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Hi I'm Emery

I'm a Mormon. My wife and I are both converts who joined the Church together in our mid-thirties in 1977,

About Me

I grew up in a protestant church in the Seattle area. My wife grew up in a similar protestant congregation in MInnesota. We met in Chicago, and were married by the minister of the Methodist church we attended there. On the honeymoon I first met her family in MInnesota, and she first met my parents in Seattle. Our family grew by two children -- a son and a daughter -- before we learned about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints six years after our marriage. We were both impressed that we had found the true Church of Jesus Christ, and we both joined the Church through baptism the same evening in May, 1977. The Church has been a tremendous help to us in raising our children with its inspired programs for children and youth to help us fortify them against a world where those who champion morality and virtue are becoming a minority. Our children are now grown, out of "the nest," and doing well. My wife and I now manage apartment properties, and I manage a retail store selling nautical charts and instruments.

Why I am a Mormon

Why would I, a comfortable, rather complacent, middle-of-the-road Methodist want to change my way of living, in many respects, and join, in midlife, the somewhat controversial Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints? It's really simple: I have had one wittness after another, by the Holy Spirit, that this truly is the church that the Lord Jesus Christ caused to be restored to the earth through prophets and apostles in our day, just as the church was organized by the Lord during his ministry in the Holy Lands. Not only did the Savior cause the true church to be restored, He leads it today through apostles and prophets. Critics have tried to tear down my faith. They are no match for the witness of the Holy Ghost , and the knowledge I have received from this restored gospel. Does it take more effort to live the standards of the Lord's Church? Yes. But I have put the restored gospel into practice in my life for over 33 years, and have been greatly blessed every step of the way. My wife became convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that this was the true Church of Jesus Christ at the same time as I did, so we could both go into the waters of baptism and forward together, equally yoked, as members of the Lord's church together. She described joining the Church as like "coming home" Everything fell into place. The restored gospel is able to answer all those nagging eternal questions we could never get answers to from our previous churches. Rather than being married "until dead do you part" we could go to the temple and be joined as husband and wife for time and all eternity, and our children sealed to us to be with us always as well. After finding the true gospel and church of Jesus Christ, every other church is little more than entertainment.

How I live my faith

In the Church of Jesus Christ we have no paid, professional clergy. Rather, our local congregation or "ward" is lead by a Bishop and assitants who are called to their positions from among the membership of the ward by inspiration from the Lord to the leaders who preside in our area. They, in turn are entitled, as part of their office, to receive inspiration to call others from among the ward members to serve in various callings as officers, and teachers so that the programs of the Church will function. In over 33 years of church membership, I have served in many callings ranging from being in charge of keeping the church building clean and orderly, to being an assistant -- or "counsellor" --to the Bishop. Over time as the needs of the ward change, and members move in or out of the area, we are released from one calling and likely soon receive another calling to serve in a different capacity. These experiences have enabled me to grow spiritually, has enlarged my understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and enlarged my capacity to become competent at many different tasks such as teaching, leading a meeting, preparing and giving a talk in a church meeting, and sharing what I have learned with others who are not yet members. Rather than hire a minister to teach and lead, we grow in our capacity to become like the Savior by being of service in this way ourselves. Receiving a calling to serve in the church is not the same as volunteer work, although we are unpaid, and serve voluntarily. When so called by revelation to those who preside we are on the Lord's errand, and entitled to His blessing and inspiration to fulfil the calling All of this spills over to enable me to be a better father, and better husband in my home, and a better employee or employer and citizen of the nation, outside of church. In addition, the men are paired into companionships to visit assigned ward families in their homes each month to see that the needs of each family is being met spiritually and temporally. I have enjoyed many years of home teaching visits to my assigned families at least monthly, and being of service to them as needed. In turn, the home teachers called to visit and serve our family over the years have greatly blessed us.

How can I know Mormonism is true?

When I was a youth growing up in a protestant church I pondered the question: “If there really is a God, and if he is all-powerful and all-knowing as the scriptures describe, why doesn’t He just unmistakably manifest the truth about Jesus Christ as His son and Savior, and His gospel, to the whole earth by trumpeting it from the skies with angels or some such? Why does He reveal Himself in such a veiled way through ancient scriptures, hired church pastors, and the commentaries of scriptural scholars? There was no satisfying answers to those questions until I found the restored gospel of Jesus Christ in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I learned that for a wise purpose a basic part of our experience on earth is for us to exercise judgment and make choices rather than having everything handed to us or explained so that there could be no alternative. I can tell you the Lord’s true church has been restored to the earth in its fullness by the Savior through prophets and apostles in our day in preparation for His second coming. And there is abundant evidence to back that up. But to find out for yourself, as I have, that this is true, and the great blessings await faithful members of this restored Church of Jesus Christ, you have to make some effort. You need to put yourself in a position to learn about the church by such means as attending church meetings, meeting with the missionaries, reading church literature, or viewing church media productions. Because this is the Lord’s church you will feel the impressions of the Holy Ghost witnessing that it is true. When I first began reading the Book of Mormon, Another Testament of Jesus Christ, I was impressed by the Holy Ghost that this must be of God, and that Satan could not possibly have inspired such uplifting teaching and loving testimony of the Savior. Then when I prayed to know if the Book of Mormon was truly scripture, the witness of the Holy Ghost removed all doubt that it was. In the 33 years since I joined the Church I have received countless witnesses by the Holy Ghost that the church is true. The Lord is anxious that you receive this witness as well, but you must make the effort to learn and to ask. Show more Show less