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Hi I'm Sharee

I'm remarried to a cowboy, homeschooling mother of four, a photographer, adopted daughter at age 14 and I am a Mormon!

About Me

I was re-married, to a wonderful cowboy January 2009, in a beautiful LDS temple. We have a daughter and two son's together who are very young. We also have a school age son from my previous marriage. We commute back and forth, part-way so my son can see his father who lives 5 hours away. We work to maintain a good relationship with him. After my daughter was born, I made a conscious career change and became a full time stay-at-home mother. I am learning and loving raising my children. I have been involved seriously in photography for nearly 18 years. I graduated with my bachelors in Fine Art/Photography. I now photograph portraits and weddings occasionally, but keep it minimal so that I will have sufficient time for my family and homeschooling. My husband and I garden, fix-up our home and we are active with our family and community. To save money we do practically everything ourself. We have learned a great deal working on our home together. We often visit my husband's families dairy farm to play and work. The country farm is a place we love to go and escape from the busy world. It is by far my favorite place to get creative with my camera. When I was 12 years old, I was removed from an abusive home and mother who was mentally ill. I was put into state custody for a time and lived in foster care. I was adopted by my second cousin and her family when I was 14 years old. My adopted parents raised me well and I am forever grateful.

Why I am a Mormon

I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I love reading in the Book of Mormon and the Bible. Searching the scriptures has brought me a great deal of peace and joy. It has clarified my purpose in life and deal with my present circumstances with hope and love. It has helped me move forward and accomplish more. I feel whole when I involve my Heavenly Father in my decision making. I feel as though my burdens are lighter, they are not gone, but with the knowledge I have gained from this gospel, I feel I can handle the difficulties that come my way.

How I live my faith

I live my faith through service to my family, friends, neighbors and to the stranger that I just happen to come across. It is being kind to everyone. I know that Heavenly Father loves all of us. I know He does not hold one person higher than the other. I know that personal circumstances rich, poor, beautiful, plain or deformed, He loves each of us individually. He will grant us joy and peace no matter where we are when we commit to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I believe it is my job to learn to get along and care and love others. I am not perfect, but I know that my weaknesses are ways to rely on Heavenly Father for help, so that they can one day become a strength. Talking kindly to others is something that I hold at high importance. I have learned hard lessons in life to finally understand this concept. I feel good about the little things I do on a day to day basis. Cooking for my family, reading boks with my children, holding my husbands hand, teaching gospel principle lessons in church, visiting my neighbors, cleaning at a friends house. Even when I photograph someone's portrait. I try to pull out their best expressions, their best joy and their unity as a couple or family. I work to bring out who that person is. So they can see their own personal beauty in an image. I truly try to live my faith in everything I do. I feel happier this way.

Are Mormons Christians?

Yes, we are christian! The official name of the Mormon Church is, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It is the original gospel of Jesus Christ that this Church has been formed upon. I am happy to be a member! Show more Show less

How can we increase our faith in Jesus Christ?

I find there are times I have felt a struggle with feeling a complete sense of trust with Heavenly Father and his commandments. This is very hard, especially at times when we KNOW what the right thing we should do. For example, the law of forgiveness can, at times can feel like a nearly impossible feat to accomplish. I understand. Having been physically abused as a child, experienced the emotional trial of divorce, as well as everyday forgiveness of others nuances and finally recognizing serious fault with myself from past mistakes. Forgiveness has been a hurdle and sometimes very difficult mountain to climb. I find that when we feel sad, sometimes all we can do to have faith is by showing it through action. We may not feel very forgiving but being proactive through behaving in a forgiving manner is the best way to show our faith, until we can feel the spirit of forgiveness come into our hearts. For example, sometimes renewing a relationship through forgiveness is impossible when a relationship with a past abuser would be unhealthy or even destructive. I find I can show my faith in the commandment to forgive others, by living my life in a healthy way. This may start with professional counseling, healthy eating, exercise, exercising positive thought, reading the Word of God/the Scriptures and kneeling in consistent prayer will allow my heart to heal. These are example of true acts of Faith, they are positive and have lead me on a healthy path of finally FEELING forgiving. Show more Show less