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Hi I'm Genelle Pugmire

I'm a Mormon! Born in California, living in Utah. I'm a wife, mom, writer, teacher, friend, and returned missionary.

About Me

I love life and I love to meet people. My parents were wonderful and a huge influence on me, they taught me to love the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to love my family, my neighbors and my country. I love history. I have had the opportunity to organize large productions involving the history of Colonial America and continue to provide my community with historical learning opportunities. I love music, theater, traveling, good books, green meadows with wild flowers and early mornings on my front porch. My greatest joy is my family. I served in the Scotland Edinburgh Mission and have a great affinity for the Scots and all the British Isles and their history. I have worked in the newspaper industry for 27 years in various capacities, currently I am a reporter for my local daily newspaper. This gives me the opportunity to meet and know many different kinds of people, and generally I have a great appreciation for all people. I'm not sophisticated, I do have manners, I like to laugh, and I sometimes cry. I'm trying to enjoy my earthly journey the best I can.

Why I am a Mormon

Growing up in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has been a great gift. I have always "known" the teachings of my parents and the church were correct and true. But each person must have their own "epiphany" so they can say they "know" their beliefs, through their faith. Mormons have often been accused of blind faith, being led like sheep, they don't think for themselves. This is not true. Indeed, we even ask questions of our faith, and are encouraged to do so. How else can we learn. By seeking answers to questions through prayer, study and meditation, I have learned many of the truths in my church. Through this and with the gift of the Holy Ghost that testifies of truth to your soul, I have learned of God's plan of happines for me that answers those powerful questions of where I came from before this life, why I am here and where we go when this life is over. I am a Mormon because we believe we are children of our Father In Heaven and our life has purpose. We are like him and we can have a personal two-way communication with him called prayer, coupled with revelation. He is like me and I him. He is a glorified being of flesh and bone, and he can relate to my and my problems. Why am I a Mormon? Because my soul has been touched by the truth of a resurrected Jesus Christ and that His gospel and teachings are found in this church. It guides me daily. I can't imagine my life any other way.

How I live my faith

Because being a Mormon is more a life definition than a I go-to-that-church description, my life as a Mormon is a daily reminder that I have a responsibility to share my talents, my gifts, my experience and my enthusiasm for life with those around me. All of my life I have been involved with people oriented activities, from school plays to community theater, from high school choirs to church choirs, from school newspapers to being a fulltime reporter for my local daily newspaper. I have traveled, around the country and through the British Isles. I love history and have served as chairman of events that teach about everything from the sailing of the Mayflower to Colonial America and the Founding Fathers of this country. Within the church I have taught and lead the children, teenagers and currently teach the adults about the Bible, Book of Mormon, LDS Doctrine and Covenants and Church History. In each of these things either home, school, church or business world, I live my faith, because being a Mormon doesn't mean a Sunday church-goer. Being a Mormon is a life statement of values, character traits, faith, belief systems, traditions and daily affirmations that you know you are a daughter of God, that he loves you and you have purpose. I can't imagine not knowing this. My life has meaning and purpose every day.

How can faith in Jesus Christ influence us in our marriages and family relationships? in our friendships?

Genelle Pugmire
Jesus Christ is the great healer, the good shepherd, the Redeemer. As we live by faith, even just with the tiniest of hopes or wish that He is real, it can have a powerful effect on our lives, our families and our friends. If Christ is our focus then we are more likely to choose things that will build and uplift that are more Christ-like. For instance, our language with each other will be kinder, our desires for good things such as music, literature and art in our homes will be uplifting. The atmosphere of peace will frequent our homes. If there is prayer in the home, then each day our children will leave the house knowing they have talked with God. There is a sense of confidence and reassurance. Husbands and wives treat each other differently too. As a couple they share a belief in that Healer, and Good Sheperd. Thus they tend to treat one another with healing love, kind words and devotion to one another. While life is hectic, often crazy with kids and parents going every which way to activities and events, and problems still abound, the comfort is in always being able to carry a knowlege of Him with you, and that builds stronger family, firmly rooted in what is most important. Show more Show less