What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Jose

We are from Puerto Rico. We have 12 children and we are Mormons.

About Me

As husband and father most of my time is spent balancing the different roles I have to play in life wile prioritizing in what matter most. I am the President and CEO of a nationally recognized Low-Income Housing Tax Credit consulting firm, and serve in several organizations that promote affordable housing in the United States, the Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico. Because we were both raised by divorced parents, my wife and I have focused most of our lives in making sure that all we do is centered on how it will bring the family closer. Keeping our family together and strengthening such has become what we desire most. We started our marriage in our late teens. With no role model of what a successful marriage and parenthood is, no advance education, and no money to start, we found ourselves drawing closer to each other in an effort to beat the odds. 27 years later in 2015, and 12 children to show forth, we are very happy that lifting and pulling together, and working hard at it, is paying off. We have a family vision that “no one gets left behind” in our forever happy family! Part of our family mission statement states that "We will help each other always be happy. We will achieve such happiness by founding upon the teachings of Jesus Christ...We will love each other unconditionally...We will be a source of happiness and peace. " I enjoy my family, love my wife and children more than words can ever express, and cherish every minute with them.

Why I am a Mormon

On the day of our wedding although not active in any religion, it was clear to us we needed to create a Christ centered home. Not knowing how, we prayed to one day find a church where we could learn to be good parents and have strong relationships. It was soon after, we met the missionaries of the church. A strong feeling caught our attention, and we invited them to come in our home. During the first visit they shared a video that taught how families could be together forever. How did they know...we didn't know then. But with tears welcomed this message as the answer to our prayer. What we felt that day we could not deny, so we invited them to come back. We learned about the restoration of the gospel. It was all so familiar to us, and yet we didn't know how or why. So we invited them to come back again, and then again. Learning about Christ as our Savior and redeemer, was something I was not familiar with, but desired to feel strong in my life. A reality that someone could love me so much as to giving their live for me, and making it possible for me to be together with my family was some that sunk deep inside my heart. As I learned to recognized what I was feeling, I learned it was the Spirit of the Lord. I was for the first time the gospel had been restored. Accepting the Book of Mormon as another testament of Jesus Christ was easy after I had learned to recognize the Spirit. I remember reading the book for the first time, and the warn, familiar, lovely, peaceful feelings come over me again. This book has ever since strengthened my desire to come unto to Christ. I am a Mormon because I cannot deny the feelings I have so many times felt. I did not have all of the knowledge or answers when I joined the church, neither do I now...but I have come to know my Savior for what He is, and believe that He will do what He said he will do. I find it a privilege to belong to His church and are humbled to have been giving such an opportunity.

How I live my faith

In an effort to more live our faith, as a Mormon I take my family to church each Sunday. In fact, we plan our vacations around making sure we can attend church on Sunday in whatever place we are. We have attended church in Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, St. Thomas, several countries in Europe, South and Central America, and all over the USA. Our family loves attending church in other countries and meeting others that share the same believes that we do. As a young man, soon after joining the church I was giving the opportunity to serve as a secretary to one of the organizations. I was taught a great deal. I had such opportunity to serve as secretary to church leaders in other occasions. Over the years, I have been blessed to serve in positions that have had the responsibility to seek and help those in need, and those interested in learning more about the church. At each of these opportunities I found my self as the least of those I was called to serve and serve with. In 2013 our family had the opportunity of serving a missing for the Church in Central America. Ours was the opportunity to teach in each country from Panama to Belize, tool that would strengthen and help families be happy. Our daughter is now serving in Chile and our son recently served in Boise, ID. The Savior has become the center of my life. My normal routine in an effort to come closer to him include reading the scriptures and praying frequently. As a family we read the scriptures and pray together each day. We have family councils in which we discuss the things that are needed to help individual members and the family stay strong and united. We also have weekly family home evenings in which we teach each other gospel principles and play together. Monday night is family night...this night is set on our calendar as a recurring items and no other activity takes priority over it.

Do you really believe there is a prophet like Moses alive today?

Yes I do. Why not, was my first impression when I first learned about this principle. It was simple for me to understand and accept that God would love the world so much, that He would call prophets today just like He did before. Just like any father, I believe He wants us to return home again. Having someone on the way to lead us there has always been his way...just like such was Moses wile with his people in the desert, so is the prophet to us this day. Show more Show less

What is the purpose of the welfare services of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?

To find those whose burdens are too heavy to carry on their own, and help them lift these up. Many times, to lift these for them and carry them until they can do so on their own. No matter the burden, fiscally, emotionally, or spiritually, ours is the desire to find those and care for them. Show more Show less