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Hi I'm Heber

Chose to Act. Chose to say Thanks. Acknowledge His hands in all things.

About Me

Father. Married to Wonder Woman! Teaching and raising my family. Enjoy Gardening, orchards, open spaces. Always reading the news. Values centered. Strive for my actions to have minimal variance from my standards. In awe of this great creation God has wrought, and His love for me/us/His children. Trying. Studying. Praying. Grateful.

Why I am a Mormon

When I was 12 years old I had a close friend that was going through his Bar Mitzvah training. I was intrigued by the tasks he was going through and it caused me to introspect and start a program of personal study. During this personal gospel study, I learned for myself that families are forever, and that God has a means for families to be united on earth for eternal persistence. I learned through God's Spirit that temples on the earth have the power to seal families together. This learning cemented all the other gospel principles I had been taught in my youth. If temples are the place to seal families together, then the priesthood would have to be in the temple to perform those ordinances. If the priesthood is back on the earth, it had to be restored as Joseph Smith claims it did by Peter, James and John. If the priesthood was restored, it would be in a restored church, which God would have restored as Joseph Smith reports it was. This led me to know that Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God, and that the Book of Mormon must be true scripture since it was translated by a prophet of God. From the starting knowledge I received of families being an eternal unit from the power of the temple, the rest of the principles taught by the Mormon church became real and connected to me. I have learned for myself that my Heavenly Father knows who I am, and that He cares about me and my family. He knows what experiences I need for my growth and learning. I believe that this earth life is designed to be a temporal learning university. As a student in this earth-university I can chose either to do my will or chose the will of the Lord. I know that the more I submit to His will, the better my learning progresses. I also know that I have more joy and happiness when I am obeying His will. I have learned that when I regularly study the scriptures, I am a different person. I am more patient. The Lord has been extremely gracious to me. I have not always obeyed His will, and I know I have lost out in learning the most I could because of my mistakes. I take comfort in the knowledge I have that I do indeed have a Lord and Redeemer Jesus Christ who has atoned for my sins. As I repent, and work though submitting my will into His will, I have felt and continue to feel the Lord’s love towards me. It encourages me to continue to progress and improve. It is my desire to become like my Savior – in thought, in intent, and in action. I want to be a better neighbor, a better friend, and a better member in my community. I strive to learn the attributes of my example Jesus Christ and I desire for my personality to take on these attributes and emulate His characteristics.

How I live my faith

As a family, we make time to read the scriptures together daily. We encourage ourselves and our children to daily read their scriptures privately too. We believe that through regular gospel study and family prayer, our home will be a more peaceful place and that our mutual relationships will be strengthened. Our local community has asked me to help the Boy Scouts with the 12-13 year olds. I enjoy being the assistant Scoutmaster for these boys. My local church leader asked me to teach these same 12-13 year old young men on Sundays in their priesthood studies course. I enjoy seeing them grow up in their knowledge of the gospel. Some of the youth “get it” and personally want to learn more. Others are just there because their family expects them to be there. As I prepare my lessons for the group, I hope that I can teach the gospel to all of them and spark in all of them a desire for them to learn for themselves about the truthfulness of the restored church.

Do you really believe there is a prophet like Moses alive today?

Absolutely! I believe the Lord teaches us in patterns. The pattern he used for leadership in the Old Testament is the same pattern He uses today. We have a prophet who speaks for the Lord. I take comfort in knowing that the Lord warns us via a prophet before he does any work on the earth (Amos 3:7). Show more Show less