What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Spencer

I'm a Mormon. I am from Las Vegas, Nevada. Now I live in DC and I am trying to make my way in the world. :)

About Me

I am one of 5 kids. I love my family! They mean everything to me. I studied psychology at BYU because I really love people and figuring out what makes them the way they are. I really enjoy sports like most 25 year old guys do. Volleyball is my favorite sport. I am looking to attend grad school soon and study Industrial/Organizational Psychology.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into this church, and so it's the only religion that I have ever practiced. But, I am a normal kid and had my own doubts as I was growing up about whether or not it was true! That's what I really wanted to know. What's more important? Religion or truth? I always thought that it was the truth, not just a religion that was traditional in my family. As I grew up I saw that what was being taught in church and in my home were all really good things. I saw that people who followed the commandments that God gives to the church were generally happier. That made me believe that at least what was being taught was GOOD. The church encourages its members to pray to God and ask if the church is true. I really liked that and appreciated that standpoint. The idea that God will talk to an individual person and tell them truth was one that I really liked and believed that a loving God would want to do for His children. Does that make sense? I think that God will tell us or help us to FEEL that something is good and true. So, I prayed to God and read the scriptures, and I have really felt God tell me that the church was the one that I should stay with and believe in. That's why I served a mission, and that's why I continue to be active in the church today. More practical reasons of why I am a Mormon is because I LOVE the people in it! Most people are so nice and friendly. You don't find more Christian people anywhere else. Sure, we are still people, and we're not perfect, but I really like that most Mormons are at least 'trying' to be better. That is where it really counts I think. I like being a Mormon because there is a real focus on having good families. My greatest source of happiness has come from my family. In today's world, where families are not as solid as they used to be, it makes sense that God wants families to be stronger! I think that is so because we really learn who we are and become who we are in the home. Not at school or church as much. It mostly comes from how you are raised.

How I live my faith

I have been a practicing Latter-Day Saint, or Mormon, for my whole life. I owe a lot of who I am to my faith. It influences everything I do for the better. I served a 2-year mission for the church in Indiana. I LOVED it! That is when you go out in a shirt and tie and knock on people's doors and talk to them about some of the beliefs of the church. It got pretty difficult sometimes, but I met so many people who were amazing individuals and truly had a desire to learn about God and the purpose of our life here on Earth. I've been back from my mission for about 2 years now. Right now I still serve God and the church by having a 'calling' in the local congregation. I am in charge of a group of about 30 young men, all of whom went on missions like me, so it can be a little scary and intidmidating sometimes. But it is great to serve them and learn from them. We are all organized into small groups of 2 young men and are assigned different individuals in the congregation to go and visit them in their homes and teach a short gospel message. This is a good way to make sure everyone is ok in their faith. We don't want anyone to feel left out you know?

How are the activities of the Mormon missionaries funded?

The Mormon missionaries are funded in a number of ways. First off, missionaries pay for their own missions. They don't receive any payment for their service. Sometimes, the individual missionaries themselves can't pay for the whole thing. I payed for all of my clothes(which is still expensive) and the first four months of my mission. Then, my family helped pay the rest of it. The cars missionaries drive in sometimes are payed for by tithing. Church members pay 10% of their income to the church which go to many different things, one of which is missionary work. Then, there are things like the Book of Mormons that missionaries hand out. Those are payed for with tithing and also through donations of members who wish to do so. Show more Show less