Adam Evans: Autism, Graphic Designer, Mount Dora, Carpenter, Entrepreneur, Chocolate, Mormon.

Hi I'm Adam Evans

About Me

I live in Mount Dora Florida near Lake Ola. I am the father of two beautiful autistic children, a boy and a girl. My oldest girl is a typical child that's smarter that I am. I have a wife that I love and respect. I am a small business owner of a graphic design agency called Guru I went to college in Pensacola, FL and Salt Lake City, UT. I like to BBQ, play with Photoshop, putter in the yard, and jetski.

Why I am a Mormon

When I was a child, I learned doctrines in church like be honest, be courageous, honor your parents, be like Jesus etc., things that I could understand as a kid. The teachings were a challenge that encouraged me to be my best self. I felt that the teachings were correct and they made sense in my mind so it was natural to like it. As a budding teen, I wanted things that were out of harmony with what I thought and felt was right and I went astray secretly trying to appear righteous. I felt dark and evil as I lived a second life out of harmony with my beliefs and customs. I became trapped in a dark lifestyle that the church would not agree with. It wasn't until I wanted to go back to the happiness I felt as a child that I realized how far from the path I had strayed. I felt powerless to return to my peace. I didn't have the strength to return, just the want. It was at this time when I confessed and the church leaders discerned my need and put their arms around me and nurtured me back over a few years of repentance. It was a hard road back. It was during this time when I realized I was powerless that God showed up in my life. He was always there actually, I should say that it was at this time that I decided to sincerely seek his help and stop fighting him. He helped me do the hard things that would undo the wrongs I had done. It was this undoing that made me strong. It was the encouragement of loving leaders that helped me feel the love of God as well. At the end of the my struggle to repent, I knelt down next to my bed. I asked God to forgive me now that I had done all that the church leaders had asked of me and after I did all I could to repent. It was at this time that my religion became real to me. As I asked for forgiveness, my heart which had been hardened over several years of sin instantly went back to full feeling. The huge weight of sin and guilt that I had become accustomed to carrying was instantly taken away. I knew that God had forgiven me. I knew that the atonement was real, that my sins were no longer on my head but that Christ had taken them upon himself. The teachings from my youth about Jesus loving me and wanting to save me became real. I know Jesus Christ is real. This was the first of many experiences that taught me Christ is real. It was through the leadership of the church and the way it unfolded that I learned that the power of salvation is in the Mormon church.

Personal Stories

In what ways have your prayers been answered?

I have a job in the church to take community event information from 7 local Mormon churches and send it to the press. I had been praying that I might be a success in serving God in my church job when I started having a feeling that I should donate blood. An opportunity came up on Wednesday but I was out of town. The feeling lasted until Saturday when I was coming back from cleaning the church with my 11 year old daughter and I happened to see a blood mobile bus parked in front of a large store. We went in and I donated. I was glad my daughter could watch her dad trying to help people by donating his blood. I hoped she would do the same someday. I know I wouldn't of noticed the blood mobile if I had not been prompted all week to go. While there I had a thought that I should get the contact information for the person that schedules the blood mobile buses. After leaving I knew that the phone number was to be sent to all the 7 Mormon event coordinators for a large community event coming up called the Day-of Service. I emailed out the phone number and then didn't think about it again for a few months. After the huge spring event the photos and data started coming in for my church job. I saw in many of the photos that the blood mobile bus was in the background. I remembered that I had sent out the number. I felt like my prayer was answered and that people in the community were helped. I felt like I was a success in serving God and that he guided my thoughts and feelings.

How I live my faith

Just as orange trees produce oranges, humans produce humans. I however am a human wanting to produce Godly works but I am mortal. Part of my religion is to go through a daily routine to qualify to have God's Holy Spirit with me to do Godly works. If God's in my works because I'm being directed by a higher power then my works will be higher. So here's my routine and I can say that I know it works for me. I arise at 6:00 to go exercise. By 6:30 I'm out the door. By 6:40 I'm walking or running. I pray to know what to listen to on my portable music player. I listen to General Conference which is where the Apostles of God and the Prophet of God among other's instruct with inspired words. The Holy Spirit directs which talk to listen to. I study these talks over and over for 6 months between conferences. By 7:30 I eat and say my morning prayers. I write in my journal what I learned from the Holy Spirit. I also help get kids ready for school etc. By 8:30 I'm working at home in my business. After dinner but before bed we do family scripture study, family home night, or date night on the weekends. Sundays we go to church. I often do church assignments during the week or my church duties in free time. Tuesday's I volunteer at an addiction program helping addicts overcome their vices This pattern taught in the church has allowed me to have a peaceful, confident, joyful life of hope. I am filled with love and try to help other's feel such happiness as well. It's how I live my Faith.