophies? I say unto you that they are not. To truly be Mormon is to be a true disciple of Christ – a Christian. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the only church on the entire face of the planet that I can say without a doubt holds all truth and nothing but truth. Religion is a funny thing really. Religion can profess to be good, and much of it is, as long as it preaches good moral standards and true love being charity. So why be Mormon over any other denomination or sect? The answer isn’t too sophisticated but it does require some explanation as to understand my viewpoint. The main explanation and reason is that it’s what I truly believe and feel to be correct. I suppose you’re looking for a more detailed explanation than that. Fair enough. I suppose I can go more in detail and explain, starting from the beginning with Mormon theology. It all begins with the Plan of Salvation. This plan is for all of God’s children. In fact a better term for the Plan of Salvation would be the Plan of Happiness. Now who are God’s children? We are. Every one of us that has lived, does live, and will ever live. You see this mortal body that we possess is not the beginning of our existence. It all began in a world long ago that we can’t remember, a pre-existence if you will. It was there that we lived with our Heavenly Parents as spirit sons and daughters. Our parents were perfect. They had progressed farther than any of us could have dreamed at that time. They possessed perfect bodies, and were full of goodness and love; and they especially loved us. Because of this love our Father wanted us to become like Him – to live as He lives, to progress to an exalted perfected state as He had progressed. In simplicity, our Heavenly Father wanted what any earthly father would want for his child: the best. To be able to progress toward being like our Heavenly Parents would be the best. It is for this reason that He, our almighty God, had prepared this plan so that we could progress. Upon hearing this plan we rejoiced. We shouted for joy at the chance to have this progression; to have the chance to gain a body and become perfected like our Heavenly Parents. However, this gift could not be free. Like any form of learning and progression it had to be done by choice and effort. We were to be granted our free agency to choose for ourselves good or evil, to live with God again or to be cast out, all according to our own deeds and desires. So God provided the earth for us, a place in which to dwell to be tested. He also knew that we would make mistakes and that we would sin and become unclean. He also knew that no unclean thing could dwell in His presence. So how is it that we could pass the test and return to live with God, knowing that we would make mistakes? In His infinite love, God provided the way. He provided us with a Savior, a Redeemer, one who would be born of both mortal and immortal parents to be able to conquer the obstacles that would prevent our return to live with God. (In fact there are two obstacles that would prevent us from our eternal progression toward perfection. These obstacles are death and sin and will be presented shortly.) This Savior was our older brother, the firstborn in spirit of our Heavenly Parents, Jesus Christ. He was chosen by God to help this great spiritual family to progress. Yet there was another in that great council when this plan was presented that did not agree with our Father. He was a great one in the eyes of many, even the Son of the Morning. He was Lucifer, an angel of light. He did not want us to have agency. He wanted all of us to return, not one being lost. He wanted to be the Savior with no thought for any other, only himself, hoping to obtain all the glory and give none to the Father. The chance for all to become perfected and not lose one was provocative but impossible. Lucifer’s plan involved no agency and no choice, only captivity and slavery. There would be no progression, no knowing good from evil, no chance for learning. This plan would have destroyed all possibility to become as our Heavenly Parents. However, Christ only wanted what was best for his brethren and to give the glory to the Father so that His children might progress to eternal happiness. Our Heavenly Father chose Christ and not Lucifer to be our Savior, knowing that was the only way. In his anger and fury Lucifer rebelled and a great war occurred among the entire spirit family. Two thirds followed our Father, while the other third was cast out with Lucifer who would become Satan, the Devil, that Serpent who is the father of all lies. Now that the war was over, it was time to implement the plan which would help us progress. It was necessary to pass through a veil to forget this pre-mortal life, in order to be tested without bias, but we were not to fear. God would be just and fair and would provide us with ways of knowing the truth and how we could return to Him someday. We were to go to Earth. Our first parents were Adam and Eve. They were created to start our mortality and days of probation and test on this earth. Adam was called to be a prophet. Prophets are men called by God to teach His truth on this Earth. They speak with God, face to face and then instruct the rest of humanity the will of the Father. Prophets are essential to the plan so that we might learn. And God will do nothing save reveal his secrets to His servants the prophets (Amos 3:7). And so Adam fulfilled his calling and preached the truth to all of his posterity. For many years they lived in righteousness but eventually the family of Adam began to become corrupt and wicked. They began to fall away from the truth and rebel. This is called an apostasy. In fact apostasy is defined as the abandonment of one's religious faith, a political party, one's principles, or a cause. Their abandonment of their faith caused the need for more instruction and guidance. In His infinite love, our Father called another prophet to instruct His children. He called Noah. Noah taught the Gospel to everyone but humanity was too far gone in their iniquity. Satan had a strong grasp on their hearts and they would not hearken to the words of the Lord. Our Father had no other option but to start again. He sent the flood to renew the Earth and only Noah and few others were spared from humanity’s destruction. They began a new life and Noah preached to his family what Adam had preached before, the Plan of Salvation and the Gospel of Christ. For many years the people lived in righteousness, yet once again they turned their hearts to the vain things of the world and forgot their God, falling into another apostasy. Our Father, once again, sent another prophet to teach His children. He sent Abraham. Abraham did the same that had been done by other prophets before him and the people did the same as well. This process continued with prophet after prophet spanning from Adam to Noah, Noah to Abraham, then Abraham to Moses and so forth; each time ending with apostasy. And with each apostasy came corruption within the teachings that the prophets had taught. Many churches had been organized but only one could be completely correct. Many of which held many truths, but by the end of each apostasy, none held all the truth. Finally it was time for our Father to send our Savior Jesus Christ. He came to this world to restore all truth. He came to fulfill the law and be our redeemer from sin and death, for sin and death are the two things which separate us from living with God. Because of our imperfections it is impossible for us to conquer these obstacles by ourselves. Jesus, in his ministry chose men to act in the name of God: apostles; prophets of the Lord to profess the truth and teach the Plan of Salvation. However, Christ was rejected just as all the previous prophets before Him and was crucified. Yet three days later, He rose from the dead. He was resurrected and bridged the gap completely between life and death, giving us the chance to live with God again. His resurrection gave humanity a free gift. Because he died and rose again so will each of us. Each man, woman, and child; wicked or righteous will rise from the dead gaining a perfected body. This gift was free to all. Before His crucifixion, Jesus also spent time in a place called the Garden of Gethsemane. It was in this place that Christ offered what has become known as the great intercessory prayer. It was in this moment that he took upon himself the sins of the world. Because He was the only man who had never sinned, it was only He that could do such a righteous and noble act. It is important to note that He took on every sin from everyone who has ever lived, who does live, and who will yet live. His agony was so great that He bled from every pore and needed an angel to give Him strength to carry on, but He did so out of love for us. This moment combined with His resurrection is known as the atonement, a reconciliation of sort between God and man. Though Christ paid the price for our sins, our forgiveness of our trespasses is conditional. It is not like our chance to be resurrected which is absolutely free with no effort required on our part. The only way to obtain forgiveness of our sins is by obedience to the law and repentance on our part and making covenants with God to enable ourselves to begin our progression while living as mortals. We can begin these steps by learning the first principles and ordinances of the Gospel of Christ. The first principle is faith in Jesus Christ. To have faith is to believe in things that are true that are not seen. It is two-fold. The first part is to believe. The second part is to act. For example, let us suppose that a certain man is unemployed. He has perfect faith that he will eventually find employment. He believes it with all his heart. However, the man sits in his house all day and never attempts to locate employment that he believes he will find. Will he find it? No. What does his faith profit him if he does not exercise it? Nothing. Faith without works is dead. (James 2:26) The second principle and ordinance is repentance. Repentance can be a five step process. First one must recognize that he/she has done something wrong. If one does not know the law, one cannot be punished by it. Secondly, it is necessary to feel guilt for offense. There must be remorse felt for having committed the act. Thirdly, it is necessary to ask forgiveness of God for the sin that was committed. Fourthly, it is important to make any reparations that need made. For example, if one were to steal a television it would be necessary to return the television or make necessary compensation, apologize for the act, and suffer any legal consequence that might be incurred. The final step in the process of repentance is the most difficult: never commit the sin again. The third ordinance is baptism by immersion. Christ taught and showed by example a baptism that needed three important traits. The first was baptism by immersion or in other words, completely below water. This is done because baptism is a symbol of the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ. Secondly, baptism must be performed by someone who has the proper authority to do so. This authority, also known as the Priesthood, is not possessed by everyone and cannot be taken on by wanting it. It is something that must be given by the laying on of hands by one who already possesses the authority. This is important to realize because a baptism by one who does not have the proper authority to do so is not valid, just as it would not be valid for a doctor to write me a parking ticket or a lifeguard to perform brain surgery. You must have the proper authority to perform such tasks. Thirdly a baptism is only required by those capable of sinning. If one does not possess this capability then he/she is not accountable. Little children are a good example of this. They do not know the difference between right and wrong, therefore they are not capable of sinning, therefore are not accountable. They are saved in Christ and do not require a baptism. The last ordinance is receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost by the laying on of hands. The gift is a purifier. As the water washes away our sins in baptism, the Holy Ghost purifies our souls like a burning fire would do. After receiving this gift, we are also entitled to his constant companionship for guidance and help in daily decisions and trials. Returning to Christ and his earthly ministry, after his resurrection, he soon departed and left the church in the hands of the apostles. They went forth and began to preach. But the same happened to them as had happened to all that came before. They were rejected and were killed off one by one. Soon there after the church Christ had established was destroyed and yet another apostasy had began. Many plain and precious things were taken from the Earth at the fault of wicked men. With these missing truths, it was impossible to rebuild or reform Christ’s church. So many churches were erected in His name. Most of them possessed many true things and many true doctrines but none among them possessed all the truth. It was confusion that spread across the land. What is beautiful is that God is not a God of confusion and He wants each of us to know of His plan. To do so He calls prophets to teach His children. It is what He has always done and what is what He will always do for He is not a changing God, but one of truth and light and perfect love for all His children. He would call, yet again, another prophet. In the early 1800s there lived a young boy named Joseph Smith. He was 14 years old and very confused. In the time period of his youth there was a great religious uproar. Church after church, theology after theology professed to be the one true religion of Christ, yet all taught different things and neglected to satisfy the desires to know the truth which young Joseph desperately sought. It was one day while reading in the New Testament in James 1:5 which taught that if anyone lack wisdom let him ask God for the truth believing it would be given him. Joseph had never read such a passage of scripture that had such an impact as that had. He had decided to do such a thing. He decided to ask God for truth. Here is where I may be criticized and ridiculed but know this. This is what I believe and more so, know to be true, for what happened next did happen and you can choose to deny it or believe it but the fact of the matter is that it did happen and nothing can change that. Young Joseph entered into a wooded area near his home and knelt down in humble prayer to seek truth. His answer was breath taking and amazing. Just as Moses had in the Old Testament received the truth, so did Joseph Smith. He saw a pillar of light directly above his head which descended upon him and in that light Joseph saw two beings from which radiated great glory. He had a vision. He saw God the Father and his Son Jesus Christ. Young Smith was instructed that he should join himself with no religion at that time and that none held all the truth, only partiality. He was soon taught of the apostasy that had occurred time and time again and that it was time yet again to call another prophet to restore the truth and restore Christ’s church to the Earth yet one more time, this time the last, in preparation for the second coming of our Savior Jesus Christ to usher in the end of the test and prepare us for our eternal exaltation or eternal damnation according to our acts and desires of our hearts. Smith eventually became a prophet and was instructed to translate a book of scripture that contained the words of ancient prophets that lived on the American continent. This book, which was written as the same time as the Bible only on a different continent, was called the Book of Mormon; named after a prophet Mormon who had made an abridgement of all the writings of the ancient prophets of the Americas. What does the Book of Mormon contain? Truth. Just as much truth as the Bible. It contains the same gospel of Christ as contained in the Bible. The Book of Mormon begins around 600 years B.C. It starts with a family led by their father, a prophet named Lehi. Lehi lived in Jerusalem during the time period when there were many prophets prophesying that Jerusalem would be destroyed. Lehi went to warn the people but no one would listen. Like most prophets, Lehi was rejected and his life was threatened. The Lord commanded Lehi and his family and few others to leave Jerusalem and travel into the desert. They would eventually arrive at the coast. Lehi’s son, Nephi, was commanded to build a boat so that they could travel across the ocean to a promised land. Nephi was obedient to the will of the Lord, as he always had been and did as was commanded, despite the ranting and murmuring of his older brothers Laman and Lemuel. The travelers in the end made it to the Americas and began to form a great civilization. The Book of Mormon tells their story which ends approximately 400 years after Christ’s birth. It is a record of the teachings of the prophets who had lived on this continent prior to the pilgrims and explorers and contains the same Gospel of Christ that is taught in the Bible and is comparable to that holy book to confirm every word it teaches. The Book of Mormon especially tells of the marvelous account of Christ’s visit to the American continent after He had resurrected and left those in Jerusalem. It tells of the miracles that He performed here in the ancient Americas as he showed the people who He was, revealing the marks in His hands and feet and side. Does this sound remarkable or unbelievable? It may. Yet it is true. How do I know it is true? Why is it that I would have freely given of my life for two years to preach such a remarkable thing to people I have never met who live in a culture so different from my own? Because I know without a doubt that it is true. How? It is done by the same way that Joseph Smith read in James. Ask God. The Book of Mormon contains a promise to all those who read its pages. If you will read and ask God in sincere prayer whether it be true then God will manifest it unto you by the power of the Holy Ghost. It will be done by that power that we will know of the truth. We will feel a burning sensation in our very hearts that it be true. We will feel peace, love, kindness, patience, goodness, and so forth. It will penetrate our very soul and we will not be able to deny it. I say unto you that I read the book. I prayed with all my heart to know the truth. I felt in my heart that it was true, just as I know that the sun shines, the sky is blue, and two and two make four. I have no doubt in my mind. As cliché as it might sound I am often reminded of Levar Burton in Reading Rainbow where he always ended with the phrase, “don’t take my word for it.” So I say now, don’t take my word for it. Find out for yourself. Surely there must be something to it. People wonder why I do what I do, why I don’t drink, and why I go to church on Sunday each week. Why? The answer can be found by simply looking into that book and not taking my word for it, but by reading and by asking God with real intent if the things contained therein are not true. They are true and He will show you that they are. It can change your life and grant happiness like it has done for me. It can destroy depression and give faith and hope like it has done for countless people that I’ve seen take the challenge. It can work miracles if only you believe that it is possible. Do you believe? So now you ask, what is Mormonism? The answer after such an explanation is simple. It is to be a true disciple of Jesus Christ. It is truth. Show more Show less