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Hi I'm Tori

I grew up in the South, and I am a wife and a celiac. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was born and raised in the "South" of the United States. I am the second youngest of seven children. My parents divorced right before I turned eight because of child abuse. Growing up, I had pains in my lower right hand stomach on and off for a while until finally towards the end of high school I started having a constant pain that would peak sometimes and sometimes get bad enough to put me in the Emergency Room for a few hours. However, once God helped me realize that stress was causing the pain to peak, I stopped getting stressed out about almost everything, and the intense pain went away, though I still had that dull constant pain. A month before I left for college, I found out that these pains occurred because I had Celiac Disease and an ovarian cyst. While in college, I met my husband, and we were married in 2011. In 2012, we welcomed our daughter while we were both still in school. With lots of help from friends, family, and professors, I was able to graduate from college in April 2014 with a degree in Mathematics Education. A month before graduation, we welcomed our son. Since graduation, I have become a full-time mom. I love my kids--it's not always easy taking care of them; but it's definitely worth it. I enjoy reading books when I can and talking with my family on the phone. I love blogging and keeping up with my family through our weekly newsletter. I love watching funny movies and TV shows with my husband after the kids go to sleep, and I love being a Mormon.

Why I am a Mormon

My mother and my father were both converts to the Church before they met and got married, so I was raised in the Church, but though this contributes to my faith in Christ, it is not the main reason why I believe in the Church. Growing up in the Bible Belt of the United States, I had many discussions about God and religion in general and, like many people in the South, knew that God was real and that He sent His Son to earth that we might be saved. For me, my faith in Christ and in His Church was a gradual process. It was not an all of the sudden lightning-bolt of revelation that came to me all at once. Experiences in life, trials, etc. helped me to become closer to Christ by leaning on Him for help when I wasn't sure of my ability to overcome things by myself. What the Church taught quite simply felt right. When I would read the scriptures and pray with pure intent, I could feel the Holy Spirit strengthening me and giving me peace and comfort--especially when I needed it the most. I know that I'm not perfect, but Christ is perfect and He can heal and cleanse me if I but ask for forgiveness and act in faith. I am a Mormon because I want to be, because I believe that this Church is true, because I know that the teachings and principles of the Church are true. I know it is true because I feel at peace with it, because I have seen how the principles that the Church teaches (like paying a full tithe, holding weekly family home evenings, keeping the law of chastity, etc.) have made an impact in my life and have blessed me in both my life and my marriage, and because I have felt God's love telling me that this is right, this is true.

How I live my faith

I have had many opportunities to meet and lead people in our church. When I was in Youth, I met with the Bishop and adult Youth leaders each month to plan activities and to discuss the individual needs of the Youth. I also played the piano for the Young Women's class. I participated in Girl's Camp and Youth Conference and loved learning about God and doing activities with friends my age. When I wasn't in Youth anymore and went to college, I later became Secretary for the church women's association in my area and was able to get to know each of the sisters in my ward. Through this calling, I also made sure that each sister had friends that they could turn to if they needed help or advice. I was also able to teach the women's class on Sundays for a few months and loved learning about and sharing gospel messages from a women-oriented perspective. This really helped me realize how the church and the gospel directly relates to my life and situation. Since I left the Youth program, I was able to get to know many sisters and meet with some of them each month with a fellow woman in the church. We visit these sisters in their homes and talk to them about their lives and desires and share with them a gospel message; we also try to help them as we can and as they come to us asking for help with different things. This system has always helped me feel welcomed even when far from family and as we move from place to place. Currently, my husband and I are ward missionaries. We love meeting new people and having people over for dinner or game nights, so this calling isn't far from what we try to do already! My husband speaks Spanish, so he has been translating for the Spanish converts and investigators and teaching their gospel doctrine class. I've been going to the class with him and am trying to learn the language. I can understand most of what they talk about, but I'm still working on speaking the language. I've been reading The Book of Mormon in Spanish to help me with this.