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Hi I'm Chris.

I'm a novelist, musician, inventor of board games, and rogue biscotti enthusiast. And I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm first and foremost a husband to a beautiful, loving wife, and a father to two adorable children who I'm fairly certain are part human, part orangutan, and part bouncy ball. I grew up in San Diego and have spent most of my life thus far in Southern California, underappreciating our boringly sunny weather, except for the two years I spent earning an MBA in Michigan and fully appreciating SoCal's boringly sunny weather. When I come home from work each day, my left brain awakes. I become, among other things, a tickle monster, a hug master, a piece of furniture, a scurvy pirate, and a story teller. Once the rest of the world is asleep, I give in to my creative addictions. Most of the time I like to write, translating the jumbled stories in my head into something that others can read and hopefully understand. I also enjoy playing board games and inventing new ones. And every few months I'll get a song in my head and can't sleep well until I've created an a cappella arrangement of it and forced some friends of mine to sing it with me in church. Lastly, I have a passion for creating new recipes for Americanized biscotti, usually filling them with assorted chocolate, candy, and peanut butter. Just like with everything else I do, sometimes it works well. Sometimes not so much. But even my less-than-edible creations will never stop me from creating, experimenting, and discovering life's hidden joys behind every corner.

Why I am a Mormon

I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and I love this church. The perspective I've gained through living the Gospel is the reason why I go to church every Sunday, why I read and follow the holy scriptures, and why I continue to live my life with a profound measure of peace and happiness. I can't imagine what my life would be like without the Gospel. I know why I'm here. I know what my priorities are in life, and what will bring me true happiness. I know where I came from and where I'm going. And most of all, I know who I am: a cherished son of my Heavenly Father. A representative of Jesus Christ. And a Mormon. I wouldn't have it any other way.

How I live my faith

I've been asked to serve my church ward in a lot of different ways, many of which I've felt completely unqualified for. But in the end, I've learned that when the Lord asks you to do something, He'll give you all the tools you need to be successful. And whenever I've served with a prayerful and humble heart, I've always felt a spirit of love and joy in the work, and usually come away a stronger person for it. I'm currently serving as a counselor to the bishop of our. This means I'm the one who gets to raise and lower the podium to accommodate the tall and the short people who speak in church--possibly the most coveted job in church! (At least I've always thought so.) I also get to make frequent visits to the young children in our church, speaking to and interacting with them, which is immeasurably rewarding for me. And I work with our Sunday School presidency to ensure that classes are well-run and instructors have everything they need to run a successful classroom. But one of my favorite responsibilities is the opportunity I have to visit other ward members in their home--often those who are new or have special needs--and making sure those in my church community know they are loved and cared for. Unofficially, I organize weekly soccer matches, put together special musical numbers for some of the men in my ward, and previously served as the official/unofficial coordinator for guys-night-out activities. Nobody asked me to do these things, but each of them has given me a greater sense of purpose, kinship, and love for others in my ward.

Are Mormons Christians?

I suppose the answer to this question depends upon one's definition of the term "Christian." If you define a Christian as someone who holds the Bible as the world's only source of scripture, or someone who believes in the Holy Trinity in the traditional sense, then I'm not what you would call a Christian. I believe God has given us other books of scripture, including the Book of Mormon, that supplement the Bible in detailing God's plan for us. I believe God continues to speak to us through a prophet today. I also believe Christ is the Son of God, sent to earth by the Father to fulfill a sacred mission for all of mankind. Yet most Mormons would absolutely consider themselves Christians. We define a Christian as a follower of Christ: someone who trusts in Jesus, who takes upon them Christ's name through baptism, who tries every day to emulate their Savior in thought, word, and deed, to love and serve others and live the commandments of God. We're taught to not only believe in Christ as our Savior and Redeemer, but to follow His example as best we can. We recognize that no one is perfect; Christ alone can make that claim. And yet we know that through the grace of God that comes through Christ's atoning sacrifice, we can overcome our sins and weaknesses and one day return to the presence of our Heavenly Father. It is my hope that others will see us for who we are, Who we believe in, and what we are striving to become, regardless of their own definition of the term "Christian." Show more Show less