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Hi I'm Helen

I was born in London UK. I married Chris, a Greek Cypriot, I have 3 sons, 10 granchildren. I am a Mormon.

About Me

I was born in the East End of London in 1955. Have 3 brothers; 2 older and one younger. My father was a devote Methodist. My mother had her own Christian beliefs but did not associate with any denomination. Her ambition was to be the first woman prime minister! I went to Church with my father who seemed to sing louder than anyone else. I enjoyed Sunday school and learnt to have a love of our Saviour, Jesus Christ. At school I was one of the few who chose to study religious education up to O' level. My father started youth clubs and international student and nurses clubs. I was only 14 when I met my future husband. He came to the UK from Cyprus to study at the age of 15. We have 3 wonderful sons together who have given us 10 beautiful grandchildren. I love learning about other beliefs and cultures. I love the diversity of people. I love laughing and having fun, family times together, even though they are noisy and chaotic these days. I am at my happiest when I am busy, especially when helping others. I love flowers and nature. I love gardening, reading factual books, crafts, decorating and designing. I established a childcare facility that became a very successful, happy place for children to spend their time. I joined the church in 1984. 20 Years later my parents joined at the age of 79! I look forward to retiring to Cyprus and continue to serve in the Church there.

Why I am a Mormon

I have had a testimony of our Saviour Jesus Christ for as long as I can remember. When I first discovered the LDS Church I wasn't conscious that I was looking for anything in particular. I overheard a neighbour saying " Do you know we have a Mormon Bishop down our road now?". That sentence sunk deep into my soul. I pondered on it and was determined to find out what the Mormon Church believed. I asked a friend who informed me that they don't drink tea or coffee. Armed with this new found knowledge I determined to invite the Mormon Bishop's wife in for a drink. I said that I knew she didn't drink tea or coffee and that lead onto a long discussion about the Church. I knew from the very start of that conversation that, what I was hearing was true. I had formulated some of the beliefs myself from previous experiences and from pondering upon certain subjects. For example, a close friend gave birth to a baby with spinal bifida. She was the sweetest little girl who, at the age of 5, suffered severe brain damage after experiencing a fit. This hurt me deeply and I spent time pondering "Why!". The answer came to me that this little girl was perfect in spirit and was now helping those around her to progress through the care they were giving her. This taught me that we lived in spirit before we came to this earth and that we are all at different levels of spiritual growth. As a Methodist Sunday School teacher, I found it hard to teach that children needed to be baptised as babies to get rid of their sin. I saw them as pure and undefiled. What the Mormon Bishop's wife told me about children not needing baptism made me want to jump for joy because I already knew that truth. Answers came in the solitude of prayer. I know that my Heavenly Father loves me and that he sent His Son, our Elder Brother, Jesus Christ to show us how to return to Him so that we may be worthy to recieve greater truth, knowledge and power. I love being a Mormon. It's not always easy but it's so worth it.

How I live my faith

Over the past 26 years I have had many different opportunities to serve in the Church. These opportunities are not self chosen but we believe we are called of God, via the Bishop, to serve in that position at that particular time. It is our freedom of choice as to whether or not we accept the calling. I have determined never to refuse. This can be scary as I have had to have the faith that I would be guided and helped to fulfill my responsibilities under difficult conditions. My husband is not a member. I have been Primary President , Young Women's President , Youth Sunday School Teacher and Relief Society President (Women's organisation of the Church). The scariest calling I had was Adult Sunday School Teacher. I was working 50 hours per week at the nursery. I had very little time for personal study. I didn't know how I could learn enough each week to teach people who already knew more than me. I still accepted the challenge! It turned out to be the most rewarding calling. The Holy Ghost helped me so much. I studied as much as I could and I was amazed how much I retained to teach the lessons. I know I learnt far more than anyone else in the class and felt close to the Spirit as I taught. Callings help us develop spiritually. We learn Christlike attributes as we serve in Church and the community. Being a member gives me a thirst to learn, not only gospel subjects but about world issues, and secular matters. I have loved helping in the community through my children's schools and through my occupation. I have been blessed more than those whom I have served. This life is about love, acceptance, forgiveness, learning and serving and to participate in and recieve the ordinances that will allow us to return back to the presence of our Heavenly Father. This life is a journey and that journey is a school. We are free to choose and will learn from the consequences of those choices. We have all the instructions we need to return to Him one day. It's up to us!

Why are Mormons asked to donate 10% of their income to their Church?

I like to remember that the Lord isn't asking for 10% but He is giving us 90% and then blessings on top. Giving 10% helps us remember just where all that we have comes from. It helps us develop faith that the Lord will provide for our every need. He wants to bless us but we will be spoilt children if those blessings were unconditional. We pay our tithing and He opens the windows of heaven to bless us. I have had so many blessings from paying tithing that I feel I can't afford not to tithe. He gives us no commandment except it be for our good. The Lord does not need our tithing but we need the blessings. I know all the money that is paid in tithing is treated as sacred and used to benefit all of God's children. Temple building is a brilliant example of how the money is used plus, other church buildings, lesson material, activities and soooooo much more. We always come off the winners and are always debt to our Lord. Show more Show less