Ken Packer: Mormon.

Hi I'm Ken Packer

About Me

I work full-time as an instructional designer creating language materials for 53 langauages. I speak Russian and English...learning Spanish...I really need to learn Mandarin. I love what I do. I am also a PhD student -just the disertation left. When I was eleven I entered a science fair at a local university and recieved a t-shirt that said, "learning is doing and doing is fun." I have never forgotton that phrase and it has shaped my life interests, schooling, and career. I learned more about electric motors building them than I would have reading volumes. Vygotsky, Schank, Lave, Wenger, Brown, Palinscar, Resinick, etc. are my secular mentors. I love reading and learning from them. I believe that the student is an uncreated eternal intelligent moral agent and that knowledge is contextual embedded within the context of experience. Learning is about changing the being not acummulating facts. Life, when put into the proper context, is the best example of learning and instruction. We are here to become. I love ice hockey. I just started playing a year ago in my thirties. I am not good but it is a great outlet for the pressures of the day.: Artwork for me is a way to release the creator within me. A lot of that is on hold to do my school, work, and family obligations, but I find a little time to scribble or paint something every now and again. My dad is my hero. I want to become just like him. He sacrifices so much for each of his eight children. I don't know how he and my mom ever did it. We are scrambling all of the time with just four.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into a Mormon family, but that is not why I am a Mormon. I am a Mormon because I have found peace in the gospel of Jesus Christ. I have come to know for myself that the teachings my parents taught me are true. This knowledge comes from a relationship I have built with a Heavenly Father who knows and loves me. He knows each of us by name no matter where we live or what our circumstances. Sometimes it is hard to see that love, but each one of us can feel it in a quiet moment. His love is also manifested in the sacrifce of His Son for all the world. The burdens we carry around of guilt and shame that come from doing things that contradict our nature as His literal children can be relieved through Jesus Christ. His love is also manifest through truth He has given us through prophets, which help us to understand why we are here and where we are going after this life. The tangible evidence of this truth lies in The Book of Mormon. It is true. It testifies of Christ and proves that the Jesus Christ of the New Testament is the Savior of the whole world. It is a second witness. It is a history of an ancient people who lived on the ancient American continent. They also knew the Savior and Saw him after his resurrection. I know this book is true. I have prayed about it and God has told me it is true. I know it just as I know the bible is true. Thats why I am a Mormon. I am a follower of Christ.

Personal Stories

What blessings have come through your faith in Jesus Christ?

Evey year my brothers and I take our families down to a ranch on the desert owned by a local University to give service and enjoy being together disconnected from all technology. Their is no cell reception there, no TV, and only power if you are running a generator. We had been working together installing a new floor in a mobile home that was brought in for researchers to stay in and it had been a fulfilling few days of hard work and play. My father was staying in a hotel about an hour and half away. We had about an hour of light left and my father and youngest brother left for their hotel. The rest of us were getting ready to go rabbit hunting-one of our favorite things to do together. We loading up to leave when a 40 foot fountain of water errupted from the ground. This was strange for the desert. It turned out to be a break in one of the heads to the irrigation system which had a 10" pipe. This water came from a resevior at the top of the ranch property. Precious water was collected from a small stream into that resevior which watered various trees and plants which feed birds which migrate through this small strip of paradise in the desert. The leak was right down next to the generator shed, moble home, and historic adobe home on the property. None of us who were there knew how to turn off the water...mean while the puddle quickly became a small pond and continued to grow. I thought to myself. "If only dad where here he would know what to do." I don't have cell reception how do I get a message to him. I said a quick prayer in my heart and ask God for help fixing the pipe. We began to brainstorm....trying everything we could think of. We turned on all of the sprinklers to the pastures and orchards thinking this would relieve the water pressure enough that we could fix the pipe. This reduced the size of the fountain to about 20'. My brother rode a four wheeler the 1/2 mile to the reseviour to see if he couldn't turn the water off at the source. He succeeded. We now had to wait for 1/2 mile of 10' pipe to drain enough for us to access and to fix the problem. It was almost dark. We frantically bailed water away from the source but our efforts were meager. Without light we wouldn't be able to fix the leak and we had planned to leave early the next morning. Just then my father's truck rolled in. He got out of his truck and assessed the situation. We ask him how he knew. His reply, "I just knew...Now go and get the Backhoe and let's get this thing fixed before dark." We would have never thought to use the Backhoe or even dared without his supervision. We dug a trench to catch the drainage water which allowed us to identify the problem and to fix it. God's love was expressed through prompting a faithful father that his children needed help. My father knew the Lord's voice and followed it. I know that God knows each of us. He will help us in times of need if we will ask Him.

How I live my faith

My fatih directs my everyday life. I follow Jesus Christ. I try to be honest, patient, kind, loving, etc. It doesn't always turn out this way but I am grateful for the principle of repentance. I reflect on those things I did which were not Christlike and I do everything I can to fix them. I know that asking God to help me in this gives me additional strength and courage to change. I am becoming someone different...someone better. The Savior's teaching has helped me to avoid some of the pain that comes with breaking God's commandments. I choose to be completely committed and faithful to my wife and children. I am incharge of a group of older men who volunteer our time to help those in our congregation and community. We help older widows and citizens with repairs on their homes and things they can't do for themselves. My faith guides me to contribute generously from my income to help those who are less fortunate. I have seen that by doing this the Lord blesses me and my family a hundred fold..just as He promises in the bible. I feel like I can never get even with the Lord. My faith gives me hope and happiness for a bright future. Even when hard times come into my life, just as they do in all of our lives, I find peace in the promises and blessings God extends to man through priesthood ordinances. I have seen the real power of his priesthood as it is used by those He authorizes. I choose not to watch rated "R" movies and don't smoke or drink..besides the monitary and health benefits from this life style, I feel a spiritual strength that comes from it. It helps me to do better at my work and my schooling. I have felt direction as I ask God for answers and help. I have found many principles which have helped me professionally as I read the word of God in the scriptures. My faith is my life and it is helping me become something better.