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Hi I'm A. Henrie

I'm me, but being a Mormon helps me become the best me I can be.

About Me

I love writing, music, and soccer. I am a college student majoring in Middle Eastern Studies and Arabic. I study and work all week (except for 1 or 2 awesome games of soccer in the evening) and enjoy sleeping, camping, climbing, and bonfires on the weekends.

Why I am a Mormon

Every person, even those with Mormon parents that are raised Mormon, have to make a choice in his/her life to remain a faithful Mormon. I was raised a Mormon, so I neglected that decision until my senior year of high school. I finally faced the decision head-on: either I believe in God and remain a Mormon, or there is no God and I do whatever I want. At first, I tried to convince myself there was no God. Doing whatever I wanted with no "serious" consequences sounded great at the time. It wasn't. I felt alone and abandoned. Ironic, since I was the one that had abandoned God. It was actually feeling the absence of God that convinced me He existed. Sometimes I get frustrated and feel like I'm sacrificing a lot. But, I'm not. Not really. All I have to do is remember those days when I had everything, but felt I had nothing. Like the early members of this church, I have learned that when I have God and a way to receive his Word through a modern prophet, then I have everything. Honestly, I do have everything. Through this church, I am promised a life with my family now and my future family after death. I am promised a chance to continue learning and growing. I am promised a chance to learn the answers to questions I cannot now understand. I am promised a life with my loved ones absent of the worries, fears, sorrows, and handicaps I now face. What other church offers so much with certainty? Not postulations, no interpretations, this is the doctrine of the Mormon church - to "sacrifice" our short-sighted desires for a future life with those we love doing the things we love.

How I live my faith

My faith is a vital part of the person I am. I work hard in my church to show love and kindness to others. I work hard to discipline myself so that I can see right choices clearly. I love to learn about the lives of those that lived during Bible-times and during the times of the Book of Mormon. I try to emulate their faith and courage. I try to follow the advice of the leaders of my church now. There is no end to the number of people I can turn to for advice, help, or comfort in the Mormon church. In return, I try to be someone that is worth coming to for comfort, guidance, or help.

What do Mormons believe about family?

A. Henrie
To Mormons, families are not only important, they are essential and sacred. The family is the most fundamental unit in the Mormon church and ALL of Mormon doctrines and programs are about making people better so that they are better members of their families. Being a good father, mother, brother, sister, daughter, son, granddaughter, grandson, etc... is a major responsibility of every human that has or ever will be on this earth. We do not have families to help us live this life; we are living this life so that we can have families...forever. As you can tell, family is a pretty big deal for us. That's one reason I love this church - I love my family and I hope to have them forever. I can't think of Heaven being Paradise without them...or at least I can't on their good days ;). Show more Show less