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Hi I'm Beffy

Surprise! I'm a Mormon! Also a wife, singer, actress, photographer, infertile and survivor of a 70lb tumor. I'm NO Molly Mormon!

About Me

Born to a very young mother who married at 13, I was an identical twin. My sister passed immediately, leaving me with many health problems that haunted my whole life. I struggle and fight, but through it all I have true love with my husband of 14 years, Jason. I lost my ability to bear children from Polycystic Ovaries, that lead to my having a 70lb (record breaking, I thank you!) tumor removed, and leaving me emotionally hungered for Motherhood, but barren. And, at 30, I have given up all hope for children. Which, can be hard in out faith At the moment, I care for my husband, who became disabled after years of being a Martial Arts master with several black belts. Now, he is in a wheelchair on a bad day, a cane in the good days. Personally, I am a professional photographer. Google me, I am good! I have photos published in national publications, including through this very church's own media! I have 3 dogs that are sunshine, love and magic all in a furry case of devotion. Our recent addition is a Foster Dog from an abused home. We pet her all the more often! I love that my church understands the bonds between Man... or Woman and Dog. That makes my soul feel full and shiny. I live in a tiny cottage home in a great neighborhood, completely integrated with great people of all races and creeds. I have my former Sunbeam and Young Womens kids all around my area, and I love to see them! I have an I.Q. of 181, and I tend to spew facts and trivial knowledge like a Jeopardy contestant!

Why I am a Mormon

When I was young, my Mother impressed that religion was something weak and ignorant people used to understand what they couldn't comprehend. As A child, I envied these people who could pray. Prayer was not understood. I knew my Father appreciated Jesus. Slowly, I saw films and shows. I still had no real concept. I had just little sparkles of who Christ was, and how to pray. I once recall being in pain. I reached out and asked (And this will tell you how little I understood) Jesus to give me magic powers to make the pain stop. I laid in bed and cried. Why hadn't Jesus, this guy people talk about on TV, given me magic powers? He seemed to do that for other people? Why didn't that happen. Of course, I fell asleep and hurt no more. I had no idea it was His comfort that gave me peace. I also didn't understand the scriptures. It wasn't until I was almost 30 before I owned a Bible. I hid it from everyone, if Mom found out, she'd be disappointed. I took a test on Beliefnet called the "Belief-O-Matic". Every attempt at the test always landed me at 100% Latter-Day Saint. Wait, Mormons? Aren't they like... Amish? Time passes, and I see a TV show with LDS characters. Their life, their home, their family. It called out to me. I spent years investigating, researching the church, for better or worse. I finally ordered a Book of Mormon. I hid it on top of my Headboard... sneaking reading scriptures here and there. Before I ever met a Missionary, I read it 5 times. Something called into my soul, made it shine. Why? After that, we moved to our current town. I had been living, unbeknownst to us, a mile from the Stake center. We were in this new town one day, and I saw missionaries on my street. I chased them down and pleaded to know more. Within one month, I was baptized. The next month, my husband was too! We love, adore, and need this church. We have found the happiest, smartest people. We don't discriminate, we love. That's why I am a Mormon.

How I live my faith

I am directing Choir! I love music, and I especially recommend the song "This is The Christ." check it out on youtube! I take trips to Historical Church sites like, Kirtland Ohio. I attend the Temple as often as I can. I spend time doing scripture study with my husband. We cuddle up on our old, old couches with our puppies on our laps, discovering new correlations and connections to scriptures. We always find something that speaks to us. We also use resources on Mormon.org and Mormon Media to listen to great speeches by smarter, spiritual Men and Women of the Church. They can inspire, raise up, heal and make you cry. It's a great thing to listen on long road trips. (Like, from North Carolina to Ohio! Whoo! LONG TRIP!) We live the brilliant Words of Wisdom. Before Doctors knew Tobacco, Liquor and Red Meat was not good for the body... Heavenly Father revealed that fact to the church! THAT is awesome! We also love the virtue of the youth here. We love how important learning and education is as well. So many people are kept down by their faith. NOT HERE! We encourage college educations and rising above! Children and family are of the highest value. They are among the congregation, rather than put away. They make us laugh so many times in our meetings! While unable to be a mother myself, I know that if I had been one... this is absolutely where I would want to raise my family. Especially with the teachings that Familes can be together FOREVER. That my love for my husband, my love for my parents, and my love for my brother... and the sister I never knew... will be there for me. For us! That love does not end at death. That's worth everything.

Why is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints called Mormons or Mormonism?

It's not. That's an error in thought. The name comes from a slang term from the 1800's based on the title of one the books we use as sacred texts/canonized. But, we accept it, to a small degree. I don't mind being called a Mormon. I use it as a positive thing. So people understand who I am, and what I stand for. We love all. We believe in Christ. We follow the teachings of Christ. I am a Mormon. Show more Show less

How can I know Mormonism is true?

I found my answer first, through knowledge. I studied the scriptures. I studied who Joseph Smith was, as a man, as a prophet. Secondly. I prayed. A lot. Thirdly, I talked to my spouse. He grew up a follower of Christ, and I wanted to know what he felt about this. We both ended up realizing that this was Christ's true church on Earth. We were shocked at how clear an answer we had after we prayed about the church, after we asked for an answer. We started to follow the commandments of Heavenly Father, and things got better. We were better people for it. Our marriage was SO much better for it! The scriptures are there for YOU. For a reason! To make you happy! Show more Show less