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Hi I'm Justin

I'm a football fanatic, a husband, and a father. I am a Sports Medicine Physician. I am also a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up in Spokane, Washington. In high school I played in a "rock band" (we weren't very good) and I played football as well. After high school I served a mission for the church in Venezuela where I learned Spanish. I came home and went to college where I met my wonderful wife. While still in school we had our son. After my wife and I both graduated we moved to Arizona so I could begin medical school. While in medical school we had twin girls, and another baby girl. I graduated from medical school and shortly thereafter began my residency training in Family Medicine. Just before finishing my 3 years of residency training and before starting my Primary Care Sports Medicine Fellowship we had another little girl. I still goof around on my guitar and I still absolutely LOVE football. I use my Spanish nearly everyday at work. I love my wife and children like crazy and I love spending time with them playing games and going on outings. We're pretty busy but life is so fulfilling that way.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I know for myself that the things we believe are true. I was born into an active Mormon family. Growing up I just did what everyone else did. I went to church, tried to do what I was told and so on. When I was 14 I was challenged to read the Book of Mormon before the end of the school year and then share with my church class why I knew it was true and how it helped me daily. I had read parts of the book many times but never the whole thing. This challenge ended up changing my life. As I read, trying to meet the deadline, I was praying that I would know if the book really was true, after all, I would have to tell my class if I knew it was true or not so I needed to know for myself. I remember one night in particular, I was almost finished and, a feeling of Christ-like love for the people I was reading about overcame me. It is an emotion I cannot describe in words. I knew that this wasn't just a good story. These were real people. Christ had taught them. He loved them and I could feel that love. That was the first experience that I can remember that was truly mine. I was alone in my room reading. Nobody else told me how or what to feel. Since that time I have had numerous experiences like that, where I know that the things I am reading or hearing or teaching are true. I've felt it at home, in church, in the car as I'm thinking, when I'm alone, or when I'm with family or friends. I've felt the comfort and love that Jesus Christ has for me and my family and every single one of us on this Earth. It is something that I prayed for and that prayer and many others have been answered. I no longer do things because I feel the need to please my parents or anyone else. I do it because I know for myself that it is what I need to do. I do it because I know that God wants me to do these things and that He wants me to do them because He wants me to be happy. I have seen throughout my life that as I do the things that God asks me to do, I am happy.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by trying my best to keep the two great commandments. Jesus said we need to love God with all our heart, might, mind and strength, and that we needed to love our neighbor as ourselves. There are opportunities to serve others everyday. When we are asked to provide a service, whatever it is, I always try to accept the invitation to serve. I have found that as I serve because I love God and I know that He wants me to help others that it is not as much of a challenge. The beauty of all this is when we serve others because we love God, we are put in a position to begin seeing those we serve as God sees them and our love for those we serve grows and grows until the "challenge" to serve is no longer a challenge. We want to serve because we genuinely love these people. It isn't an inconvenience once you love them. I love this principle of love and service. The true challenge is in remembering this and taking the first step to accept the opportunity to serve.

Who was Joseph Smith?

Joseph Smith was a young man who was curious about what was real and true amongst all the religious discussion. He read the Bible for help and direction. He read a verse of scripture that teaches us that we can pray to find answers to our questions. He prayed and asked God his questions - What church is true? What church should I join? - God answered Joseph’s questions by visiting him along with His son Jesus Christ, in a vision in the spring of 1820. Joseph was called by God the Father and Jesus Christ to restore the church of Christ as it was when Christ was on Earth. He was given authority and instruction on how to accomplish that task over the next 10 years, until in 1830 the Church of Christ was again on the Earth. Joseph was called to be a prophet just like Moses or Isaiah. He led the church until his death in 1846. Show more Show less