What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Aimee

I'm a 2nd Generation member of the LDS church. And mother to 5 beautiful children.

About Me

My parents are both converts to the church. I was born in Indiana and have lived in many parts of the United States. I come from a big family. 4 brothers and 4 sisters. Wow! I know!! I am married to an amazing man and my best friend. What makes him so amazing is not that he is the perfect husband or father...but that he never settles for where he is at in life. He is always striving to become more like the Savior. He is strong enough to admit when he is wrong and humble enough to say sorry. We have 4 girls and one little boy. What a joy it has been to be a mom. It's challenging at times but it's the most rewarding experience I have ever had. As a child I always planned on being an at home mom. My mother had to work and I promised myself that no matter how poor we were I would not work...Well, like most people my life didn't turn out exactly how I planned. I have worked in fast food, retail, banking, car sales, waitressing, apartment manager and ran a preschool. I remember when I had my first child...I had to work to put my husband through school and when I dropped her off at the sitters for the first time she screamed so loud I could hear her half way down the street...I balled all the way to work. But I have learned alot through these experiences and it has helped me to become who I am today. I am so blessed right now to be able to be home with my two youngest.

Why I am a Mormon

My parents are converts to the church. My mom was not a preachy woman but her quiet example was a powerful sermon for me. She worked 60-70hrs. per week. On Sundays after working till the wee hours of that morning she would sleep for a few hours and then take her 6 rowdy children to church. She slept through most meetings because she was exhausted but, I have never forgotten her example of dedication to the Lord. I remember one morning before school knocking on her door because I needed something. She didn't answer and I figured it was because she was sleeping so I knocked louder. She still didn't answer...so I barged in her room determined to wake her up and get the help I needed. She was not in bed. So I knocked on her bathroom door. She was not there either. As I turned to go out of her room I saw her kneeling in her little closet in prayer. I had no idea my mother said personal prayers. Humbled by the scene I "snuck" out of her room and softly closed the door behind me. That moment changed my life. I remember thinking if prayer was important to my mother, then, it would be important to me. I made a decision right then, that I would always say my personal prayers. My father was a good man. He struggled sometimes with his own personal weaknesses and often times did not go to church because he felt so unworthy. He was bi-polar and suffered with low self-esteem and depression. Although anyone who met him would never have guessed that. He was the friendliest, most caring person you would ever come across. He would go out of his way to help friend and stranger alike. He would talk to everyone and when he asked someone how they were doing he would actually wait to hear what they had to say and truly wanted to know about them and their life. He taught me to love others as the Savior loves. He loved me so much. And because he loved me so much I did not have a hard time believing that my Heavenly Father loved me. My parents taught me by example.

How I live my faith

In the church we are often asked to serve in different ways. Even if you don't have what you think it takes, I have learned that the Lord can help you to become what He needs you to be. So with each new assignment I always accept the call to serve and trust that the Lord will guide me, teach me and help me every step of the way and He has. I have also found that each assignment I have had has helped me to learn skills that have helped me to be a better sister, daughter, friend, neighbor and most especially wife and mother. I have been a teacher to toddlers, young children, teenagers, the adult women and for the past year I have taught the adult Sunday School class. I have been able to be a part of many humanitarian aid functions. Some of which were to help those who suffered losses from Hurricane Rita and Katrina that hit parts of Louisianna (We lived there when they hit). It has always amazed me how organized the LDS church is when it comes to relief efforts. They are often times the first on the scene. As was the case in this instance. I was grateful to assist in making some of the food for the victims that had lost everything they owned and were living in our church building while they got there lives back together. I got to donate items to help. It was a humbling experience. I love to serve because I feel closest to my Savior when I am serving. My heart is more tender towards others when I get out of "Me Mode" and serve. I have found the quickest way to learn to love anybody is to find a way to serve them. I believe that is one of the reasons why the Savior was so full of love because he was always serving others. I try really hard to help those I come in contact with to feel loved. It is what the Savior would do. My main focus is the two great commandments....to love the Lord with all I have and to love everyone else as myself...this is not always easy for me but I try to do that because it makes the gospel so much easier to live.

What is the Relief Society?

Simply put, it is God's organization for women 18 years and older. It is designed to: -increase each womans faith in Christ -create strong and lasting bonds of friendship with each other through teaching and serving each other. -strengthen women in all aspects of their lives and in all the relationships they have (ie:sister, daughter, mother, wife, friend, nieghbor and citizen) -organizes the natural desires of women, to serve and help others, into a unified effort to provide relief whereever and whenever it is needed. (ie:humanitarian aid) Show more Show less