What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Renae.

I'm a professional magician, art teacher, party entertainer, volunteer, a home schooling mother of four children, and a Texan.

About Me

I am a wife to a loving husband and mother to four active children. I have home schooled my children for three years. It's a challenge but I embrace it. I am also a professional magician, performing for private and corporate parties. I wanted to make a positive impact in the community with this talent, so I wrote an education magic show called "Reading is Magic", which I perform at libraries and schools throughout the state. I am also an art teacher. I have an art studio in my home where I host several weekly classes. I love painting; creating art feeds my soul. My other passion is reading- I'm a passionate lifelong learner. We love to read old classics or poetry as a family. I volunteer to coach a competitive elementary academic team for Destination Imagination, where my children get to be teammates while they learn and create new things together. I realize I'm such an imperfect person, and I rely on the Savior to help make up for my inadequacies. I am filled with gratitude and joy when I contemplate the gift of Christ's Atonement and the power it has to transform me into a better person. Living His teachings helps me daily be a more loving mother, a truer friend, a caring neighbor, and an avid volunteer.

Why I am a Mormon

When I was younger, church wasn't important to me. One day I evaluated myself and my membership in the church and decided to discover for myself whether it was true. I studied the scriptures and prayed for guidance. I remember sitting in my room one night praying to know whether this was Christ's true church. Such an overwhelming feeling of love and peace washed over me. I felt the Spirit witness to my heart that this was true. It was such a strong impression, and I knew it was from God. I couldn't deny it, and I had in my mind at that moment a clear picture of my relationship to our loving Father in Heaven. I knew beyond a doubt that He loved me and knew me, and with all my heart I wanted to please Him.

How I live my faith

Most importantly, I pray each morning and ask the Lord to help me be His servant that day. I ask that He will open my eyes to the needs around me so I can serve His children. This would include service in my own family or service in the community to strangers. I know the Lord loves each person and they are priceless to Him, and I want people to feel His love for them. I cherish the opportunities the Lord gives me to fulfill this desire to serve His children. I've helped neighbors with plumbing emergencies, watched children for sick friends, taken weekly dinners to widows for over a year, made quilts for abused children, taught needy neighbors how to garden and be self-reliant, and volunteered to clean homes of new mothers or friends in the hospital. One week I prayed for opportunities for service, and that day a girl knocked on my door asking for a place to stay. She was from another country and had come to our area looking for summer work, but had no place to sleep. We invited her and another home less friend into our home and provided them with showers, beds, meals, and transportation for several days while we helped them look for better work and a permanent home. We became wonderful friends and still keep in touch even though they returned to Estonia to finish college. I try very hard to be an example of Christ's disciple to my children, for I know that my actions will speak louder than my words.

What are Mormon women like? Do Mormons believe in equality of men and women?

My female friends in the church vary widely in personalities, appearances, and interests. For example, my friends love martial arts, music, organizing, landscaping, dancing, reading, shopping, cooking, academics, or traveling. There is a richness that each woman brings to our congregation, and we all learn from each other. Our personalities vary widely, from being outspoken to being quite shy, or lackadaisic to rather serious. Everyone's unique personality adds another color to our palette. I love it! Men and women are equal in the sight of God and the church. We merely have different strengths. I see it as pieces of a puzzle. We fit together in perfect harmony. We each bring our innate gifts and abilities and work as a team for the same goals. As an illustrative example, my husband and I built rabbit hutches and bird houses together last summer. As an engineer, he designed the blueprints. We worked together to construct the houses, then I drew a winding floral pattern that my husband carved into the wood. By working together we made a beautiful product. It was more lovely than I could have produced on my own. It's the same with service in the church. Men and women each contribute in different ways, but both are needed and valuable. Show more Show less

Do Mormons only help Mormons?

Of course not! Every single person is a child of God, and as such, they are priceless and equally valuable. We help anyone in need, no matter what religion they are or what nation they reside within. Our church often partners with several other faith-based relief agencies to distribute aid in times of crisis. When the large tsunami happened a few years ago in Indonesia and other islands, our church gave generously to help the Muslim communities rebuild clinics, homes, and fishing boats. We build wells across Africa and Asia to bring clean water to villages. We teach doctors in developing countries how to resuscitate babies and save lives. We send food and water and medical supplies to sites of natural disasters around the world. There are so many other ways that we bless lives through ministering to temporal needs, no matter where they are located. We love our brothers and sisters everywhere, no matter how or who they choose to worship. Our Savior instructed His followers to serve one another everywhere, not just a few. Show more Show less