Nick: convert, father, husband, pilot, artist, youth mentor, Mormon.

Hi I'm Nick

About Me

I'm married and the proud father of four children and two grandchildren. I'm a financial adviser by profession and I am a Partner in a large regional IFA Practice. I enjoy spending time with family and friends and in my spare time fly as a private pilot. I initially learned to fly when I was 17. I take a keen interest in modern and classic cars and enjoy painting in various mediums. I enjoy travel and seeing the rest of the world. I have a particular passion for France where we holiday each year. I work for my local council as a volunteer youth mentor, working with young people to help them become part of society. I love food of all types and enjoy inventing new dishes.

Why I am a Mormon

It was my dear wife who introduced me to the Church. From the moment I met her, I saw in her, the Light of Christ shine from her being. As I met other members of the Church I quickly recognised that each of them had something special and I wanted to be like them. As I was taught the essence of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, I began to understand that having faith in, and a testimony of Jesus Christ and His restored Gospel, that I could find real purpose and an understanding of what this life on Earth is really all about. More importantly ~ I now know where I'm going after this life! The doctrine taught within the Church made absolute sense to me and the knowledge that Heavenly Father (God), His Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost were three separate and distinct personages made me realise that clarity and truth had once again been restored to the Earth. To know that we have a living Prophet on the Earth today who receives revelation from Deity is a great comfort and blessing to me and my family. I am grateful to know that after this life we have the opportunity to be with our families together forever.

Personal Stories

How can we develop greater harmony in our homes?

Harmony in the home doesn't happen by accident – it takes commitment and effort. I firmly believe that a family that works together to create an environment which can be likened to a little piece of heaven on earth will reap the blessings of a life eternal. Homes should be a sanctuary from the world and a place where children feel the peace and love that comes from a life rooted in the principles and ordinances of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

How has the Holy Ghost helped you?

I have learned over the years to listen to the still, small voice so that It has become part of my life. He (The Holy Ghost) has helped me both physically and spiritually. I cannot emphasise how great this power has been in my life.

Could you talk about your baptism?

I was baptised in the River Thames in 1983. It was an overcast day in July. I was baptised by a member of the Church who is now a very close friend. Although the river was not exactly sparkling clear I felt a deep sense of gratitude to my Saviour Jesus Christ as my previous sins were washed clean away.

Please share your feelings/testimony of Joseph Smith.

I am grateful that a faithful boy of 14 had the desire and determination to ask God which Church he should join. The fact that he received instruction to join none and that later he would be an instrument in the Lord's hand to allow truth to once again be restored to the Earth is a marvellous blessing to us all. I initially thought that the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith was either the biggest hoax in the history of mankind or that it was the greatest blessing in history. That was a simple way for me to determine my testimony of Joseph Smith but, over the years, I have gained a firm witness that Joseph is indeed a Prophet of God and that his work is comparable to previous Prophets such as Moses, Abraham and Isaiah.

How has attending Church services helped you?

Attending Church was initially a bit robotic for me. I knew I was in the right place but it was imperative that I had my best friend, my dear wife, with me. Since those early years in the Church I have come to love and appreciate the blessings of partaking of the Holy Sacrament on a weekly basis and to feel the love and warmth of the other saints who are striving to make their lives better. Today, I just love the whole Church experience! I look forward to Sunday's now with eagerness and excitement and with a firm knowledge and testimony that I am in the right place.

How I live my faith

I joined the Church in 1983 and have served in many varied callings since that time. Throughout much of my time in the Church I have been responsible for teaching youth and organising events such as annual camps and conferences for young people. I have served as the Bishop of the Oxford Ward and on the Stake Presidency of the Reading England Stake for 9 years. I currently serve in the Public Affairs Department of the Church responsible for helping others learn of the Church and our faith. On Sunday's I have the great privilege of teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the adult gospel doctrine class.