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Hi I'm David

I'm from Essex. I'm a PhD Student, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I've moved around the place and prefer a nomadic existence. I spend most of my waking time thinking about and trying to write my Phd, which actually happens to be about the Book of Mormon. When I'm not trapped in the ivory tower I tend to prefer being alone or in small groups, but I love games (board, card whatever) of all kinds, reading and films.

Why I am a Mormon

Short answer: because it's true! Long answer: When people find out what I'm researching at university, I think they sometimes expect me to have some sort of academic answer to that question, but that doesn't really come into it. While I've had the opportunity to look at the Book of Mormon in intense detail the last few years, and have increased my appreciation of it (read it, it's an amazing book!), that experience hasn't really had a bearing on why I believe and why I'm a member of the Church. It's the spiritual experiences I've had that have done that. My family joined the church when I was fairly young, but old enough to understand much of what was happening. I went along with it at the time because that's what children do. As a fairly precocious child I developed what I called an 'intellectual testimony' of the Church - that is I believed it because its teachings made logical sense. Yet as I became older, I ended up with questions that at the time I couldn't answer and I became quite confused about a lot of things, not knowing what to believe - the only thing I knew is that there was a God, since I've always known he was there. I studied almost frantically, and considered lots of possibilities. But I remember clearly the time when that began to change, when I had a spiritual experience - when the Holy Ghost spoke to my soul - and so learned for myself that Jesus was the Christ, the Son of God, and our Saviour. After that experience I had further such experiences, about the truth of the Book of Mormon, the Church and many other things. These experiences helped me to know the truth, regardless of any particular questions I unable to answer at that time. Since then, I've continued to have such experiences and others, and seen God intervene miraculously in the people's lives. My academic endeavours have merely augmented my personal experience - that God not only hears prayers, but speaks back, and is willing and able to act in our lives.

How I live my faith

I try. I can't always claim to live up to the teachings of the Saviour, but I try. And it's really something that affects every aspect of life. It's not a hobby or club - my faith affects everything I do. In Church I've had the opportunity to help out in lots of things, including teaching classes and so on. The experience I have loved the most, however, was the opportunity I had to spend two years full time as a missionary. That experience was at times incredibly tough and challenging, but also incredibly worthwhile, as I saw people who I had come to care about change their lives for the better and as I saw God's hand in all sorts of things. I loved it, and I miss it, and it has had a massive affect on the direction of my life.