Liz: Mormon.

Hi I'm Liz

About Me

I'm a 22-year-old girl loving life, and going to college. I love school, reading, writing, crocheting, baking, hanging out with my friends and roommates, and writing to my friends who are currently serving missions for the LDS church. I have 2 younger brothers and a younger sister. I'm studying English and hope to someday work as a youth services librarian or an editor.

Why I am a Mormon

I love the church! There are always things that I find that enhance my life and make me a happier person. I know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ care about me and want me to be happy. The Book of Mormon has changed my life so much. I know that the principles in it are true and if we follow them, we can return to live with our Heavenly Father. I'm grateful that I have the church because it has given me direction. Without it, I don't know where I would be going.

Personal Stories

How has the Book of Mormon brought you closer to God?

The Book of Mormon is a real treasure! Each time I read it, really looking for answers to my questions, hope, or just a little bit of happiness, I find it. There is always at least one verse that brightens my day and helps to lead me closer to Christ.

Please share your feelings/testimony of the Restoration of the Gospel.

I am so grateful for the Restoration of the Gospel! I know that God and Jesus Christ appeared to Joseph Smith. I know that Joseph Smith was called to restore the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on the earth. Because of his work, we can know the truth. The restored Gospel is the same gospel that Jesus Christ set up while he was here. I love the happiness, peace and truth that it brings to my life.

In what ways have your prayers been answered?

Recently, I had a question that I needed answered in harmony with God's plan for me. I thought about it a lot, and it was really bothering me. I started praying about my problem, and kept thinking about it. We had a testimony sharing meeting with our bishop for family home evening, and the Holy Ghost was really strong there. As people bore their testimonies about Jesus Christ, I had an experience where I heard a voice in my head tell me what I should do about my problem. Ever since then, when I have thought about this experience, I get butterflies in my stomach, because I know I am making the right choice.

Please explain the part prayer plays in your life?

Prayer has always been important to me. I find myself praying more and more frequently as I have more and more questions about my life and God's plan for me. When I pray, I remember all of the wonderful blessings that God has given me--for example, the people in my life, the opportunities I've been given, and the simple things that bring me happiness, like the smell of autumn. In my prayers, I can thank God for all of these wonderful gifts. Because I have this channel of communication with God, I know that he hears my prayers. Even though sometimes the things I pray for might seem trivial to others, I know that if it's important to me, it's important to Heavenly Father. When I have questions about what direction I should take in my life, I know that I can take it to God, and, in his own time and in his own way, he will answer my prayers.

How I live my faith

Right now, I'm away at school, so living my faith is a little bit harder since I don't have my parents there to help me judge right and wrong. The great thing is, being away from school really helps to strengthen my faith. I have to rely more on Heavenly Father to find answers instead of just turning to my parents. I have to decide what standards I want to live by, rather than just following the rules instituted in my home. I love serving the people around me, and I think that is a big part of the LDS faith. I try to live in a way that represents my Savior in a positive light.