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Hi I'm Jerry

I'm a father of five and my wife is fighting cancer. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am married to my best friend and am a father to five great kids. I'm almost fifty and have suddenly found myself interested in skydiving, rock climbing, caving, and generally taking more risks. Midlife crisis? Maybe. I also enjoy reading, playing the piano and directing the training and development of my company's US sales organization. Lately, I've found myself thinking more deeply about who I am and who I want to be and am excited about all the adventures I have yet to experience in life!

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because there is no other source in my life that gives me the hope, peace and joy that come from following the counsel I receive from a true prophet and my own ability to receive inspiration. The Bible is full of truths that have been preserved to direct my life. I have learned there were also prophets living on the American continent that recorded their experiences and inspired warnings today known as the Book of Mormon. Because the Lord gives us our freedom as part of His plan, people chose wickedness and prophets were killed causing the authority to guide His church to be taken from the earth. In 1820, as prophesied by biblical prophets, the Lord's church was restored in it's fullness. Direct revelation from the Lord, no conflicting doctrine, a clear line of authority and a requirement of sacrifice that builds the faith necessary for His followers to grow and strengthen. This was exemplified by my pioneer ancestors who left all they knew in the British Isles to migrate to America and traverse the Western plains. Today I am counseled by a modern prophet to keep commandments, to serve my neighbors, to accept assignments in the Church and to prepare for the future. As my family struggles through our unique mortal journey, I have something solid and immoveable to anchor my faith in. Each bump in the road strengthens this faith as I try my best to turn to the Lord, believe in Him, follow Him, and allow Him to fight my battles.

How I live my faith

On February 15, we discovered that my wife Cathi had a lump in her breast. Biopsies confirmed she had invasive ductile carcinoma cancer with a high grade rating indicating the cells were duplicating quickly. Since then, our family has walked an unfamiliar path together as Cathi submitted to many medical tests, a double mastectomy, and six rounds of aggressive chemotherapy. Next week, she will begin six weeks of daily radiation. Within a few hour after learning that Cathi had cancer, I felt great desire to kick in and "get our family through this." I was so happy when Cathi asked me to run an errand for her...something I could easily do to reduce her burden and make myself feel useful. After spending one hour of looking in the same places for my wallet, frustration turned to discouragement and I found myself sitting in my car, in the garage, in the dark, considering the possibility that "maybe I won't be able to handle this after all." I spoke into the darkness saying, "I know Thou can help me find this dumb wallet. I know I need to have faith." Just then, I felt a spark of hope inside me, then heard someone move in our bedroom above the garage. I instantly knew, somehow, that Cathi had found my wallet. Above the garage, Cathi had just finished saying her first prayer after learning about her cancer. In her anxiety and discouragement, she finally felt prompted to focus on her blessings. Then, at the end of her prayer, she added a footnote, asking the Lord for help to find my wallet. She opened her eyes and there, in the crack of the chair she was leaning against, was my wallet. When the garage door opened and I saw her beautiful smile and her hand extending the wallet toward me, I knew our prayers had been answered. This was Heavenly Father's way of saying, "Jerry, just trust me. You can do this." We have had some moments of darkness in the past eight months, but I can genuinely say that by "living my faith" I have really discovered what faith is.