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Hi I'm Adam

I mine big data to solve rare diseases. I have a beautiful wife from Taiwan. I love to play the drums. And I'm a mormon.

About Me

I'm a PhD student in the medical field. I love to innovate, solve problems, and develop products. I look forward to starting a band with my future kids. I really love life, and want to make the most out of it! I am passionate about music. My favorite instrument is the drum set, although I also love to play the piano and the guitar. I LOVE to produce music - writing, arranging, running the studio gear, playing the instruments, it's all so much fun! I also incredibly love the adrenaline rush I get when I sit down behind my drum set, look into the bright stage lights, and hear a crowd cheering beyond the hazy glow of the light. My favorite part about music is the joy associated with sharing it with others.

Why I am a Mormon

Both of my parents were Mormons, so naturally I grew up going to church every Sunday. My parents love me and taught me right from wrong. However, I grew up, and the time came for me to start making my own choices. We moved to a new state, and I had a lot of trouble adjusting. I didn't have any good friends at my new school. I developed a bad attitude, didn't make the best decisions, and was depressed. I didn't always feel like life was worth living. My life changed when I started to read The Book of Mormon for myself to find out if it was true. I needed to feel more loved. I read the book with humility, just trying to really find out if it was true. And when I finished, I knelt down in prayer to God, and asked if it was true, and I got my answer. =) From then on, my life has consistently gotten better and better, as I learn how to more diligently trust in Christ every day. I love being a Mormon because The Book of Mormon (and receiving an answer to a prayer inquiring its truthfulness) literally changed me from a depressed introvert with little hope for the present or future, to a happy, optimistic, young man with a flame for life that will never be extinguished - I will keep growing, learning from my trials, and being happy forever!! And the best part - I get to do it all with my family.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by doing the little things that God expects me to do to help me change bit by bit to become better - a little more like Him. These things included studying about Him through scriptures, communicating to Him through prayer, and trying to do the things I think He would do. Because of covenants, or two-way promises, that I've made with Him before, through ordinances like baptism, I believe that as I do my part to try to follow Him that He promises to forgive me, strengthen me, and help me become more like Him. I find happiness in life through following this process, or the Gospel. I believe that God is my father and cares about the details of my life. When I have a musical performance, a job interview, a test to take, I always pray for His help. When I stay humble and remember that He's the one with true strength, I always perform well beyond my expectations for myself and often see miracles. I actively choose to believe in Him, and choose to replace my concerns and worries as I go through life's trials with faith. As I do this, miracles happen and my faith is confirmed. That, for me, is pure joy. I hope everyone has a chance to experience that.

Are Mormons Christians?

Absolutely! Our church is the same church Christ established when he was on the Earth, so naturally Christ is the center of our church. We love him, we worship him, and we know that because of his love for us life has purpose and hope!! Because Jesus Christ suffered for us in Gethsemane, we all have a way to be free from sin and to live with God again - faith in Christ, repentance, baptism, and receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost. Show more Show less