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Hi I'm Kristina P.

I'm a married social worker, Reality TV lover, humor writer, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

My husband and I have been married for six years, and currently live in Utah, where I work with at-risk teens. Generally, when I hear people describe a "typical" Mormon, many people think of a family with 17 children, very old-fashioned, have no sense of humor, are conservative/Republican, and they often confuse us with the Amish. Not only do we not have any children, we don't even have a pet. And most of the plants in our home manage to die within about 27 days. I don't scrapbook or grind my own wheat. And I'm a registered Independent. I have only seen an Osmond as I creepily drove by one's house. And yet, I have somehow managed to be an active member of the LDS church. I love going to the movies with my husband, getting pedicures, watching ridiculous amounts of TV, teaching small children the art of the "fist bump", and wearing a Snuggie. I am also an avid blogger and have made lifelong friendships through online relationships.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born and raised a Mormon. But even after growing up in the LDS faith, I think we all have a conversion story and have to find out for ourselves if we believe it to be true. I have had many, many faith building experiences, including something as simple as saying a prayer to have a finger stop throbbing after hours and hours, and having that small prayer answered. I continue to have experiences like that on a daily basis, where I see small but impactful blessings and experiences in my life, and I know the power my faith holds.

How I live my faith

I currently volunteer in my local church by assisting in our women's organization. The leaders knew I was the last person to put in charge of anything to do with crafting or sewing, unless you want your child's pants to be short enough to have been worn on Noah's ark, and they were able to utilize my personal strengths to try and make sure that every woman is made to feel important and wanted. The best way I live my faith is just trying to be a good, kind, friendly person, even though some days, it takes me about five Diet Cokes to not pull my hair out or go postal on the person who cut me off on the freeway.

What is the Mormon lifestyle like? How do Mormons live?

Kristina P.
There are many myths about how Mormons live and what we are like. I only take out my horse and buggy for special occasions, but usually, I just drive around in my regular old gas guzzling SUV. My husband only has one wife, and believe me when I say that he is grateful every single day that he only has to put up with me. We both have normal, regular jobs, we love to spend time going to movies, hanging out with friends, watching TV, and doing things regular, normal people like to do. And I may sometimes do these things while wearing a Blanket with Sleeves. Perfectly normal, right? We don't drink alcohol, smoke, hang out in bars, and we attend church for three hours on Sundays. Because there are no paid clergy in the Mormon church, we also help out during the week, where needed. We live our religion everyday, mostly in the sense that we are just mindful of what we believe and what we stand for. We know we are a weird group of people in a lot of ways, but in most ways, we are just normal, average Joe Schmos. Show more Show less