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Hi I'm Suzi

I am a farmer. I'm a singer. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a poultry farmer in the central valley of California, one of the world's agricultural hot spots. I grew up here riding my horse, running in the grass barefooted in the summer, and spending every spare second of my time outside. I am an only child, and an only grandchild on my dad's side of the family. My parents have been married for 32 years, and they have taught me a lot about love and patience. Music has been a part of my life since before I can remember. I've played the piano since age 2, and have been singing since I was 13. I am also a newlywed! I graduated from college at 21 and started working at my first full-time job the next week. I was recruited out of college by a poultry company to work in the department that oversees the live chickens. I am the youngest supervisor in my department, the only person in my family in agriculture, and one of the only women in my line of work, but I enjoy the challenges this brings me.

Why I am a Mormon

I remember growing up going to my parents' church. One night I was reading in the New Testament about Jesus Christ calling his apostles, and I thought to myself, why did God take away apostles and prophets? Does he not love us now as much as He did then? With this question in mind, I took classes at my old church to try to discover the answers to these questions, but only became more confused by the ambiguous answers I recieve. My close friend who was a Mormon invited me to begin reading the Book of Mormon with him, which I was immediately skeptical of, but I sincerely wanted an answer to my question so I consented. After one of our first sessions, he asked me a question that struck a chord with me. He asked "Why would God not give us prophets and apostles? Don't we need them now more than ever?" I knew that what he was about to say was the answer to the question I had kept in my heart all these years. He told me that Heavenly Father does love us enough to send us a prophet and apostles, the same that I read about in the New Testament. Tears streamed down my face as I felt the sweet confirmation in my heart that this was true, and that people in our day are just as loved and important to Heavenly Father as His people in ancient times. My testimony did not come overnight, but was a process that took place over several years. My decision to be baptized and join the true church was a result of much heartfelt prayer, and a warm feeling that came as a result of these prayers. I still feel the same warm feeling when I pray to this day.

How I live my faith

I attend church with my husband every Sunday. We also attend other activities during the week with our ward family. I enjoy serving in the presidency of the women's organization. I am daily overwhelmed by the love that Heavenly Father has for his daughters, a love which I feel as I plan lessons and activities that will help and lift them up in these hard times. Because of my involvement in my ward's choir, I have had many other opportunities to share my feelings about Christ through music in various choirs in the community and in the church. I love sharing the gift of music with those around me! On a less formal note, I try to live my life in a way that my actions are a symbol of my faith. I strive to be honest, hardworking, fair, and kind in everything I do. I strive to cultivate a life that is a testifies of Christ at every minute.

What are some of the ways that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints helps those around the world?

The Mormon church is largely focused on helping those around the world who suffer from natural disasters, poverty, disease, and other unfortunate circumstances. We do not help only people from our own church, but all people who need it. In the Central Valley, we have a unique opportunity to be a part of this work. The church owns a vineyard where raisins are grown for the church's welfare program. This 80-acre farm employs only one paid employee, all the harvesting, pruning, and care-taking is done on a volunteer basis by church members in the area, some as much as 100 miles away. The members feel that this opportunity is a great blessing, and we look forward to serving in the vineyard every year. The raisins we help harvest are distributed all over the world to those in need at no cost. Show more Show less

Why are only some Mormons allowed into temples? Is there something secret going on in Mormon Temples? What goes on in Mormon Temples?

Imagine that you have a very precious, personal and important heirloom that you are going to give away. You would not entrust this special gift to anyone. If you put in in the wrong hands, it may be broken, misused, or simply cast off. You would search for someone you knew well, who you knew would realize its importance, who would take care of it as you did. You would want someone who was ready for responsibility of possessing this precious treasure. Heavenly Father feels that His temples and the things that occur inside them are the most precious gifts he can give His children on earth. He truly does want each and every one of His children to receive these gifts, and we can if we prove to Him that we will treasure these gifts as much as He does. Show more Show less

Do Mormons worship Joseph Smith?

We do not worship him Joseph Smith. We do, however, regard him with the utmost respect for the good things he did and the good man he was. We appreciate him for all he did to restore Heavenly Father's gospel to the earth, but only worship Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. Show more Show less

How can we come to know our Father in Heaven?

Much as you get to know anyone in any situation, you must spend time with them. We cannot physically spend time with Heavenly Father, but we can spend time studying His words, His attributes, and enjoying His creation, this earth. We can spend time talking with Him through sincere prayer, and listen earnestly to His answers, which come as a "still, small voice" or a fire in our hearts. Heavenly Father wants us to come to know Him and His Son, and will help us as we stirve to know him! Show more Show less