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Hi I'm Leah

I'm a wife, mother, daughter, sister & friend. I love music. I love being from and being in the south. And I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I have been a Latter-day Saint, or Mormon my entire life. In my home growing up, I was the fourth of six children. Some of my favorite memories are of when we were all together, visiting with other family and friends on our little piece of heaven, on the coast of North Carolina, USA. Now, I am a wife and mother, and work part time as a piano teacher and graphic designer. Most of my time is spent taking care of my home and family. I find a great deal of joy in being with them, and truly, my relationship with my friends and family is what makes life worth living! Having had three children in recent years, I have seen the hand of God manifest in my life again and again. When my babies were born, each time, I would sit in awe and wonder at the beautiful gifts God had given to me. I would also feel an overwhelming sense of duty to do a good job as their mother, to help prepare a way for them to live a life filled with joy, never forgetting the source of all that is good in our lives! Our Heavenly Father wants us to be happy. I know that by following the teachings of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we can not only live a life of joy and happiness now, but we can also earn a great reward, that of being with our families in the hereafter.

Why I am a Mormon

I'll share a little here about the questions I frequently get about Mormonism. First, Are Mormons Christians? Mormons recognize that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world; that he was born to the Virgin Mary; and that he atoned for the sins of all mankind. We realize that through Him, through Baptism, and through living a Christ-like life, we can return to live with Him and our families in heaven - Forever! What peace this gospel brings. Another question I get often is - But what makes you different than other Christian religions? Here are some of the answers that come to my mind right away: #1. We believe that there is a restored church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, that is based on the same principles that Christ established on the earth over 2,000 years ago. #2. We follow a prophet, who serves as Christ's mouthpiece. Our first modern-day prophet was Joseph Smith, Jr., and today, the prophet is Thomas S. Monson. #3. We believe that Joseph Smith translated the golden plates into what we now call The Book of Mormon. We do not use the Book of Mormon as a replacement for the Bible, but as a supplemental material that bears additional witness of the divinity of Jesus Christ. #4. We refer to God's plan for us as "The Great Plan of Happiness!" Therein, we learn that we dwelt with God before coming to Earth. He sent us here to obtain bodies, to live with families, and to have joy. After we die, if we live worthily, we can be with our families FOREVER!

How I live my faith

I have been blessed with musical talents. I get to use and apply those talents to some of the service I perform each week in our church meetings. In our local congregation, or ward, I serve as the choir director, and also as the pianist for the children, when they meet together in primary! During primary singing time, we sing various songs. Some are about the seasons. Some are about people, places and things, such as Jesus Christ, or the Holy Temple. Some songs are about ideas and ways of behaving. One of my favorite songs is called "Kindness Begins With Me." The words are: "I want to be kind to everyone, for that is right, you see? So I say to myself - Remember this; Kindness begins with me!" During Jesus Christ's mortal ministry, he went about doing good. I know that I can fulfill my duties as a daughter of God, and a member of Christ's church, by being kind to my fellow man. It's what He expects of me, and I love to do so.

What do Mormons believe about family?

We are taught that to come to Earth, and to be part of a family, is one of God's greatest gifts to us. I absolutely agree! I have been blessed with a noble and righteous mother and father. There isn't a day that goes by that this blessing isn't realized! I also have five siblings! Through our youth, and now into adulthood, we find in each other a deep connection, a sense of belonging, and a mutual respect for beliefs and choices we make through this mortal life. We care for each other in ways that can only exist in families. Now, I have a family of my own, and continue to nurture the family I was born into. It's a beautiful plan! Through righteous living, and solemn acts that we perform in the temple for ourselves and for our dead, our family will not only be with us throughout this life, but also be welded together throughout eternity! That means so very much to me. Show more Show less