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Hi I'm Bryce

I'm a sports fanatic. I love my guitar. I love being a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up in a small town in Idaho. I have 6 other siblings. After living in the same home for 18 years, which always changed in size and shape, I left to more schooling. I later was a full-time missionary in the midwest. I'm now studying again and am in my last year of undergrad. I love to do anything competitive and/or anything involving the outdoors. Some day I hope to run an Ironman. Give me a guitar and I am good for hours.

Why I am a Mormon

I was blessed to grow up always going to church. The truths I grew up learning always made sense to me. During my teenage years I could better recognize what brought me true happiness, and what was only "fun" for the moment. It was when I lived the Gospel of Jesus Christ that I could lay down at night feeling like everything was falling into place. This does not mean that my faith was never tested. For some time, I didn't know if I could honestly say that I knew the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints was truth from God, or our Heavenly Father. It took a period of prayer and fasting, and keeping commandments to see what came of it. I will never be able to deny the peaceful and uplifting feelings that came to me during that time once I decided I was going to do whatever I could to receive an answer from God. That is why I am a Mormon, because God has personally told me this is the way to prepare to live with Him again by the peaceful feelings and happiness in response to my prayers.

How I live my faith

We only know if a medicine works if we try it. Our muscles only grow if we keep exercising them. If I stopped communicating even with my closest friends, eventually over time I would forget what they looked and sounded like. Give it even more time and I wouldn't know if they still existed! I relate this to my faith in God and Jesus Christ's teachings. If I stopped communicating with God, over time I would doubt solely because it would be so long since I have heard from Him. On a daily basis I strive to communicate with God. I pray and talk to Him, and receive guidance when I go to the scriptures or pay attention to how I feel over a matter, because He speaks to us in a spiritual way. I recognize how I can improve and have more joy on a constant basis. Every once in a while I get to teach kids in high school from the scriptures. I also get to serve those in my congregation where I meet for church.

Are all Mormons required to serve a mission?

Every able young man is asked from God to serve a mission. It is still a choice that every one needs to personally make. Women are not required to serve a mission but may do so if they so desire. Show more Show less

How can I know Mormonism is true?

Simply ask God. He is the one who knows. He was there, along with Jesus Christ, when He appeared to Joseph Smith the prophet and brought back the restoration of His church/gospel. Since He was there, He can tell you if it really happened. More important than just asking God is to live "Mormonism". God will not let you go astray if you pray for His guidance and then live this gospel to know of its truthfulness. I know that if any one will do this, they will see the truth for themselves. God will be the one to help them see it. Show more Show less