Kip: Kip Armstrong, outdoor enthusiast, software engineer, service, dating, single, Mormon.

Hi I'm Kip

About Me

I'm a software engineer living in Utah. I love spending time in the beautiful mountains, lakes, and rivers that surround the Salt Lake valley. Sometime when I look at the majesty and wonder of the world around us I am filled with a sense of awe at God's creations. I believe each day is a gift, to be enjoyed to the fullest.

Why I am a Mormon

I have been a Mormon my whole life. I can still remember as a child being taught that I had a loving Father in Heaven who wanted me to be happy. As I have grown older, I have seen God's hand in my life, leading me toward happiness. When life's inevitable challenges come upon me, I find strength in knowing that life has a purpose.

Personal Stories

How has the Book of Mormon helped you understand the purpose of life?

The Book of Mormon teaches in clear and simple terms what our reason for existence is. A prophet named Lehi in the Book of Mormon teaches, "Men are that they might have joy" and another by the name of Alma states, "Wickedness never was happiness."

How I live my faith

As a single person in an organization focused on families, I find a unique opportunity to serve and support other single people around me who may be struggling with loneliness and other of life's many challenges. Though the Mormon church stresses the importance of strong families, it also teaches the ability an individual has to bless the lives of those around them. My faith fills me with a sense of duty to reach out to my fellow man and to try to lift up everyone I come in contact with.