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Hi I'm Daryl

I'm a Mormon Poet.

About Me

My wife and I have been happily married for twelve years. We have four children. I am a substitute teacher for Grades Kindergarten through twelfth grade. I also draw pictures of things so that people can build them. I am a religious person. I like flying kites with my children and playing chess. I am a poet and I write mostly religious poems.

Why I am a Mormon

The loving Atonement performed by our Lord, Can help us to find harmony. God loved us so much that he sent forth the word, To reach out and to save you and me. Jesus alone could rescue and save, And help us be made perfect too. He Helps us to get the mercy we crave, By showing us what we should do. The penalty warranted by all our sin, Required the infinite gift. The battle with Satan we each can win, Our burden the Lord helps us lift. From the beginning the Lord was ordained, To die for what justice demands. Salvation from sin can now be obtained, By following Jesus' commands. We each can dwell with our Father above, As we follow the Lord's righteous course. His sacrifice shows a supreme act of love, Let us drink from this spring at it's source. The Savior has suffered these things for our sake, To redeem all mankind from the fall. Upon us his name we gladly will take, He offers his love unto all. We can all go where there's nothing unclean, Through Jesus alone this takes place. We can be saved from things evil and mean, To again see his loving face. The Savior had power to lay down his life, And take it up after its end. He asks us to flee contention and strife, And come home with him as a friend. He suffered temptations but gave them no heed, And lived life in pure innocence. He knows how to help in our hour of need, For all he has made recompense. The blood of the Lamb for our sake was shed, He gave his life freely for me. He prayed to our God as he suffered and bled, For help to endure agony. Because of the love that our dear Savior had, For the will of our Father and God. Our hearts fill with joy and are truly glad, For he finished the course that he trod. We can find peace through the powerful name, That broke bands at Gethsemane. We can be lifted up out of our shame, By the hope found upon Calvary. We must accept the Atonement he gave, Or face pure, strict justice alone. We all need the grace that's might to save, We deserve no mercy on our own. Our Lord took away the sharp sting found in death, He was the first of those who slept. We shall live again after losing life's breath, Joy comes to his children who’ve wept. The Savior invites all the world unto him, We'll be judged for the works we have done. That day will restore each joint and each limb, Through the power of God's perfect son. Those who are righteous will have so much joy, And praise the Lord eternally. His sacrifice saves each girl and each boy, That died in their pure infancy. So let us have faith in our dear Savior's call, And overcome evil today. Let's deliver his sweet invitation to all, To be baptized and walk in his way. We all can become truly born again, Receiving the spirit to guide. And this must take place in the hearts of all men, To be filled with his pure love inside. If you will repent he will receive you, Come feast on his love to the end. Trust in the Lord in all that you do, And his grace he freely will send. Partake of his love so exquisite and sweet, Drink deep of the doctrines he'll send. Some day we will kneel at our dear Savior's feet, Where our pains and our sorrows he'll mend. He knows all the trials we each face right now, Come cast on the Lord all your care. We all can be healed and he'll show us how, He atoned so that we could come there.

How I live my faith

In the hands of a master craftsman, Each tool works efficiently. The mind of the expert holds the plan, And sees what no other can see. He patiently works to finish the task, He's done this job often and well. He does the job better than any could ask, And when he's done the work, you can tell. The tool alone, never can find success, Or accomplish the things contained in the plan. Please help me dear Father to serve and to bless, Like a powerful tool in your almighty hand.

Mormons believe Jesus Christ is their Savior. Why do we need a Savior?

There’s so much knowledge in the world, On which to feast and dine. So many ways that truth is hurled, Toward my open mind. Yet, the most important truth, That we can understand, Comes by learning in our youth, To obey the Lord’s command. The feasting that is best, to me, The most important dish, Is the word the Lord gives us for free, Feeding thousands with two fish. For the teachings of Lord Jesus Though simple and so small Are packed with truth and goodness That can feed and strengthen all. Show more Show less