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Hi I'm Adam

I'm a husband, a father and a physician. I am a Mormon.

About Me

I am an endocrinologist, a clinical researcher and a university tutor. Life is wonderfully busy and I thoroughly enjoy the challenges of a career in medicine. I'm married to Mrs Perfect who gets up early every morning to teach the scriptures to the youth of our congregation while making banana chip muffins and keeping our home running like clockwork. We have a 7 year old boy and a 2 year old girl. If life has ever been dull we've never stood still long enough to notice. Life is full of blessings around every corner dotted in between by the occasional trial. We strive to live lives of inspiration - there is no better reassurance than knowing we're right where our Heavenly Father wants us to be and doing what He want us to do.

Why I am a Mormon

I am the result of a legacy of two sets of wonderful grandparents who joined the church to give their family a better life. I believe even people who are born into a Mormon home require a conversion of the heart. I have heard some people criticise organised religion accusing others of using it as a crutch. Being a Latter Day Saint has encouraged me to think more deeply about my relationship with God, my purpose in life, my role as a father and husband. For me it creates an environment where I can learn about eternal truths and form my own opinions and values. I have been shown countless examples of selfless leadership by men and women who walk inspired lives. The gospel of Jesus Christ gives us the courage to face our trials, the strength to live our convictions and the faith to hope for a better world. My life and my family's life are so blessed everyday as a result of it. I know this church is the Lord's true church. It is filled with the Spirit of God. Come and see for yourself.

How I live my faith

As life gets busier and busier, it is tempting sometimes to think we deserve to sit back and take it easy. I think we can get complacent in our attitude to service. Paradoxically in a world that is become more connected electronically, as individuals we are at risk of becoming more and more self absorbed. Being a member of my church gives me opportunities to reach beyond my comfort zone and help others. One of the greatest feelings is when you find out you have been the means of someone's prayer being answered.

Why was a Restoration of the Gospel needed? Haven’t we always had the Bible?

If people treated science like the world treats religion, we would have no hope of finding a cure for anything. As a missionary I often saw people shying away from religion because they lacked the faith that they could ever get an answer about anything. In the world's eye, truth becomes subjective to one's point of view. Some bounce from idea to idea until their set of values resembles a mosaic of convenient half truths. There are many churches who profess to teach the truth. The Bible seems to be used rather like a measuring stick rather than for it's true purpose of being a witness of the promised Messiah. Many also believe that the answers to all the mysteries of God can be found only within the finite pages of the Bible. In so doing they deny the necessity of ongoing revelation. If we made an honest search of the early church Paul spoke of, we would expect to see apostles and prophets, revelation, priesthood, ordinances, and temples. Take a closer look at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and you will see why we call it the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. It is led by living prophets and apostles who speak with the authority from God. It is filled with the spirit of revelation. Within it's walls are taught eternal truths of the gospel revealed for our time. Show more Show less