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Hi I'm Julina

I am a single woman who grew up in a big family. I love to dedicate my days to other people's children. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I live in the Midwestern US with my husband of less than a year, his mother and his children. (The dog in the photo passed away a few years ago). I'm pretty much always busy and usually tired, but when I have time, I love to read, especially young adult literature. My long term goal is to teach at the college level and to research ways to improve education for all students. I also love music and history and I've traveled to over half of the US as well as to Japan as a missionary. I have struggled off and on with depression over the years, but throughout both the lows and the highs, I have been sustained by my knowledge that I am a beloved daughter of God, by my faith in Jesus Christ, by my service to others in and out of the church, and by the support and prayers of my family and friends. Meanwhile, I have done origami since I was a kid, and I've dabbled in several other projects (although those don't always get finished)... I did finally start sewing my first quilt recently and although I would also like to do more cooking, gardening and family history, for now I just do what I can manage.

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised by parents who are also Mormon, so I grew up learning the teachings of Jesus. However, it is my own experiences of living the gospel and praying for guidance that have kept me strong in my faith. One of the most important pillars of my faith is the knowledge that I am a beloved daughter of God who has infinite worth. This knowledge has been especially important in those times when it is hard to feel very positive. But more than that, it is the knowledge that you, too, are a beloved child of God and that I should treat you as such. Related to my knowledge of my Heavenly Father's love for me is my testimony of His plan for me to return to Him, including the Atonement of His Son, Jesus Christ, whose perfect life, willing death, and triumphant resurrection paved the way for me to also be resurrected and made clean and worthy to return to Their presence. I don't always live up to what I know, but that's kind of the point - none of us can be perfect and yet, through the Atonement, our offering - whether it's as a parent, as a missionary, or in whatever role or calling we serve - can be made acceptable and we can make it back to live with our Father in Heaven again.

How I live my faith

I taught a before-school religion class for high school students for about 4 years. Getting up early can be a real challenge, but it was a great blessing to start the day learning about God and His words in the Bible and other scriptures. I also have a chance to pair up with another woman in the congregation to visit some of our other members and make sure they are doing OK or to pitch in if they're not. Over the years I have taught in Sunday school for various ages and I have taken my turn to speak to the congregation in our main Sunday meetings. I love to talk about the teachings of Christ and the principles of His gospel - it's one of my favorite things. A couple of times a month, I also help out at my closest Mormon temple, helping in any way I can those members who come to make and renew sacred covenants. Sometimes I have a chance to accompany our missionaries as they teach people about Christ and His gospel. That is always a highlight of my week.

What are some things that tell to you there is a God?

In my previous schooling, I studied human anatomy. The masterful complexity, the wonderful simplicity, the successful functionality of our bodies could only have been the result of creation by a loving Heavenly Father. Similarly, the more I learn about the variety of this earth - living things like trees, earthworms or whales and non-living things like volcanoes, icebergs, or waterfalls - the more I see the hand of God at work. But more than the evidence of my eyes (and ears, and nose, and mouth, and hands :), I know that there is a God because I have felt His love. I have asked, and He has answered. I have seen His power at work, in healing, in guiding, in sustaining me through difficulty and through joy. Show more Show less

What is the difference between attending a Mormon Church and a Mormon Temple?

A Mormon church is where we gather for weekly worship services, much like other Christian denominations. It is also a facility for activities during the week. It is open to the public and visitors are welcome - encouraged, even! In a Mormon temple, members of the church who have prepared themselves are able to receive special instruction and make special promises to live God's commandments. They also have an opportunity to act in the place of individuals who have died, going through the same instruction and making the same promises in their place (allowing the person who has died an opportunity to accept the teachings of the Church, though they are not obligated to). I have a chance to serve in both the "regular" church building and in the temple, and I know that we would like everyone to be able to come to both buildings. However, because the promises we make in the temple are so special and so important, it is necessary that a person be properly prepared to make them and live up them. Therefore, there is a process in place that helps ensure that those who do attend a Mormon temple are ready for it, including living the commandments to the best that we can and counseling with our church leaders. Show more Show less

What do Mormons believe about the Bible? Do they regard it as Holy Scripture and the word of God?

As a Latter-day Saint, I believe that the Bible is the word of God - a book of scripture given to us through God's holy prophets and then translated into the various languages by the efforts of great men. I have had the opportunity to teach an early morning religion class for high school students and currently teach a Sunday school class for 14-17 year olds. In both settings, the yearly curriculum cycles through 4 books of scripture: the Old Testament, the New Testament, the Book of Mormon and the Doctrine & Covenants. Because of this, by the time students have graduated from high school, they have potentially had an opportunity to study the Bible for at least 4 years. To me, that speaks very highly of the value we place in our church on the Bible as a book of scripture. Then, as adults, we follow a similar 4-year curriculum cycle in our main Sunday school class, so even when we think we know what is in the Bible, we have an opportunity to find out there is more to discover - especially in the words of Isaiah and Revelation! Show more Show less